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Chapter 63: The Unstoppable Lu Qingyun

The masked lone ‘intruder’ that attacked the Solitary Manor was actually Lu Qingyun.

Before he had set off for the Solitary Manor, he had taken the last of the Triple Divine Essence Pill that he had saved for Lie Xingyuan and him. He was actually forced to consume it if he were to confront the Solitary Manor as his body was still weak from his recent internal injuries. Only a miracle pill like the Triple Divine Essence Pill would be able to fully treat his injuries and renew his profound strength.

At the same time he had also dissipate the profound aura of his divine sword. It was because he knew that his opponents would be able to recognize his divine sword and recognize who he really was. Therefore by revealing the true state of his divine sword, they may think that he was another person instead.

He said to Yan’Er, “Yan’Er, once my life force is extinguished, please blow me up.”

Yan’Er was startled, “Master…but why…”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “I don’t wish for my opponents to recognize who I am and I don’t wish to bring trouble to Keqin. Do as I have said.”

Yan’Er reluctantly said, “Alright master. If master dies, so will I…”

Lu Qingyun nodded sadly, “That’s right. So I want you to use the last of your profound strength to blow me up so that they will not defile my body. It is something that is within your means. I hope that Yan’Er will help me to fulfill my last wish.”

Yan’Er was sobbing as she could read his thoughts, “Master, you are thinking of challenging a sixth realm expert and so many others…because you love Big Sister Keqin…”

Lu Qingyun said with a weak laugh, “Indeed. In my heart, she is my everything. Even if we are not together and not on the same level but this is the least that I can do for her. After all, what I have now is mostly attributed to her.”

Then he muttered, “Keqin, I hope to see you again in my next life…”

Back to the present, Lu Qingyun was now fighting at the heaven steps of the Solitary Manor and he had already reached the entrance of the heaven gate of the Solitary Manor.

He knew that he would be butchered before he could even see the sight of Supremacy Wen but he was not deterred at all. It was because he was upset with himself. He could never forget the pitiful glance that Qin Keqin had given him when she had come out of the room with Old Saint Wen…

If Qin Keqin could know his thoughts, she would roll her eyes immediately. It was because she did not know that she had created such a big misunderstanding in the minds of everyone. To all the others, it was inconceivable that a fifth realm cultivator like her would suddenly be spared from the clutches of a seventh realm cultivator. Therefore something must have happened. Moreover Qin Keqin was extremely beautiful and there was few who did not think so.

Lu Qingyun was really, really upset with himself that he lost his usual rational and he was storming the Solitary Manor to seek vendetta for Qin Keqin.

He did not mind dying in vain because he had already lost his rational mind.

But at this moment, his divine sword was sending all his opponents to scatter like kittens.

Even Lu Qingyun was startled by how powerful his godly divine sword was.

He had used just a little of his profound strength and his profound strength was manifold by his godly divine sword as he sent one celestial sword formation after another to scatter like the winds.

Previously the first stroke of his Flaming Crimson Sword was taxing on his profound strength to execute. But ever since he had attained to the fourth cultivation realm, he was using it freely like a normal stroke.

He was astonished but he had no time to actually think of the reasons why. It was because he was now being surrounded by hundreds of cultivators.

“His divine sword…is too formidable…even our sword arrays are unable to form into its proper place in front of him…”

“Even if we did form our sword arrays, we can’t even stop him…”

“Is he wielding a heaven-step divine sword?!”

“How is it possible for a divine sword to be so powerful. Even Elder Shi is severely wounded by the sword energies of his divine sword…”

Lu Qingyun shouted behind his masked veil, “I want to duel with Wen Hongguang and Old Saint Wen! Bring them to me!”

With a wave of his sword, he had sent a sent a wall that consisted of more than twenty cultivators to yell aloud and they had all flown back with great agony when they were struck by the sword energies of his divine sword.

Now that Lu Qingyun was a fourth realm expert and had reached the energy level of the fourth cultivation realm, his profound energies was naturally able to convert his martial power into sword energies via his sword. And because he was wielding a godly divine sword, his little nuance of sword energies had become a deadly barrage of sword energies waves that were striking fear into the hearts of all the opponents that had surrounded him.

His opponents were fearful because they had never seen such blatant display of sword energies and it was something that not even Supremacy Wen and all the elders of the Solitary Manor were capable of doing.

But of course, Supremacy Wen and the elders of the Solitary Manor never got a divine sword in the first place and no one had actually known how powerful a divine sword was. Moreover the divine sword that was in Lu Qingyun’s hand was a beyond heaven-step divine sword, a godly divine sword that was almost unheard of.

At the same time Lu Qingyun was actually using very little of his profound strength as he was conserving his strength for Supremacy Wen and Old Saint Wen.

However the first stroke of his Flaming Crimson Sword was actually a powerful sword technique. Normal cultivators actually had no chance of defending against it. What was more, this first stroke of the Flaming Crimson Sword had also evolved to a more powerful stage now because of his newly attained fourth realm cultivation.

Many of his opponents only saw a crimson flare and in the next instant, they were struck down by the burning sword energies that had invaded their bodies and were all rolling on the ground in great agony.

Although Lu Qingyun had the upper hand and he had lost his rational mind but he had actually stayed his hand. As long as his opponents could no longer fight him, he simply walked past them and left them to roll or to lie on the ground. He had no wish to kill anyone unnecessary.

After all, it was only Supremacy Wen, Old Saint Wen and Celestial Bai Laoxiong that were his targets of hatred.

Elder Shi had engaged the masked intruder several times and his internal injuries had worsened. He simply could not believe that he would be repeatedly be beaten back by a mere intruder and by now, more than half of his fighters were all out of the fight and were rolling on the ground.

He stammered to his men, “Where are the rest of the elders?! Send another messenger, quick!”

“Useless fellow!” A solemn voice said.

Elder Shi turned around and saw that it was Supremacy Wen and behind him were hundreds of elite fighters that were supposedly to lie in wait for the arrival of the fighters of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

Supremacy Wen said coldly, “There are so many of you and you can’t even handle a lone assailant?”

Elder Shi stammered, “That fellow has a formidable divine sword in his hands. Most of us can’t even get close to him.”

Supremacy Wen turned to appraise the divine sword that was in the intruder’s hand and was immediately startled. “This is a heaven-step divine sword?!”

He had of course given the wrong appraisal. He had never seen a heaven-step divine sword before and he had thought that the godly divine sword was actually a heaven-step divine sword.

Suddenly he had a wryly cold smile, “It seems that the heaven is kind to me indeed and is throwing a divine sword into my hand. This is most excellent.”

He turned to say to the two elders that were near, “Elder Yan Chiyou, Elder Yan Chilong. I need your help to subdue that intruder and to bring me his divine sword.”

Elder Yan Chiyou and Elder Yan Chilong were the two fifth realm golden celestials and they were also presented earlier at the Heavens Ridge Villa.

There was no further need for more words as the two elders immediately displayed their profound auras and had charged toward Lu Qingyun!

Tang Bufan smiled coldly to Celestial Bai Laoxiong, “It seems that this intruder is courting his own death!”

Celestial Laoxiong was smiling, “Indeed. He will not only lose his life but his divine sword as well. I am just wondering who he is?”

Supremacy Wen smiled, “We shall see after he is dead. After all, there is a lot of information on a corpse as well. Sometimes having a dead corpse is better than a living person.”

Celestial Laoxiong laughed loudly as he flattered Supremacy Wen, “Indeed, indeed!”

Lu Qingyun had already seen Supremacy Wen and he was already angrily fighting his way through to challenge him when the two fifth realm golden celestial elders had suddenly displayed their profound auras and had unsheathed their swords.

The might of a fifth realm golden celestial was not to be underestimated and moreover there was actually two!

Lu Qingyun had a shudder when he saw them. After all, he would never dream that he would actually be fighting against a mighty golden celestial in the past.

But he could not allow Qin Keqin to sacrifice herself in vain…

But today he had no other choice because he was now fighting for his very own survival. Immediately he had raised his sword as he displayed the third stroke of the Flaming Crimson Sword, the Supreme Burning Sword as a fiery hue burst out from his sword as he silently said, “Yan’Er, please lend me your strength!”

As soon as he had said that, his profound aura had an outburst of martial force similar to a peaked fourth realm cultivator.

But compared to the faint golden aura of the two fifth realm golden cultivators, his profound aura was completely suppressed by them.

But as soon as Lu Qingyun had swung his Supreme Burning Sword, the fiery hue from his sword seemed to have a life on its own as leapt from his sword to transform into a fiery soaring firebird.

The two fifth realm golden celestials that had leapt into mid-air to attack Lu Qingyun were also startled and were gasping. It was because the fiery soaring firebird seemed to have a life of its own and had suddenly flew into them with a mighty burst of profound energies explosion!

In the next instant the two golden celestials were rolling in agony on the ground as they coughed out bouts of blood!

Supremacy Wen was startled and he had turned ashen with disbelief. This was not possible, right? How was it possible for a fourth realm expert to have defeated two golden celestials at the same time?

Even Celestial Bai Laoxiong was startled as he took a step back.

Lu Qingyun had never used the Supreme Burning Sword on anyone except for a fifth rank desolate beast. Moreover his Supreme Burning Sword had jumped a notch higher now and had become a true energy level sword art after he had attained to the fourth cultivation realm.

What he did not know was that after he had reached the energy level, the Annihilating God Seed within his inner spiritual sea had also awakened. While he thought that the shape of the firebird was in fact Yan’Er doing as she was the incarnation spirit of the Golden Roc Flame but this firebird was in fact a combination of the Golden Roc Flame and the Annihilating Fire.

The result of this fiery firebird was so devastating that even the protective profound auras of the two golden celestials were suddenly shredded to pieces and the profound energies of the Supreme Burning Sword had severely wounded them.

Lu Qingyun had no time to think further and instead he was taking bold steps toward Supremacy Wen!

After witnessing what Lu Qingyun had done to the two elders, the hundreds of cultivators that had surrounded him were all startled with disbelief as they took slow steps backward…

Just as Supremacy Wen was staring with utter disbelief at the strength of this mask assailant, there was a white flash that had happened in front of the mask assailant.

And before anyone could react, this white flash had taken the mask assailant away!

Supremacy Wen was further shocked by the white flash as he muttered, “Seventh realm expert…”

The white flash was a veiled maiden in white and from her extraordinary reflexes, she was a seventh realm expert and he was shocked.

“The assailant is gone?”

“We are safe?”

“I have only seen a white flash?”

“What is going on?!”

Supremacy Wen appeared to be shaken but he was also heaving with relief. It was because he had not recovered his cultivation strength yet and he was not confident of defeating this masked assailant with the divine sword on his own.

Just as he muttered, “We have finally driven away this malicious star…” There were great shouts in front as the words spread like wildfire, “Hundreds of attackers are storming up the heaven steps now!”

Supremacy Wen had turned pale immediately. It was because he knew that the Heavens Ridge Villa had two fifth realm golden celestials while all the fifth realm golden celestials on their side were all injured…

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