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Chapter 50: Sixth Rank Desolate Beast!? (2)

Lu Qingyun, Lie Xingyuan, Ouyang Xue, Steward Luo, Ling Chong and Fairy Ling Xiu were making a slow retreat into the mountains while the terrifying Desolate King Drake approached closer and closer as its thundering roar would be heard reverberating in the mountains.

They were making a slow retreat to cover the rest of their clan protégés in order to buy them time to make a full escapade.

Ouyang Xue said quietly, “Remember, our priority is not to fight this monster. Should it come near, we just engage for a few strokes and distract it while we flee as fast as possible.”

She added solemnly, “At most we will only exchange only a stroke or two. In terms of agility, we are not as agile as that monster. It is almost suicide if we are to even engage it.”

Everyone nodded. This tactic was sound. Retaliate only when being attack but it was only a feint. The real intention was to run while the others distract for the one that was being attacked.

Lu Qingyun said, “The plan sounds fine. We are six and there is no way for the monster to come after each of us at the same time if we are to run in six different directions. But what if the monster is quite persistent and continues to chase after one target?”

Ling Chong replied solemnly, “Then that person will surely perish.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly. He had lived in the mountains and had encountered quite a few of these desolate beasts in the past. These desolate beasts had a beastly instinct and once they had locked onto one target, it was rare for them to give it up.

He had wanted to tell Ouyang Xue that her plans may not work but he had decided to keep this to himself.

The mountains were suddenly shaking as a dark shadow began to flash above them with startling speed that caught them by surprise.

All of a sudden the monstrous shape of the Desolate King Drake had landed thunderously in front of them, catching them by surprise.

Everyone had turned ashen immediately. This was too fast!

No one had expected this monstrous Desolate King Drake to move so swiftly through the difficult terrains of the mountains…

There was no time to lose and all six of them nodded silently at each other; they were all about to make a run in six different directions!

This was like a lottery draw to see which one of the six that the Desolate King Drake would be going after.

Lie Xingyuan thought silently, “I don’t wish for anything to happen to senior brother, so let it be me then…”

As the six of them were all high level cultivators, no sooner had the Desolate King Drake landed in front of them, they were all making a break for the run.

But all of a sudden an enchanting beautiful voice said with a soft chuckle, “Lucky I am here just in a nick of the time.”

Everyone paused in their tracks for a blink of an eye and saw that an extremely alluring maiden in black had suddenly landed without a sound in front of the monstrous Desolate King Drake that towered four times the height over her.

This extremely alluring maiden had beautiful bewitching golden eyes that could cause all men and women to be enticed by her alluring glaze and she was Qin Keqin.

Lu Qingyun immediately muttered, “Keqin? Why are you here?” Then he started to panic and shouted, “Look out for that monster behind you!”

Ouyang Xue and Lie Xingyuan gasped, “Sect leader is here…”

Ling Chong was gasping with disbelief at the beautiful form of this newly arrived maiden. She was like a beautiful goddess that was peerless in her beauty. Even the top twenty beauties of New Empyrean City paled in comparison to her.

He was thinking when he had overheard Ouyang Xue and Lie Xingyuan calling her sect leader, “She is Qin Keqin, their sect leader? She is so beautiful…”

But he was soon panicky for her as well. It was because this Desolate King Drake was a powerful sixth rank desolate beast and Qin Keqin was said to be only at the fifth realm golden celestial level.

Even Fairy Ling Xiu had to admit silently that Qin Keqin was indeed a peerless maiden. How could anyone be so moving and graceful at the same time?

The only person immune to Qin Keqin’s charms was of course Lu Qingyun because he was blind to her peerless beauty. When a man likes a woman, she was to him the most beautiful and Lu Qingyun likes Qin Keqin in his innermost heart.

The Desolate King Drake did not take too kindly to this new intruder and had immediately used its giant claw to attack her.

But Qin Keqin chuckled softly as she blinked past the attack to deliver a thunderous palm attack on the Desolate King Drake’s forehead and this immediately caused the Desolate King Drake to roll over and slamming into the cliff behind it!

Lu Qingyun’s jaws almost dropped on the spot. Did he just witness his master sending such a monstrous monster to fly backward and slamming into the cliff?

Although he had once witnessed Qin Keqin fighting against the ninth rank golden roc and was usually rational in his thoughts but when it comes to Qin Keqin, his rational thought had become an irrational mental block. In his mind, Qin Keqin was just a fifth realm expert and that she was only lucky that she had won against the ninth rank golden roc, with a little help from him of course.

Even Steward Luo, Fairy Ling Xiu, Ling Chong and Ouyang Xue had a stunned expression on their countenance. Not only was Qin Keqin’s profound strength startling but her ability to evade was almost supernatural. This was impossible, right?

Only Lie Xingyuan was smiling weakly as she thought, “Qin Keqin is the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing. She is a seventh realm great saintess that is ranked at the top of the cultivation world with the Nine Celestial Goddess Ye Jing. She is also the Devil Goddess of the three dark divine realms. A mere sixth rank desolate beast is nothing to her…”

Then she mused further, “If I am not wrong, there is actually no such person as Fairy Jade Light. Qin Keqin and Fairy Jade Light Great Saintess Yuhuan is actually the same person.”

Qin Keqin said gently to the Desolate King Drake, “If you are still unconvinced, you can try again but I won’t be too lenient on my next move. It is lucky that you have not hurt them or else I will surely rip you apart with my bare hands.”

The Desolate King Drake moaned miserably and much to the startled surprise of the group, it had suddenly leapt away in the next instant.

This Desolate King Drake could actually understand Qin Keqin’s warnings?!

Everyone was stunned…

Ling Chong was stammering and trembling. This did not look right at all. His old father was a peaked fifth realm golden celestial as well but it was impossible for him to send such a monstrous monster to fly off with just a smack of a palm…

Qin Keqin smiled as she turned look to look at the party of six, “Hey, all of you. You are safe now.”

Lu Qingyun was smiling delightfully. Not only was they out of danger now but his master had also arrived. He asked, “Master, how did you know that I am here?”

She smiled as she walked over with a soft chuckle, “Mm, I saw the note that you had left on the table. So I’m here.”

Lu Qingyun was startled as he clapped his hands, “Alas that! I’ve almost forgotten about that.”

Qin Keqin smiled as she thought, “Does this mean that my starforge substances are at work now? This is so wonderful…”

Actually Lu Qingyun was just being absent minded when he had suddenly seen her again. He was so excited that he had forgotten even who his old master was.

Ouyang Xue greeted Qin Keqin respectfully, “Sect leader, thank you for the aid.”

Qin Keqin returned a faint smile to her before she asked, “And who are they?”

Ling Chong immediately replied with awe, “I am Ling Chong, the young master of the Flying Armament Sect. This is my sister Fairy Ling Xiu and this is Steward Luo, my father most respected right hand man.”

He did not know why he was in awe but she was like an imposing presence that awed him. He was still thinking how it was possible for anyone to have defeated a powerful sixth rank desolate beast in such a manner?”

Ouyang Xue was secretly thinking as she looked at Qin Keqin, “Senior brother has mentioned that our sect leader had killed a ninth rank golden roc. Come to think of that, is that even possible to accomplish for someone who is at the fifth realm of cultivation?”

Qin Keqin nodded as she looked at Fairy Ling Xiu with a smile, “What a beautiful maiden. You have such beautiful eyes. I have heard that Fairy Ling Xiu is one of the top twenty beauties of New Empyrean City. This is indeed so true.”

Fairy Ling Xiu replied with a light flush, “Sect Leader Qin is the most beautiful maiden that I’ve ever seen.”

Qin Keqin chuckled, “Shall we leave the Misty Desolate Valley now?”

Everyone nodded and was eager to leave as they looked at Qin Keqin to lead them.

But after a while, she had made no move and was instead looking shyly at everyone. “Mm, why is everyone looking at me like this? Honestly speaking, I have a bad sense of direction and am lost. Can someone lead us out of here?”

It was the truth. She had actually spent two days wandering aimlessly in the Misty Desolate Valley…

Everyone: …

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