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Chapter 40: Keqin I miss you

As Lu Qingyun did not see Qin Keqin for so many days and it was almost close to two weeks, he decided to visit her while Lie Xingyuan had gone to the mission hall to register them for the experiential mission.

It actually took him a great deal of courage to finally decide to make this move because he did not know how she would think if he was to come unannounced. Although they were master and disciple relationship but he knew very little about her.

Finally he had stood outside the Heavenly Lotus Teahouse where Qin Keqin’s hideout was.

After standing there for nearly an hour, he finally took the courage to step inside the Heavenly Lotus Teahouse.

No one greeted him. All the stewards treated him as though he was invisible.

Therefore he made his own way to the upper floors of the Heavenly Lotus Teahouse. Although there were more guards and stewards on the upper floors but again, no one stopped him from approaching.

He was smiling bitterly.

It was as though he was really invisible!

Finally he came to the hideout door and was staring sheepishly at it. Until now, he was still unsure whether he should enter?

But a feminine voice called out from beyond door, “Since you’re already here, why don’t you enter? Do you know that you are looking so silly standing outside the teahouse for nearly an hour and not entering?”

He recognized the voice of Feng Minyue and pushed opened the door awkwardly as he said, “Hello…Lu Qingyun greets seniors-”

Inside were Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng. They were both sipping tea and Feng Minyue interrupted him softly, “There is no need to greet us next time. Just be casual. After all, you’re one of us now.”

Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng were dazzling beautiful and Lu Qingyun dared to look at them directly as he averted his eyes to say, “I’m here to look for my master. Is she around? I have not seen her for many days so I am a little concerned.”

Feng Minyue heaved a soft sigh of melancholy, “Finally you are here. She isn’t in a good state and is sleeping in the alchemy room. Let me bring you to her but I shouldn’t advise you to disturb her for too long. She didn’t have any sleep for several days now.”

Xuan Danfeng said, “Keqin has been trying to concoct some pills for you and is working so hard. You ought to thank her profusely and not disappoint her in the future.”

Lu Qingyun asked, “She is making some pills for me? What pills are those ?”

Xuan Danfeng replied, “She is trying to make the Triple Divine Essence Pill for you.”

Feng Minyue added miserably, “And she is bankrupting us with her many failures.”

Lu Qingyun was smiling weakly. He knew how precious the herbs and spiritual resources were for concocting the Triple Divine Essence Pill.

“Come.” Feng Minyue said quietly.

He followed them and soon he was taken to a large room with many urns and cauldrons. In the middle of the room were two burning cauldron and he could sniff the fragrance of the Triple Divine Essence Pill and the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill.

Feng Minyue said, “She is sleeping in the interior of this room. You can look for her there. Since we are already here and she has not responded, this means that she is sound asleep. She must be truly so exhausted that she is unable to sense our approach. We shall take our leave first. See you later.”

Xuan Danfeng was looking around as she smiled weakly, “All these stuffs are money, money. It’s all in that cauldron now. I guess that this month we ought to tighten our pockets.”

Then she suddenly shut up and chuckled to Lu Qingyun, “Don’t mind me. Please continue your visit. See you in a while time.”

With that she and Feng Minyue had exited the room, leaving Lu Qingyun all alone inside.

Lu Qingyun did not go into the interior directly. Instead his attention was on the burning cauldrons.

He approached the cauldron and sniffed. This batch of Triple Divine Essence Pills was the same as the last pill that he had consumed and it also contained the starforge substances.

Why did Qin Keqin added the starforge substances to the Triple Divine Essence Pill and to the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill? Why did she need him to be forgettable about?

Although the starforge substances were not in any large quantities but it was still harmful in the longer term.

Looking around, he saw several discarded batches. It seemed that Qin Keqin was not really a good alchemist and was actually quite wasteful. She was just throwing everything into the cauldron and hoped that she could actually succeed. Her rate of success was like one in ten…

This was a horrible result. A skilled alchemist could easily have a rate of success of three in ten for the Triple Divine Essence Pills.

Luckily the Triple Divine Essence Pills was not beyond him and he gently took out the lid of the cauldron.

The first thing he did was to adjust the fire and the portions of the Triple Divine Essence Pills. Next he added more herbs to neutralize the starforge substances.

After a while, he closed the lid again and adjusted the fire until it turned blue.

He did the same for the cauldron that contained the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill.

With a satisfied look and at no sweat, he began to walk to the interior of this chamber.

Indeed, there was another room at the end and gently he knocked on the door.

Still there was no respond.

So he gently pushed open the door and walked in.

At the end of the room was a bed and Qin Keqin was sleeping inside. She was sound asleep and was fully clothed. It seemed that she did not even have the energy to remove her outer garment before she fell asleep.

As Lu Qingyun approached the bed, Qin Keqin had suddenly gasped and jumped out of her bed with her fingers in an attack stance at him!

Qin Keqin was startled as she quickly stopped her attack, “Qingyun, it is you? Why are you?”

She was sound asleep and was in a deep sleep. But even then, she had a high sense of alertness and was alerted to danger. When her inner perception senses the approach of a stranger, she was quickly startled from her deep sleep.

Lu Qingyun said weakly, “Keqin…I mean master…”

Qin Keqin chuckled softly, “Here, you can call me Keqin. Here, I am not your master.”

Lu Qingyun nodded slowly, “I didn’t see you for several days so I am a little concern. So I am here to take a look and wonder how you have been doing?”

She averted her eyes and sighed regretfully, “I have actually wanted to visit you sooner but I keep failing in my alchemy. I want to make you more of the Triple Divine Essence Pills to increase your cultivation base. I’m also making the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill for you as well.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Yes, I saw.”

“Don’t worry. If I fail again, I can just go and buy the pill materials again. I will try until I’ve succeeded.” She was laughing jovially as she said to Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun looked a little sheepish as he recalled the vast amount of wasted pill materials. It was enough to give him a big heartache.

Qin Keqin suddenly had a jolt, “Oh, my fires. I’ve fallen asleep. I need to maintain the furnace heat or the pills will be screwed. Come, follow me quickly. I’ve got to take a look.”

She quickly rushed to the alchemy chamber where the two cauldrons were. There was an anxious look on her countenance as she inspected the two cauldrons.

All of a sudden she gave a soft gasp of surprise as she turned to look at Lu Qingyun with an angelic smile, “You won’t believe it but look what I’ve made!”

Lu Qingyun walked over to her side and saw that the Triple Divine Essence Pills were ready and were giving off a brilliant silver luster.

Qin Keqin chuckled, “I’ve actually got three! I have never gotten more than one before. My alchemy skills must be improving a lot now.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly to himself, “Actually if you have set it up properly, you should have gotten five or even six of those pills. I was helping you to do some damage control earlier…”

Qin Keqin was soon gasping with more delight as she opened the other cauldron and saw that she got two Seven Hearts Hollow Pills. She was absolute beaming with delight as she exclaimed happily, “I didn’t know that it is possible to get two of these. I must really be a genius alchemist.”

She turned to look at Lu Qingyun and chuckled, “One of the Seven Hearts Hollow Pills is for you. The other one I will be selling it as I need to recoup some of my losses. If I don’t recoup some of the losses, my sisters will be screaming at me day in and night out. They may look gentle but they can really be fierce. So don’t you daydream about them or anything. They are really badass saintess.”

Then she was really afraid that Lu Qingyun may fall in love with them so she added seriously, “They have a lot of weird fetishes too and dislike men. Why do you think that they are still single after so many years?”

Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue were of course very beautiful. They were the renowned beauties of the Nine Celestial Fraternity in the past before they disappeared completely from view.

Qin Keqin was also an astonishing beautiful maiden but she knew that most men were lecherous and were attracted to anything beautiful. It was not a matter of who was the more beautiful but who could keep the hearts of men better.

She was chuckling to herself, “I hope you sisters don’t mind me slurring your good names. Just treat this as doing me a favor and I will buy you vintage wines the next time.”

Lu Qingyun just smiled awkwardly. He was only interested in Qin Keqin. He had thought that she looked very cute when she was so earnest in doing alchemy. He thought, “So she likes to do alchemy as much as I do. This is great. But I shouldn’t correct her since she is my master…”

Qin Keqin grabbed all three of the Triple Divine Essence Pills and said to Lu Qingyun, “Here, you can have them all. Remember to take one pill every month. As for the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill, I will give it to you once it is ready. This thing still needs a lot of heat to purify it.”

Lu Qingyun nodded as he agreed with her. Indeed, the Seven Hearts Hollow Pills were still not ready to be taken out yet. At least not for another month.

She gave him a wry smile, “It seems that you have some interest in alchemy too. Well, you got a good master here. In the future, you still got a lot of things to learn from me. But it is an extremely complicated process and a lot of hard work. So I rather that you focus on your cultivation first.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Alright…”

She gave him a smile before she asked, “So, what is your cultivation level now? After all the aid that I’ve given you?”

Lu Qingyun replied awkwardly, “I’m at the upper third realm enlighten celestial now. It is all thanks to master.”

“Oh.” Qin Keqin began to ponder for a while before she replied, “That seems fast? Seems good. But it is still not enough. You need to be a fifth realm expert to be at least good.”

This time, it was Lu Qingyun’s turn to be surprised. He had thought that his master would be so startled at his sudden progression. But her reaction was too normal…

The truth was Qin Keqin had totally no concept how difficult cultivation was. She was already a seventh realm cultivator when she was twenty. She was a unique existence in the entire celestial realm and was the true daughter of the heavens.

Qin Keqin suddenly looked at him, “Since you have come, shall we go out to have dinner?”

Lu Qingyun was startled. This was his first date with her!

So he eagerly said, “Alright. I am free anyway. You have any place in mind?”

But he was saying to himself, “Please don’t daydream about your master. This is just a normal dinner and not a date.”

Qin Keqin rolled her enticing eyes before she chuckled, “Since this is our teahouse, we can have our dinner in this place. It is free of expenses to me. We can also invite Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng as well. It is not that they really need any food or drink but we can treat it as a gathering.”

When Lu Qingyun heard that the dinner place was actually at the same place and that she was going to invite Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng along, his eyes began to roll awkwardly before he smiled weakly, “This…sounds like a good idea…”

“You think so too? That’s great.” Laughed Qin Keqin. “We can even share with you some of the gossips that we have heard over the past two weeks. It seems that one of the top twenty beauties in New Empyrean was caught two timing two men and her scandal has been discovered.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly in return.

He was actually not interested in any of the city gossips…

Qin Keqin smiled as she returned a quiet glance at him before she said gently, “Thank you for coming today. I’m really happy to see you.”

He was startled by her sudden words that he found himself stammering, “This is nothing at all. I am also really glad to see you too.”

She smiled quietly as she turned around, “Is that so? I’m really happy to hear that.”

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