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Chapter 58: The Confrontation

When Lu Qingyun had stepped forward to challenge Tang Bufan, all of a sudden he had coughed out blood and had fallen on his knees!

This shocked Lie Xingyuan, Leng Qiuyue and Ouyang Xue who had immediately surrounded him again to support him up.

The truth was that Lu Qingyun had already expended half of his profound strength in his haste to carry Qin Keqin speedily back to the Heavens Ridge Ville. Secondly, Old Saint Wen was already too formidable; although Qin Keqin had deflected most of the martial force away but he was still nevertheless injured.

The moment that Lu Qingyun had tried to muster his profound strength, he found his profound energies reversing and he had suffered a bout of internal injuries that caused him to spurt blood.

Tang Bufan was startled. Even before the duel had begun, his rival had already fallen…

Nangong Yu thought unhappily, “To think that I was about to enjoy the moment that this lowly first realm senior brother would be beaten to the death, he will actually choose this moment to suffer a relapse.”

Lu Qingyun was muttering as he fell into the arms of the three maidens, “I…am alright…it is…nothing serious…”

Lie Xingyuan was almost close to tears as she said, “Senior brother, you should rest first. You are in no condition to accept any challenge.”

Leng Qiuyue had suddenly stood up after inspecting Lu Qingyun as she turned to say coldly to Li Yuan, “I am also a third realm expert. Therefore, let me accept the challenge on behalf of my senior brother.”

Tang Bufan replied mockingly, “To think that this senior brother of the Heavens Ridge Villa is actually such a useless fellow that he needs a maiden to fight his duel for him. Very well then. You may take his place.”

It was not such a bad idea too to use his Deadly Dragon Claws on Leng Qiuyue. When he was thinking he could use it on her soft and tender body, he was immediately excited. Today he was going to humiliate this ex-senior sister of his who had given him the cold shoulder in the past.

Leng Qiuyue took a melancholy glance at Lu Qingyun before she said coldly to Li Yuan, “Hmph, you may be able to fool the others but you can’t fool me at all. You are actually Tang Bufan and not any Li Yuan.”

When she had said that, everyone was startled and the most startled was actually Shi Guanyin. It was because Shi Guanyin had a personal score to settle with Tang Bufan.

Shi Guanyin naturally knew of Leng Qiuyue’s secret innate ability to identify people and she began to say angrily, “Take off your hood and mask. Surely you are not thinking of making a challenge without showing your true face? That is most rude!”

Tang Bufan had turned ashen behind his mask as he said weakly, “I am a hideous man and that is why I am wearing a mask. You will be frightened of my bad looks and be severely affected if you see what I am like.”

But Shi Guanyin said coldly as she took a step forward, “Take off your mask. Now!”

But as she took a step forward, Celestial Bai Laoxiong had also taken a step forward. “Celestial Shi, he is my new disciple and of course I know who he is. Surely you are not thinking that I am already dead and decide to bully my disciple?”

This caused Shi Guanyin to halt her steps. It was because in term of cultivation strength, Celestial Bai Laoxiong was actually one notch or two above her. This caused her to hesitate.

Celestial Bai Laoxiong said coldly, “Or you are actually thinking of challenging me instead?”

Celestial Shi Guanyin: …

When Old Saint Wen entered the room with Qin Keqin, he was grinning broadly. “My goddess, how have you been?”

Qin Keqin was groaning softly and she looked like she wanted to bite him to pieces with her golden eyes, “Zhou Hai! Why did you come here for and why did you lift your fingers at my disciple?”

Zhou Hai quickly waved his hand to erect a profound force around the room, “Shhh, not so loud…”

Qin Keqin smiled coldly, “What? You will actually be afraid? Don’t worry. There is a celestial array here that prevents anyone from eavesdropping on us.”

He smiled weakly, “I didn’t know that he is your disciple. Anyway, where have you been all these years? You have just disappeared just like that. And your current alias is Qin Keqin?”

Qin Keqin chuckled, “That’s right and I am the acting sect leader here. So you have better don’t cause any trouble for me.”

Zhou Hai smiled, “I am just a lowly initial saint. Moreover I have just reached the saint level not so long ago. Compare to you, the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing, the number one heroine in the Nine Celestial Fraternity-”

“You sure know how to flatter me. The number one heroine in the Nine Celestial Fraternity is the Nine Celestial Goddess Ye Jing and the Great Saintess Mu Huiyin.” Qin Keqin interrupted with a wry smile. “So why are you helping that Wen Hongguang to deal with me?”

Zhou Hai laughed, “Actually, I am just curious who this Qin Keqin is. I’ve heard that she is an astonishing beauty but I have never expected that Qin Keqin is actually you. I have suspected that she may be your descendant. So are you married?”

Qin Keqin: …

“Why are you asking me this question?”

“That’s because I’m still a bachelor…”

“Unfortunately I am not interested in an old man like you.”

Zhou Hai: …

Zhou Hai began to smile weakly, “I’ve thought that you have gone to the dark divine realms or to the other celestial fraternities. So you are actually here. Have you seen the Devil Goddess recently?”

Qin Keqin nodded with a wryly smile.

Zhou Hai did not know that she was actually the Devil Goddess. In the past, they had both served the Devil Goddess or so Zhou Hai had thought so. Till this day, he did not know that Fan Yuqing was actually the real Devil Goddess and that she had asked Feng Minyue to disguise herself as the Devil Goddess.

Zhou Hai sighed, “I wonder how the Devil Goddess is doing nowadays. There is no news of her recently and the Nine Celestial Fraternity is too peaceful.”

Qin Keqin said with a half amused expression, “With the Nine Celestial Goddess around, the Devil Goddess dares not mess up the Nine Celestial Fraternity. Why? You want to see some troubles? Like what you are doing now?”

Zhou Hai was laughing jovially, “Seriously, the Nine Celestial Fraternity is a more fun place when the Devil Goddess is around. I really miss those days.”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes as she thought, “Well, so do I…” But that was actually the last thing that she wanted to do now. So she replied, “It is best that the Devil Goddess be forgotten in the river of history.”

Zhou Hai muttered weakly, “That won’t do. Our secret fraternity is waiting for the comeback of the Devil Goddess.”

Qin Keqin said, “Maybe the Devil Goddess has already forgotten everyone. Maybe she is already happily married and has retired.”

Zhou Hai muttered and he looked a little disappointed, “I really hope that is not the case. If so, I wonder who that lucky fellow is.”

Qin Keqin laughed, “Maybe he is the most unlucky fellow ever…”

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