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Chapter 41: Qingyun Not So Secret Dream

When Lu Qingyun returned to his abode, he was feeling very happy.

Although it was just a simple dinner with Qin Keqin and her two sisters, he felt that he was one step closer to her now. He had finally seen a side of her that he had never seen before; during the dinner she was happily boasting to her two saintess sisters how great an alchemist she was now.

He thought that this was her cute side.

He was beginning to wonder how Qin Keqin got two seventh realm experts as her sisters? During the light dinner, he had come to know that they were not real sisters but rather very close friends. Hence, they were addressing each other as sisters similar to the way men addressed close friends as brothers.

Lie Xingyuan smiled when she saw him, “Senior brother, you are back? It is so late. So how are things going? Did you…” she hesitated for a while before saying. “Did you find sect leader?”

“Yes, I’ve found her. She promises me that she will be here in a few more days after she has finished settled some matters.” Lu Qingyun said with a dreamy smile.

“That is good,” Lie Xingyuan said after she had seen his happy countenance. “Then it must have been a fruitful trip. By the way, I have reserved the experiential training for us. It will start in three days.”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “So soon?”

“I have tried to get the one after this but the elders told me that it has reached the quota of three core protégés. So only this one is available. If not, we have to wait for another two months and since we don’t know how long an experiential training will take, you may miss the martial tournament. So I quickly make a reservation for you.”

Lu Qingyun pondered for a while, “Well, I guess this will do fine. I’m just worried that Keqin will not be able to find me then. I can leave her a note…”

Then he realized he had made a blunder by calling out her name to Xingyuan and it was impolite to the sect leader, so he quickly said. “I wonder who will be the core protégés that will be going with us?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled, “The elders won’t reveal it to anyone. Only on the day will we know. I have tried to ask them but they still refuse to tell me even though I’ve mentioned to them that you are the senior brother. Maybe there is no one else and it will be up to senior brother to take care of the junior protégé brothers and sisters.”

Lu Qingyun smiled as he laughed at himself, “Maybe. Hopefully, it is not them who will be ones that are taking care of me.”

Then he said, “So we have three days before the start of the experiential training. I am a little excited as it will be first time that I will be out on experiential training.”

Lie Xingyuan smiled, “You will soon get used to it. This will be my third experiential training.”

Lu Qingyun smiled. “Xingyuan at least you have been to the experiential training before so you are not nervous.”

Lie Xingyuan laughed softly, “Who says I’m not nervous? I am always afraid that I may not come back alive after each experiential training.”

“It is dangerous?” he asked with a startled expression.

“There will be always be dangers so we ought to be careful and exercise cautious at all times.” She explained.

Lu Qingyun nodded, “Alright. I will keep it in mind.”

All of a sudden he clapped his hands, giving her a startled jump as he said excitingly. “Xingyuan, look what do I have for us here?”

He promptly took out three Triple Divine Essence Pills and said, “Master gives this to me. She is indeed kind to me.”

Lie Xingyuan was quite shocked when she saw the three Triple Divine Essence Pills as she muttered, “She still got more of these?”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “I think these three are the last ones so we ought to be careful with its uses.”

“We?” asked Lie Xingyuan curiously.

“Yes, we. I’m going to split the pills into halve for us to consume again. We will take one just before the start of the experiential training.” He explained.

Lie Xingyuan looked at him with a startled expression, “Senior brother, actually you don’t have to be so nice toward me. These are from your master. What if she knows about it?”

Lu Qingyun gave her a smile, “It is pointless for me to consume the full pill. So I may as well share half of it with you. In fact, the third pill here will lose its effectiveness for us so I’m thinking that we shall keep it first.”

As he took a glance at the pills, he could not help sighing secretly. It was because until now, he did not know why Qin Keqin had added the starforge substances into these pills…

“Alright then. Then I shall turn in early tonight. I’m a little tired.” He said with a soft yawn.

“Shall I prepare a bath for you, senior brother?” She asked hurriedly.

Lu Qingyun shook his head, “There is no need. See you tomorrow then. I am just going to do a small wash up and rinsing before I head to my bed.”

With that he had walked back to his room.

That night, Lu Qingyun had a most pleasant dream about Qin Keqin and him.

He dreamed that he was kissing her and cuddling her. It quickly turned into an erotic wet dream…

All of a sudden he had heard a small scream in his head and he quickly woke up panicky. He opened his eyes and saw that it was Yan’Er who was looking at him.

He asked dreamily, “Yan’Er, why did you shout me out for?”

Yan’Er said weakly, “Master, I saw you have undressed Big Sister Keqin and you, and you…”

Lu Qingyun stared at her blankly before he asked, “How come you can still read my thoughts? I’ve thought that I’m a third realm cultivator now?”

Yan’Er chuckled, “That is because your Yan’Er is also a third realm cultivator therefore I can see what you are thinking!”

Lu Qingyun was completely stunned…

He had never thought that a spirit entity that could cultivate and who was on the same cultivation level as him could still see his thoughts. Usually the master would be several realms higher than the spirit entity.

Because he was depending on Yan’Er to cultivate for him, this means that it was difficult for his cultivation level to exceed Yan’Er. Which means that he had now completely screwed himself…?

He was now smiling bitterly as he looked at Yan’Er.

Yan’Er was still asking, “Master, what are you doing to Big Sister Keqin just now? I don’t understand at all. If you don’t tell me, I’m going to ask Big Sister Keqin when she is here.”

Lu Qingyun had immediately turned ashen as he quickly muttered, “Oh no, please don’t! Erm, I was just paying her a great deal of honor. This is our way of repaying our master with the highest respect and honor.”

Yan’Er started to look at Lu Qingyun weirdly but he had already closed his eyes and covered himself with his blanket…

Yan’Er was thinking shyly, “Mm, since he is my master and I am respecting him so much. Should I do the same to him?”

But she was soon saddened, “But Yan’Er is a spirit without a corporeal body. I can’t touch master…”

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