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Chapter 46: Into the Misty Desolate Valley (3)

Lu Qingyun was actually quite impressed by the fighting skills of Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue. They had actually dared to face such a formidable fourth rank desolate beast without showing any sign of fear or emotion.

Ouyang Xue was more impressive than he had thought and to think that she had once offered herself to him to be his consort.

But Lu Qingyun really did not have any undue intentions toward her except that he was quite in awe of her quiet resilient strength.

As for Leng Qiuyue, he was quite worried about her injuries but she did not say a word about it. It was obvious that she was limping and this would affect her performance in the battle. In fact, she should be returning to the top with the seven other ordinary protégés.

During the fight with the King Desolate Lizard, he had actually wanted to rush forward to fight it but he was held back by Lie Xingyuan who had whispered quietly to him, “Senior brother, don’t. You will only distract Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue and only endangering them.”

Warned by Lie Xingyuan just in time, he had nodded quietly and held back. It was not because he was a real coward but because he knew that in a fight, the timing, the terrain and the emotion state played a huge part. He had studied all these before and realized that he would only be disturbing their train of thoughts with his rash acts.

Therefore, he had held back.

Three days later, they had reached a white rock inside the Misty Desolate Valley.

During those three days, they had slain a few of the first rank and second rank desolate beasts. Even a third rank desolate beast was successfully handled by them without any major hurdle.

Ouyang Xue solemnly said to the party, “This white rock marked the boundary where the fourth rank desolate beasts frequently roamed.”

Leng Qiuyue added with a weak smile, “Usually when this huge white rock is seen, it is sign for most of the weaker parties to turn back immediately. This boundary is where we can find more of the fourth rank and even fifth rank desolate beasts that are roaming within the valley. Even for me, I’ve been inside for less than five times.” She had actually only been deep inside for only three times.

Ouyang Xue nodded, “Once we are inside, third rank desolate beasts will be a common sight and there will be more frequent sighing of the fourth rank desolate beasts. Our mission is to hunt down a fifth rank desolate beast.”

Then she looked at the party and said, “If anyone doesn’t want to follow, you can turn back now and wait us at the top. I won’t blame anyone for taking this decision and there will be no punishment or letting the elders know.”

Although the ordinary protégés were solemn but none of them shown any sign of fear of and had a determined look.

Lu Qingyun said quietly, “It is still not too late to turn back now. All of us.”

Some of the ordinary protégés had overheard him and were secretly cursing him for being such a coward.

Leng Qiuyue said with a weak smile, “Senior brother, why don’t you go and wait for us at the top first? We will be alright.”

“No, I will stay with the party,” he said firmly.

Then he heaved a soft sigh, “How is your leg? You are still limping after three days…”

Leng Qiuyue quietly interrupted, “I’m alright, really. It is just a little inconvenient but as long as I can still wield my sword, I won’t be a hindrance to anyone.”

Ouyang Xue looked quietly at Leng Qiuyue. Although they were rivals but lately, she had a better understanding of her. This was the Leng Qiuyue that she had not known, who had fought with all her best when they were fighting the King Desolate Lizard together. And when she was injured, she still shouldered on her pains and discomfort to continue the experiential mission. She could easily have decided to wait at the top due to her injuries but she did not want to abandon the experiential mission halfway even though she knew that her combat ability was more than halfway down.

In the past three days, she did not make things difficult for Leng Qiuyue at all. It was because she was not the type that hit upon someone who was down at the moment. On the contrary, she had secretly prayed for Leng Qiuyue to make a speedy recovery as she needed her combat strength.

After a short preparation, they made their way cautiously past the white rock and continued their way down to the mountains.

A day had quickly passed and a third rank desolate beast was quickly encountered.

But Ouyang Xue quickly made a swift work out of it and dispatched it in no time.

The desolate mists here were heavy and the spiritual aura was quite poor. This made it hard for the cultivators to regain their profound strength. Also, this affected everyone’s spiritual perception and made it harder for them to sense the approach of the desolate beasts. Therefore they had to scout with their own eyes.

As the party was about to setup camp, all of a sudden the ground shook as a gigantic Star Desolate Ape had suddenly flew down from the cliff above and landed with a tremendous hard landing. Before anyone could react, the Star Ape had plummeted to death one cultivator and had crushed another cultivator!

The scene was absolutely horrifying!

Leng Qiuyue had barely lifted all her profound strength to defend the rest of the ordinary protégés when she was sent flying off with a might swing from the Star Desolate Ape attack!

Ouyang Xue gasped, “This is a fourth rank desolate beast. Everyone, be careful…”

This time Lu Qingyun was not about to be idle. As it was a surprise attack, Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue did not have the time to issue more commands or to warn him to stay away. Therefore he took the opportunity to say to Lie Xingyuan, “Xingyuan, I need your help to distract this monster while I executed my Crimson Flaming Sword. However, this sword technique is erm, a little slow to warm up.”

Lie Xingyuan nodded and immediately she had displayed her newly acquired sword skill the Winds Entropy Dance as she flew to intercept the Star Desolate Ape.

Ouyang Xue’s strength was faltering as she evaded and counter-attack against the Star Desolate Ape when Lie Xingyuan had suddenly intercepted the swift attacks of the Star Desolate Ape.

In a blink of an eye, Lie Xingyuan had slashed twice against the thick fur of the Star Desolate Ape as she sent the Star Desolate Ape to take two steps backward and slowing its attack pace.

Although it was only a brief setback to the Star Desolate Ape, it allowed everyone to regroup and to compose their minds, buying everyone valuable time to think of their next actions.

Ouyang Xue was gasping secretly. She had recognized the Winds Entropy Dance and that Lie Xingyuan had just executed a tricky move that required the cultivator to have the profound strength of the third realm level. But she had thought that Lie Xingyuan was only a second realm cultivator?

Even Leng Qiuyue was startled by the startling martial display that was being displayed by Lie Xingyuan.

She thought, “She is actually a third realm cultivator? This is not possible. She has only been with the Heavens Ridge Villa for only a year…”

But before their surprises with Lie Xingyuan had faded away, Lu Qingyun had suddenly taken a dozen rapid steps forward as he raised his divine sword to display the second stage of the Flaming Crimson Sword the Lethal Burning Sword as he leapt high into the air to aim for the heart of the Star Desolate Ape.

It was as though the profound aura that was around Lu Qingyun had suddenly exploded as he sent his sword through the heart of the Star Desolate Ape. So great was the sudden thunderous explosion that was generated that the Star Desolate Ape was sent flying up into the mid-air before it landed with a large crash on the ground in the next instant.

This caught everyone who was looking in awe as they was shocked at how easily Lu Qingyun had killed a fourth rank desolate beast!

“This…is this our first realm senior brother?”

“What kind of a sword art is this…”

“It seemed to be the Flaming Crimson Sword but I’ve heard that it is an extremely difficult to master sword art. Moreover the sword practitioner has to be at least a third realm cultivator in order to have the profound strength to use the sword art…”

“I have heard that even a fifth rank cultivator will also have problem learning it. Our Elder Celestial Shi Guanyin has once mentioned to me…”

Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue were shocked beyond words as they stared at Lu Qingyun as they thought at the same time, “Is he really our good-for-nothing senior brother?”

Leng Qiuyue gasped to herself, “He is really a third realm cultivator and not a first realm cultivator? I have thought that he is only boasting…”

Lu Qingyun was looking a little sheepish. He was actually surprised by the martial power of the Lethal Burning Sword as it easily pierced through the almost impervious thick fur of the Star Desolate Ape.

“This sword art is indeed powerful and it is only the second stage sword art. I have yet to display the third stage yet. But it is all thanks to Xingyuan who provides me with the short preparation. I guess that the Star Desolate Ape did not expect me to attack and hence its guard was lowered.”

Leng Qiuyue muttered as she looked at him, “Senior brother, you are so strong…” But before she could finish saying what was on her mind, she had spurt blood all of a sudden and had collapsed!

Everyone was shocked!

Rushuang put her hand to cover her mouth as she was shocked to see Leng Qiuyue collapsing all of a sudden.

Ouyang Xue panicky caught hold of Leng Qiuyue as she said anxiously, “She had taken an indirect hit earlier and she was forcing herself to stand despite the internal injuries that she had sustained. It does not look too good for her…”

Lu Qingyun was also startled as he quickly said solemnly, “Let me take a look at her…”

Ouyang Xue looked up at him but before she could ask him further, he said quietly. “I may be able to help her. But hurry.”

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