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Chapter 56: Might is Right

Qin Keqin was startled when Lu Qingyun had suddenly lifted her up and was carrying her in his arms as he said gently, “I can’t have you dirty your shoes and dress on the way back. Let me carry you…”

He did not know why he had suddenly had the courage to lift her up or even to touch her. It was only after he had lifted her to carry her in his arms that he thought that he may be a little too disrespectful to his master.

He had actually forgotten that she was his master and had only thought that she was a maiden that he had liked. This happened so naturally to him that he was now suddenly cursing himself for what he had just done…

But Qin Keqin did not seem to mind at all; she said dreamily as she cuddled to his chest, “Mm, thank you. Let’s go then!”

“Alright!” he said.

Qin Keqin was actually quite surprised when Lu Qingyun was trying to be a gentleman. Actually with her lightness skill and the dissipate force of her profound aura, there was no way that her shoes and dress would ever get dirty but she kept this fact to herself.

Quietly, she placed her fingers on his firm chest and was comforted by the warm of his body. She quietly said to herself, “I like this feeling. It is like the old days…”

Lu Qingyun had a strange déjà vu that he had somehow carried Qin Keqin before but he placed that thoughts behind him, “It must have been in one of my dreams…”

The entire Heavens Ridge Villa was in panic.

It was not because of the thunderstorm that was booming thunderously nonstop. Although it was almost unheard of the thunders to thunder every one second for the past hour but the leaders of the Heavens Ridge Villa was more concerned about the arrival of the Solitary Manor.

Supremacy Wen Hongguang had brought his old patriarch to the Heavens Ridge Villa and along with him was Celestial Bai Laoxiong and tens of his senior protégés.

He was demanding to see Qin Keqin and that he would level down the Heavens Ridge Villa.

Although Supremacy Wen Hongguang had less than three hundred men but this was not an empty threat at all. Other than Celestial Bai Laoxiong, he had brought along two of his clan elders who were fifth realm golden celestials as well.

But this was not all.

This ‘old patriarch’ of his, was a seventh realm saint level cultivator and was extremely formidable. He did not look old at all but was middle age. In the world of cultivators, looks could be deceiving and this old patriarch was actually centuries old.

Old Saint Wen was his given moniker and he had come to address the wrongs that had been afflicted upon Supremacy Wen Hongguang.

As though he was afraid that the Heavens Ridge Villa did not know that he was a seventh realm expert, he had purposely revealed his formidable profound aura as he stepped into the boundary of the Heaven Ridge Villa, triggering one celestial array after another of his approach.

At this moment the heavy rainstorm had just stopped and the leaders of the Heaven Ridge Villa were having a face-off with the leaders of the Solitary Manor at the main entrance of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

The six leaders of the Solitary Manor were the grand elders and they were Celestial Shi Guanyin, Enlighten Celestial Ouyang Xue, Immortal Celestial Yun Xing, Celestial Kong Guxin, Immortal Celestial Wang Ming and Immortal Celestial Mu Han.

But at this moment the leaders of the Heavens Ridge Villa did not know whether to laugh or cry when they saw the state of the intruders. Except for the high level leaders, most of the protégés of the Solitary Manor was drenched by the sudden heavy downpour and were looking extremely pathetic.

At this point the leaders of the Heavens Ridge Villa were feeling more pathetic along with their hundreds of senior protégés that were behind them. It was because of this ‘Old Saint Wen’ who had suddenly arrived.

Celestial Shi Guanyin said coldly, “I’ve told you already. Our acting sect leader is out. You won’t be able to find her even if you barge inside. So why don’t you just leave quietly? In this way, we can still maintain the amicable ties between our two celestial clans.”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang laughed coldly, “Amicable ties? Did you consider our amicable ties when you destroy my spirit entity? Today, we will be taking Qin Keqin away. If you are smart enough, then you will give way to me or else don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Old Saint Wen said coldly as he stepped forward, “It is pointless to say too much to them. It seems that we can only use force to settle this.”

As he stepped forward, he waved his hand and immediately the wet pavements were all dried by the gentle force of his profound aura.

Everyone was startled and many were gasping with astonishment. With just a wave of his hand, he had dissipated the waters from the ground and it was as though it had never rained!

This was the strength of a seventh realm expert!

Old Saint Wen coolly said, “In case the ground may be too slippery for you, I have made it a little convenient for you to engage me.”

Shi Guanyin immediately whispered to the rest of the grand elders, “Let me be the first to engage him.” With a melancholy sigh, she said. “Please help me to thank sect leader…” she did not elaborate why she was thanking sect leader. There were some protégés that had misunderstood that she had meant to say thank you to the sect leader for sending her to the doom. However this was not the case and she was really grateful to Qin Keqin.

She thought silently, “Let me be the first to sacrifice for the Heavens Ridge Villa. This is where I grow up…”

Leng Qiuyue had immediately stepped forward and drawn her sword, “Master, let me accompany you!”

Shi Guanyin looked at her sternly, “Stay back if you still have any respect for me!”

Leng Qiuyue said with trembling lips, “Master, you are like my parent to me. How can I allow you to…”

Celestial Kong Guxin had immediately interrupted Leng Qiuyue to say, “Qiuyue, listen to your master.” Then he turned to say to Shi Guanyin, “Let me join hands with you. He is two realms above us. Surely he doesn’t mind taking on the two of us at the same time.”

Old Saint Wen hummed coldly, “All the grand elders of the Heavens Ridge Villa can join hands against me. I don’t care at all.”

Ouyang Xue had drawn out her sword as she replied coldly, “Remember this is what you have said!” She was only a third realm expert and she knew that she would die instantly in the first round but that did not stop her from stepping forward to defend the clan.

Yun Xing smiled as she drawn out her sword, “Xue’Er, you are indeed my former core disciple. Well said!”

Wang Ming smiled hoarsely as he raised his sword, “Don’t forget this old fellow here!”

Mu Han said with a straight expression, “And me as well.”

All the six grand elders of the Heavens Ridge Villa had stepped forward to contest with this seventh realm expert!

Supremacy Wen Hongguang was secretly smiling, “This is going to be a massacre.”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong was grinning as he thought delightfully, “Fools, you are all courting your own death. With all of you gone, it will be easy for me to take over the leadership position of the Heavens Ridge Villa. All the six treasuries of the martial halls will be all mine.”

A dark hood protégé that was hiding within the ranks of the Solitary Manor was also smiling. He was none other than Tang Bufan who was here to witness the complete humiliation of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

Old Saint Wen drawn out his sword gently as he grinned, “Then don’t blame me for kicking your asses.” He was actually thinking, “I am only here to see Qin Keqin but to think that she isn’t here? Then I shall teach them a little lesson so that I can lure her out of her hiding place…”

The spiritual perceptions of all the six grand elders of the Heavens Ridge Villa were all upon Old Saint Wen’s sword. Although his sword looked gentle but it contained an immerse profound strength that could explode anytime.

All of a sudden there was a malevolent air from the eyes of Old Saint Wen and immediately the leaves of the nearby trees began to wither rapidly and were falling.

All six grand elders were all trembling as the killing malevolent aura of Old Saint Wen had enveloped them into his field of perception!

Except for Celestial Shi Guanyin and Celestial Kong Guxin who could still move, all the other four grand elders were immobilized by this killing malevolent aura and they were now like sheep waiting to be slaughter!

Celestial Shi Guanyin and Celestial Kong Guxin were all releasing their profound aura to counter the effect of this killing malevolent aura and they had all broken into cold sweat!

Shi Guanyin was thinking, “This is impossible. This Old Saint Wen must be the top expert of the initial seventh realm expert. How can his profound aura be this powerful and intimidating?!”

Ouyang Xue had the lowest realm of cultivation among the six grand elders and she was trembling the most. It was as though more than half of her strength had already been sapped away even before the fight had begun!

Even the rest of the protégés of the Heaven Ridge Villa and the Solitary Manor were also affected by the killing malevolent aura and they were all trembling in the profound strength of Old Saint Wen!

Lie Xingyuan was an inner court protégé and therefore she was also presented at the scene. Even she was not immune to the dreadful aura that had descended upon everyone. She was pleading quietly, “Why isn’t sect leader back yet. We really need her to be back now. If she is here, she may be able to stop this calamity from happening…”

All of a sudden a pleasant voice was laughing enchantingly, “It is so crowded here? It seems that we have some unwelcome guests.”

It was Qin Keqin and walking behind her was Lu Qingyun who looked quite weary. Lu Qingyun had been running for several miles nonstop while carrying Qin Keqin. It was only when they were near the heaven gates of the Heavens Ridge Ville that Qin Keqin started to walk on her own.

The minute that Qin Keqin had appeared, the dreadful malevolent aura seemed to have suddenly dissipated into nothingness. It was as though her enchanting voice had the power to lift the depression.

At the sight of Qin Keqin, many of the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Ville were muttering excitingly, “Sect leader is finally here! She is here!”

While the focus had been mainly on Qin Keqin, there were some eyes that were following Lu Qingyun.

It was mainly Tang Bufan and Nangong Yu who had viewed him with hostilities.

And there were also Leng Xingyuan, Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue who were secretly looking his way.

Old Saint Wen aka Zhou Hai began to turn around to stare at the veiled maiden who was laughing softly and walking casually forward.

He was thinking, “This voice…I have not heard this voice for a long time. It does bear a 70% resemblance to the Great Saintess Yuqing? Or is it really her after all?”

Qin Keqin said nonchalantly, “Since we have guests here today, why don’t we invite them inside the great hall as a show of our hospitability?”

The grand elders were all relieved that Qin Keqin had finally returned but they were also anxious for her. But they were all startled by Qin Keqin lack of anxiety; she did not seem to be too anxious that a seventh realm expert had come knocking on her door and this seventh realm expert was actually about to level down the entire Heavens Ridge Ville?

Supremacy Wen Hongguang whispered to Saint Zhou Hai aka Old Saint Wen, “She is indeed Qin Keqin.”

Saint Zhou Hai began to laugh aloud, “Qin Keqin, Qin Keqin. What a beautiful name. Since you have extended your hospitality to us, we shall be your guest and enter your great hall.”

Qin Keqin chuckled wryly, “If you are not afraid that I will add poisons to your tea then please come inside.”

Everyone: …

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