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Chapter 49: Sixth Rank Desolate Beast!? (1)

Ling Chong said to Lu Qingyun as they walked together, “If Brother Lu does not mind at all, we can become sworn brothers?”

Actually long before he had met Lu Qingyun, he had already known that there was a good-for-nothing first realm cultivator who had suddenly become the senior brother of the Heavens Ridge Villa. When he was first introduced to him and was made known his name, he had already known.

The big four celestial clans had always been keeping tabs on each other and the appointment of Lu Qingyun as a core disciple of their mysterious sect leader was juicy news, especially when Qin Keqin had soundly defeated Supremacy Wen Hongguang, a sixth realm expert from the Solitary Manor.

It was a good thing that he had not mocked at Lu Qingyun when they had first met. Or rather, he was being distracted by the Twin Alluring Flowers of the Heavens Ridge Villa. If it was his usual self, he would mock him by saying, “So I wonder who this senior brother of yours is, so he is the good-for-nothing first realm cultivator.”

However his sister had said timely, “Since your senior brother looks like a nice person, we shall let this rest.” And they had departed.

But it seemed that it was only a rumor that Lu Qingyun was only a first realm cultivator and that he was actually a third realm expert and his martial strength could even match a fifth realm expert!

Fairy Ling Xiu smiled sweetly as her watery eyes looked at him, “It will be good that I have a brother like you…Brother Qingyun…” She had already addressed him as brother in an amicable manner.

Lu Qingyun was a straightforward person and since the other party harbored no malice and was sincere, he smiled. “Sounds good. Brother Ling Chong!”

Ling Chong laughed and chuckled, “Brother Qingyun! In the future, free to come to the Flying Armament Sect anytime!”

Fairy Ling Xiu looked at Lu Qingyun shyly and said, “Brother Qingyun, please do feel welcome in coming anytime. Just say you are our sworn brother.”

“Our sworn brother?” he asked.

“Since my brother is your sworn brother, naturally I am your sworn sister.  Am I right?” she chuckled softly.


Lu Qingyun was a little surprised that there would be two fourth realm experts that would be willing to befriend a lowly cultivator like him. He thought, “Maybe it is a good thing to do more chivalrous acts after all.”

Ling Chong smiled as he looked at Lie Xingyuan, “Maiden Lie, you are also welcome to visit our humble abode anytime you like…”

Lie Xingyuan smiled as she interrupted nonchalantly, “I am just a lowly ordinary protégé. I dare not.”

Ling Chong smiled weakly, “Not at all. You have just saved my life so you are my benefactor…”

Lie Xingyuan smiled wryly, “I am just a busybody to intercept that attack for you. Even if I don’t, you won’t die.”

Ling Chong laughed weakly. He seemed to have hit a wall with her…

Even Fairy Ling Xiu was secretly smiling at her brother as she thought, “This maiden is really a hard nut to crack. My brother is just a fine young man and she isn’t in the least interested in him?”

Soon they had reached the camp of the Heavens Ridge Villa. In the first place, Lu Qingyun did not actually gone too far anyway.

Ouyang Xue and the rest of the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa were surprised to see a large contingency of protégés from the Flying Armament Sect that was approaching them.

Their first thought was of course that their Senior Brother Lu Qingyun had been captured and held hostage by them. Therefore they had quickly raised their swords to defend their camp.

However Lu Qingyun quickly said aloud, “They are friends. I’ve met them earlier and they were under attack by a desolate beast. I am the one that suggest that they take refuge with us since we are all in the same vicinity.”

Ling Chong immediately paid his respect to Ouyang Xue as he said, “Indeed. That is not all. Brother Qingyun here has also helped us to kill a fifth rank desolate beast. I am truly impressed by his martial skills.”

Ouyang Xue and the rest of the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa were all startled. What?! Did he just say that Lu Qingyun had just killed a fifth rank desolate beast?”

Fairy Ling Xiu could not help adding as she looked idiocy at Lu Qingyun, “In fact, with a single blow the Hundred Eyes Beast was sent to its maker by Brother Qingyun. Against this monster, we’re actually quite helpless and we are all thankful to Brother Qingyun.”

Everyone could hear that Fairy Ling Xiu was full of praises for Lu Qingyun and soon the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa were all muttering in amazement.

Ouyang Xue was greatly startled, “Are…you sure? That is the Hundred Eyes Beast that you are talking about?”

Fairy Ling Xiu immediately felt a little offended as she replied coldly, “I do not lie about such things.”

Steward Luo from the Flying Armament Sect immediately gave a thumb up to Lu Qingyun as he said proudly, “He is a real hero. From today onward, he is a friend of our Flying Armament Sect!” Not only had Lu Qingyun saved his young master and mistress, he had also saved his life indirectly. Therefore he was extremely grateful to Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun smiled awkwardly, “I was just lucky, that’s all.”

Then he smiled at Ouyang Xue and the rest of the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa who were presented, “Brother Ling Chong here has given me the permission to have the fifth rank desolate beast as our kill. Therefore we can pack up tomorrow and leave this place.”

All the ordinary protégés of Heavens Ridge Villa were all gasping and their delights began to surface immediately. By completing this experiential mission, they would be gaining a massive amount of clan contribution points and other advantages. After all, not everyone was willing to take a fifth rank desolate beast mission…

“I told you our senior brother is something…”

“He is truly a young hero…”

“That is why he is our senior brother…”

“Didn’t you say that he is our good-for-nothing senior brother earlier?”

“I only say that to test you, that’s all…”

“He is truly a son of the heavens…”

Suddenly the opinion of the ordinary protégés had all changed for a better for Lu Qingyun. Earlier when he had killed the fourth rank desolate beast, there were still some dissent voices. But when they had heard that he had single-handedly killed the Hundred Eyes Beast and even the protégés of the Flying Armament Sect were all in praises of him, they had all changed their personal opinion of their ‘good-for-nothing senior brother’ and were all now immensely proud of him!

Ouyang Xue was truly startled as her head began to spin dizzily. Did she just hear the young master of the Flying Armament Sect calling Lu Qingyun brother here and brother there? They had become so close all of a sudden and Lu Qingyun was only out for just a while…

But she was also glad that the experiential mission had quickly ended. Even a fourth rank desolate beast had been quite difficult for her and there was no way she could defeat the Hundred Eyes Beast even if Leng Qiuyue was not injured.

Ouyang Xue immediately smiled, “Welcome to our camp. I guess that we can all sit and chat later. Please tell me more about it.”

Ling Chong was smiling. The smile of a beautiful maiden like Ouyang Xue was indeed enchanting. “Of course, of course.”

There was no mention of the casualties. It was because the world of cultivators had a hidden rule and that was that deaths were actually commonplace and the cultivators were expected to give up their lives anytime for their celestial clans.

Both everyone knew that it was not easy to venture deep here and there was a sense of camaraderie between the two groups as they put aside their deep distrust of each other aside.

As the two groups began to mix together, all of a sudden there was a thunderous roar on top of a cliff and the dark shape of a monstrous drake could be seen clearly.

Ouyang Xue, Ling Chong, Fairy Ling Xiu, Lie Xingyuan, Rushuang and almost everyone had turned ashen immediately!

It was because this was the Desolate King Drake, a sixth rank desolate beast!

Ouyang Xue looked panicky at everyone, “Run. We must all flee before it is too late. This monster is beyond our ability to handle…”

Even Ling Chong was panicky as he replied with a trembling voice, “Everyone…turn around and flee as fast as possible. I will try to cover our backs…”

Fairy Ling Xiu gasped, “Brother, don’t…”

Steward Luo immediately urged solemnly, “Let me cover our backs. I am lucky to be alive just now and I am living on extended time anyway.”

Ouyang Xue had immediately said to Rushuang, “Leng Qiuyue probably can’t move. Please get her out of here while I cover everyone tracks. Please go now!”

Rushuang did not hesitate at all as she quickly rushed to the tent where Leng Qiuyue was.

Lu Qingyun had also turned ashen because he knew how terrifying a sixth rank desolate beast was. But he said, “I will stay behind to cover everyone too.”

Lie Xingyuan gasped, “Senior brother, we can’t afford to lose you here. Once that Desolate King Drake engages anyone, it is really hard for anyone to escape unscathed. Please go. I will cover you instead.”

Lu Qingyun looked bitterly at Lie Xingyuan, “You don’t want to listen to your senior brother anymore?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled coldly, “Yes, I am refusing to listen to you now. I’m staying put no matter what.”

Ouyang Xue smiled bitterly, “Why don’t the two of you just go? I will stay behind instead.”

Lu Qingyun laughed coldly, “Then we shall all stay here and fight. I’m not leaving.”

Fairy Luo Xiu took a glance at Lu Qingyun and said, “Yes, let’s all stay then since all of us are all reluctant to abandon one another.”

Lu Qingyun, Ling Chong, Steward Luo: …

Ouyang Xue, Lie Xingyuan: …

Ling Chong had suddenly laughed out jovially, “Fine! Then we shall all make a stand together. It is time we do something for our protégés that accompany us.”

Lu Qingyun nodded, “Brother Ling Chong, you are so heroic. I have much to learn from you.”

Lie Xingyuan was thinking miserably, “Two heroic fools. But am I not a fool myself to stay behind?”

Ouyang Xue smiled at Fairy Ling Xiu, “It seems that today there will be two less beauties from the top twenty beauties list of New Empyrean City.”

Fairy Ling Xiu was smiling too, “Indeed.”

Steward Luo was shouting to the rest, “What are you all waiting for? Go!”

“But some of us will like to fight with our young master and mistress too…”

“Go now!” Steward Luo commanded sternly, “Do not let our sacrifices be in vain!”

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