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Chapter 51: Exiting the Misty Desolate Valley

To the party, Qin Keqin was extremely heavenly that she did not seem to be from someone from the celestial realm. There was an enchanting air around her that caused her to look forbidden and even untainted.

The only two persons that were immune to this feeling were Lu Qingyun and Lie Xingyuan.

Even Steward Luo could not help but glanced in her direction on many occasions.

Even though Ling Chong was infatuated with Lie Xingyuan but he could not help turning his glances on Qin Keqin on many occasions while they were on the move.

Even Ouyang Xue and Fairy Ling Xiu could not help looking and admiring at Qin Keqin…

This was of course not lost on Qin Keqin as she chuckled, “Why is everyone looking at me? I was in a hurry and lost my head gear. Am I being impolite?”

That was the truth. She was really in a hurry and lost her curtain hat veil somewhere in the Misty Desolate Valley.

In the celestial realm, it was a common practice for everyone, men and women to put on a headgear or a curtain hat veil when they were out.

Ling Chong immediately could not help saying with a flush expression, “Oh no, not that. Sect Leader Qin is really beautiful. I cannot help taking a look or two.”

Steward Luo nodded as well while Lu Qingyun was thinking, “Hmm, I think Keqin is really very beautiful. She is always the most beautiful maiden in my heart…”

Ling Chong asked, “Sect Leader Qin, are you…alright?”

“Huh?” Qin Keqin asked.

“Earlier you have fought with that sixth rank monster. Are you alright?”

Qin Keqin looked a little perplexed, “I’m fine?”

The reason why Ling Chong had asked was because Qin Keqin had used her palm on the Desolate King Drake and there was a thunderous cracking sound. He was afraid that she might have injured her hand hence she was just calling for a bluff against the monster.

The skin of the Desolate King Drake was as thick as iron and rendered it impervious to most swords.

Ling Chong muttered, “That’s good to know…”

Fairy Ling Xiu may be looking at Qin Keqin occasionally but she was spending more of her time looking at Lu Qingyun. She had a look of idiocy as she looked at him. Moreover he had just saved her life and plus he already had a divine sword to back his formidable sword arts. Surely he would soon be one of the most outstanding bachelors in New Empyrean City. It was a good thing that she had met him earlier…

Very soon, their party had caught up with the protégés that were fleeing. It was not difficult for them to catch up when they were all going at a fast pace since the party in front of them had many wounded and injured.

Leng Qiuyue was feeling really down after she was forced to flee with Rushuang. She hated the feeling that she could not participate in the fight against the sixth rank desolate monster. She hated the further fact that Lu Qingyun was sacrificing himself for her to escape in a cowardice manner.

That was why all too often she was turning her head back and wishing that Lu Qingyun would be in her back but her tiny wish often ended in disappointment.

But of a sudden she was gasping with startled expression as she caught sight of Lu Qingyun, Qin Keqin, Ouyang Xue, Lie Xingyuan, Steward Luo, Ling Chong and Fairy Ling Xiu as they sped rapidly toward them.

Her startled gasp had also alerted the rest of the protégés as they all turned with a startled expression.

Rushuang was smiling and there was a tiny tear in her eyes, “They have all managed to escape…”

Leng Qiuyue had also lit a quiet smile and her eyes were shining brilliantly, “Yes they have all escaped. Sect leader is with them? She had aided them?”

The only mystery in her mind was that Qin Keqin was in their midst. Since Qin Keqin was a fifth realm expert, it must be she that had bought them the time to escape from the Desolate King Drake. Although a fifth realm expert may still not be able to defeat the Desolate King Drake on their own but escaping may not be an issue.

That must be the reason why they had all managed to escape from the Desolate King Drake.

All the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa and the Flying Armament Sect were all clapping and cheering loudly as though they were one united celestial clan. To all of them, the returning party was all heroes that had brought them time to escape!

At the approach of Qin Keqin, many of the protégés were all soon awe by her peerless beauty. It was not just the Flying Armament Sect but also the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa for many of them had never seen their sect leader before.

Leng Qiuyue quickly said, “You idiots! She is your sect leader! Don’t just stand there and quickly greet her!”

There were many gasping outbursts from the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

“She is our sect leader?”

“This is my first time seeing the sect leader…”

“Same here. I am just an ordinary protégé at the outer courts…”

“She is like a peerless beauty that is worth an entire city…”

“I had heard that even Wen Hongguang was soundly defeated by her.”

Leng Qiuyue greeted Qin Keqin promptly as she approached and asked, “Sect leader, why are you here?”

Qin Keqin chuckled softly as she said, “Well, I am just curious about the experiential mission…”

That was not actually the whole truth.

Some days ago…

She had just dropped into Lu Qingyun’s abode and was startled to see that there was no one around.

As her sharp eyes saw the note that Lu Qingyun had written for her, her perception had also picked out an invisible presence that was also in the room.

She began to chuckle and said, “Since you’re already here, why don’t you show yourself out?”

An enthralling maiden had stepped out of the shadows as she smiled mesmerizing, “You’ve seem to have improved since the last time that I’ve seen you?” This enthralling maiden was Lie Qing, Lie Xingyuan’s master.

Qin Keqin smiled as she rolled her eyes, “Maybe I am in a perfectly good mood these few days. That’s why or maybe you’re not in the best of your condition, maybe that’s why.”

Lie Qing: …

She began to smile enchantingly, “I am your senior and you dare to tease me?”

Qin Keqin chuckled and asked, “So what brings my senior here?”

Lie Qing began to turn solemn and said, “Have you seen this note yet?”

Qin Keqin started to pick up the note and read, “So what’s wrong? They seem to be going for an experiential mission. There’s nothing unusual right? So what’s wrong with that?”

Lie Qing said quietly, “It may not unusual but it may be dangerous!”

Qin Keqin was suddenly startled as she realized she meant about that, “Qingyun may be in danger?”

Lie Qing smiled weakly, “My Xingyuan may be in danger as well. So I want you to go to the Misty Desolate Valley to take a look.”

Qin Keqin smiled, “Since senior is already here, I am just an extra. There is no need for me to go right?”

Lie Qing smiled, “I have actually wanted to go personally but after I’ve seen you, I have changed my mind. You are the better person to go instead of me. After all, they do know you but not me. If I were to interfere, there may be a lot of questions.”

Qin Keqin: …

Lie Qing said quietly, “Please help me on this. Treat it as a favor for me and I will return it to you someday.”

Qin Keqin smiled weakly, “Alright but, may I ask something? Is Xingyuan your…”

“When I have handled her at that time, I’ve found her profound strength to be startling. It is as though someone has been purposely suppressing her progression and when I saw you, I’ve realized that she may be learning your supreme divine skill, the Invincible Divine Force.” She added.

Lie Qing nodded lightly without any expression, “She is my daughter but she doesn’t know about it. To her, I am just her master. So she is also your half-sister therefore you must help her.”

Qin Keqin heaved a heavy sigh, “I can guess that much actually. Why is that I have a half-sister that suddenly pops up from somewhere. My father is really…”

But she quickly regained her usual demeanor as she asked, “I’m sure you have your reasons for not telling her but do you mind if you tell me about it?”

Lie Qing nodded with a soft sigh, “Although she is born to be the daughter of the heavens but I want her to experience what it is meant by mortality so that she can be a better person and make her own personal decisions in the future. I want her to experience the hardship and bitterness of this world, to experience the joys and bittersweet of her efforts.”

Qin Keqin lowered her glances, “You…you’re a good mother. Unlike me, I am born with a silver spoon and reckless in my younger days. Now I’m paying a heavy price for my past misdeeds.”

Lie Qing smiled gently, “Your mother consort loves you a lot and has always missed you. She waits for the day of your ascension to the immortal realm.”

Qin Keqin smiled, “The celestial realm is so much fun. I’m not going to the immortal realm anytime soon. After all, I still have a score to settle with the Nine Celestial Goddess Ye Jing over here. I can’t let her have such a comfortable life here and I have all the intentions to screw her up.”

Lie Qing gave a faint smile, “She is smarter than you think she is.”

Qin Keqin chuckled, “Maybe but one of these days I will outwit her. She can’t be three steps ahead of me every time.”

Then she looked at Lie Qing and said quietly, “Since Lie Xingyuan is your daughter and you are imparting the Invincible Divine Force to her, sooner or later she will be one of the peerless experts in the celestial realm-”

The Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing suddenly said, “Someone is here. Don’t forget what you have promised me to do.” With that she had flashed out of sight.

Qin Keqin nodded as she stepped out of the room. Her perception had picked up a familiar aura that was approaching.

Indeed it was Grand Elder Celestial Shi Guanyin who had come and there was an anxious look on her countenance.

When she saw Qin Keqin stepping out of the entrance, she immediately said, “Sect leader you’re finally here. As soon as I’ve heard that you are back, I’ve guessed that you may have come here and come looking for you.”

Qin Keqin said curiously, “Oh? You sound quite urgent?”

Shi Guanyin sighed heavily as she said gravely, “My disciple Leng Qiuyue has just gone for an experiential mission with your core disciple. However the experiential mission that that they have taken was to hunt a fifth rank desolate beast as well as two fourth desolate beasts. I’m afraid that this mission may be beyond their ability to handle. So I am looking for you to discuss over this. What shall we do?”

Qin Keqin said with a faint smile, “Since they have set off not long ago, it is actually not too late to abort the experiential mission halfway. I will go personally to handle this.”

Shi Guanyin immediately said, “I have the intention to go too as well. Why don’t I go with you?”

Qin Keqin chuckled, “I have full confidence in my swiftness movement skill and I will catch up with them before they can even reach the Misty Desolate Valley.”

Shi Guanyin replied anxiously, “Alright then if sect leader says so…”

It was not a bluff on Qin Keqin side when she said that she would be able to catch up with them. Problem was, while on the way to the Misty Desolate Valley she was lost and was lost again when she was inside.

In fact, she had already regretted not taking Shi Guanyin along with her on the very first day.

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