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Chapter 59: What Happens to Qin Keqin?

When Qin Keqin and ‘Old Saint Wen’ had emerged to the guest great hall, they were quite astonished to see that Celestial Shi Guanyin and Celestial Bai Laoxiong were fighting with each other.

It was obvious that Celestial Shi Guanyin was having a hard time against Celestial Bai Laoxiong.

Lu Qingyun was recuperating on a seat when he caught sight of Qin Keqin and ‘Old Saint Wen’. He muttered, “Keqin, is she alright?”

Unlike earlier, ‘Old Saint Wen’ looked rosier than before on his face while Qin Keqin had a slight flush on her countenance.

Lu Qingyun clenched his fists as he muttered melancholy to himself, “Keqin has been inside with him for a long time. Don’t tell me…” When he had thought of this part, his heart was clearly heartbroken and he could not bring himself to think further.

Grand Elder Yun Xing, Grand Elder Ouyang Xue, Leng Qiuyue and many others had noticed the same too and were wondering what exactly had really happened inside. From the way they had walked back together, it seemed that the feeling was quite amicable?

Supremacy Wen Hongguang was quite startled as he thought, “What has actually happened inside? Why didn’t Zhou Hai takes any action against her? Or rather, he has already taken his action on her and falls for her alluring charms?”

Just as Celestial Bai Laoxiong was also expressing surprised that ‘Old Saint Wen’ had walked back to the great hall again and looked amicably with Qin Keqin, ‘Old Saint Wen’ had suddenly flashed between him and Celestial Shi Guanyin as he suddenly raised his palm to strike him.

Although Celestial Bai could clearly see the palm of ‘Old Saint Wen’ quite clearly but in the next instant all his defenses had suddenly vanished as he was struck on his chest with a thunderous impact!

Celestial Guanyin had taken several steps back as she had thought that ‘Old Saint Wen’ had meant to attack her. After all, this old patriarch was on the side of the Solitary Manor. However, she was quite startled to see that ‘Old Saint Wen’ had instead attacked Celestial Bai Laoxiong…

When Celestial Bai Laoxiong had crumbled on the ground and was foaming blood, he still could not believe what was happening exactly.

He could only hear ‘Old Saint Wen’ saying coldly, “We are all guests of the Heavens Ridge Villa. Why are you attacking the host? You have totally disgrace the Solitary Manor!”

Qin Keqin was smiling wryly and her eyes were rolling with mischief but she kept quiet while she continued to watch.

Tang Bufan was startled that his master had suddenly been attacked and he was totally stunned on the spot. He thought, “What is going on?! Why is Saint Zhou Hai attacking my master…”

Even Supremacy Wen Hongguang was completely caught by surprise. He wanted to rush forward to confront this ‘old friend’ of his. The truth was that he was not exactly very close with him and thought that Saint Zhou Hai would be here to help him.

He was forced to say, “Old patriarch, you’re supposed to help us to settle Qin Keqin. Why are you acting in this manner?”

The rest of the protégés of the Solitary Manor were all equally confused. In fact, they had all been newly introduced to ‘Old Saint Wen’ and only known him as an old patriarch of the Solitary Manor that was rarely seen.

‘Old Saint Wen’ laughed jovially, “I have already settled the score with Sect Leader Qin. From now onward, the Solitary Manor is not to disturb the Heavens Ridge Villa anymore.”

“What?!” Supremacy Wen Hongguang was startled and looking perplexed, “This won’t do at all-”

But before he could protest further, ‘Old Saint Wen’ had suddenly gave him a tight slap which sent him to fly next to Bai Laoxiong, shocking everyone and that included the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa!

“I have already done my investigations. Wen Hongguang, this is all your fault. From today onward, I shall wash my hands off this matter but should you decide to harass Sect Leader Qin or the Heavens Ridge Villa again, I shall not spare you.”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang was completed stunned by the sudden reverse and just as he was about to get up to protest angrily, ‘Old Saint Wen’ had suddenly flickered his fingers rapidly and had an energy burst had pierced through his body and caused him to cough out a bout of fresh blood!

‘Old Saint Wen’ said coldly, “For the next three months, you are not to exercise your profound strength. Do well to recuperate at home.”

The protégés of the Solitary Manor were all rendered speechless, including the other two golden celestials that were in the group. However, none of them dared to make any move. After all, ‘Old Saint Wen’ was not only Supremacy Wen Hongguang’s senior of the highest rank but he was also a seventh realm expert of the saint level. If ‘Old Saint Wen’ wanted to punish anyone, it was as easy as crushing an ant.

Then ‘Old Saint Wen’ turned to smile at Qin Keqin, “I beg for Sect Leader Qin’s forgiveness. Are you satisfied with the way I’ve punished them?”

Qin Keqin nodded with a faint smile, “It is good. You can dismiss them now. I shall return you this favor one day and pay you a honorable visit in the future.”

‘Old Saint Wen’ laughed jovially before he turned to stare coldly at the protégés of the Solitary Manor, “So what are all of you waiting for? Hurry and scram!”

Supremacy Wen Hongguang, Celestial Bai Laoxiong and Tang Bufan were all rendered speechless by this sudden reverse. Not only did they fail to make Qin Keqin pay for her transgression against them but they were also further humiliated in front of her…

What was going on?

But there were nothing for them to do except to bolt to the entrance as soon as possible.

Even though Supremacy Wen Hongguang had been humiliated by Saint Zhou Hai in such a manner but he did not dare to be respectful. It was because Saint Zhou Hai was not only the elder of the powerful Divine Sovereign Clan but he was also a seventh realm expert that could finish his clan and position overnight. He was well aware of the fact that there were few cultivation experts that could stop him should he decided to be nasty.

After Supremacy Wen Hongguang and his group had exited the great hall, ‘Saint Old Wen’ coolly said aloud. “It is time for me to leave too.”

Then he flashed a smile at Qin Keqin, “See you tonight then.”

Qin Keqin merely nodded and in the next instant ‘Saint Old Wen’ had flashed speedily out of the great hall.

Although the great calamity had been averted, there were many ugly expressions that were on the faces of the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

The most unhappy was naturally Lu Qingyun. It was because at this moment, it was all too obvious to him that Qin Keqin had sacrificed her chastity inside with Old Saint Wen in order to save everyone. Or else it would be inconceivable that a seventh realm expert would spare a fifth realm expert. And Qin Keqin was going to see him tonight…

He was totally heartbroken and was trembling nonstop…

But he was not the only who was trembling as well. Celestial Shi Guanyin, Yun Xing, Ouyang Xue, Leng Qiuyue and many of the grand elders, elders and core protégés were all trembling with rage against Old Saint Wen.

Their sect leader had saved their lives by sacrificing her very own chastity. Qin Keqin was a most irresistible alluring maiden and they could understand why Old Saint Wen had a sudden reversal. After all, there were few men in the world that could resist her charms.

But that was not the whole point. The great honor of the Heavens Ridge Villa was at stake here and their sect leader had chosen to destroy her reputation and chastity for the sake of her protégés. This was something that put everyone in shame and upset with themselves at the same time…

Ouyang Xue’s tears were flowing down her cheeks as she muttered, “Sect leader…”

Leng Qiuyue was trembling nonstop as she looked at Qin Keqin while thinking, “Our sect leader is only putting on a brave and nonchalant manner in front of all of us. But deep down, she must be weeping…”

Qin Keqin: (o_o)??

Qin Keqin was perplexed as she saw the solemn expressions that were on everyone. She thought, “Why is everyone looking like that? Shouldn’t they be happy that the clan is safe now?”

Only Lie Xingyuan was thinking, “Qin Keqin is the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing and is an upper great saintess. She is not someone that an ordinary saint can easily best. Judging by that Old Saint Wen reaction, it is possible that Old Saint Wen may have tried to attack her inside but has suddenly realized that she has the superior realm level and therefore he tries to downplay the actions of the Solitary Manor. But why is Qin Keqin meeting him tonight?”

Lu Qingyun had suddenly spurted out blood as he collapsed. His heart simply could not take the thought that Qin Keqin was meeting this Old Saint Wen tonight and his internal injuries had exaggerated.

Qin Keqin gasped as she flashed next to him, “Qingyun…”

She panicky thought, “Zhou Hai! Look what have you done to my disciple! I’m going to skin you alive tonight…”

Lie Xingyuan, Leng Qiuyue and Ouyang Xue had all turned ashen when they saw the sudden condition of their senior brother…

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