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Chapter 64: Fairy Jade Light?

In front of this veiled maiden in white, Lu Qingyun could not even muster his profound strength and he was soon thrown into a mountain cave in a rather nasty manner. In fact, he had been immobilized by her profound strength and that even his divine sword had been seized by her.

He was soon thrown on the cave ground as the veiled maiden in white looked at him with her alluring golden eyes before saying, “Where did you steal this divine sword from?”

As soon as she had loosened her grasp on him, he was able to speak again.

Lu Qingyun replied coldly, “Hmph! This divine sword is given to me by my master! I will never steal or rob! Return the sword to me!”

The veiled maiden in white said with great displeasure, “Then your master must be a thief or a robber.”

Lu Qingyun: …

When he had heard that, he replied angrily. “My master is the most perfect master in the entire celestial realm. Do not ever insult my master!”

“Then what is the name of your master?”

Lu Qingyun laughed, “Why should I tell you? So that you will harm my master?”

The veiled maiden in white shot him a cold glance before she displayed the divine sword, “Weird, my seal is still intact within the sword. It seems that she has given you the divine sword on her own free will? This is indeed weird.”

Then she tossed him back the sword and asked, “Is the name of your master Fan Yuqing?”

Lu Qingyun was started when she had so readily returned him his divine sword and he replied. “I don’t know any Fan Yuqing.”

But as he muttered the name of Fan Yuqing, he was thinking. “Why is it that this name sounds so familiar to me?”

There was a soft groan from the veiled maiden in white and she could be muttering, “She does have a bad habit of changing her name every now and then…”

Then she looked at Lu Qingyun as she said coolly, “Listen carefully.  I am your master’s master. So you ought to be respectful to me. I don’t expect you to kowtow or anything but if you were to offend me then I can cripple your cultivation core anytime. Got me?”

Lu Qingyun could tell that this veiled maiden was a great beauty behind her white veil and looked extremely young. But was she really his master’s master? Or was she pulling a trick on him? Also, her cultivation level looked extremely high and she had golden eyes.

Wait. Did she just say that she had given his divine sword to his master? Was she Fairy Jade Light? The mother consort of his master? After all, Qin Keqin did mention that her mother consort was also her master.

Lu Qingyun quickly asked, “Erm, are you Fairy Jade Light?”

The veiled maiden quickly replied, “Hmph, so you have finally recognized me!”

Lu Qingyun was startled as he immediately raised his hands to bow to stammer, “Grandmaster, erm…I didn’t know it is you…”

The veiled maiden smiled coldly, “Quickly bring me to your master. I have important matters to speak to her. It is extremely urgent.”

She had lied of course. Actually she did not know any Fairy Jade Light but she was highly intelligent and could make use of any available leaks to make up a story. She had purposely misled him into thinking that she was ‘Fairy Jade Light’.

Lu Qingyun replied after a short hesitation, “Alright…”

Actually he did have some doubts in his mind. But all of a sudden he had thought of something important that he had completely forgotten. It did not matter if she was the real Fairy Jade Light or not. He would take her to the ‘Hideout’ first. If she was really Fairy Jade Light then Qin Keqin’s two saintesses would be able to recognize her and if she was not, then the two saintesses would be more than enough to handle her.

But that was not the most important thing that he had forgotten.

Old Saint Wen may be formidable but he was certainly not a match for two saintesses. He would seek their help to help Qin Keqin. This was something that he had forgotten!

And if she was really Fairy Jade Light, then Old Saint Wen would be dealing with three formidable saintesses.

When Qin Keqin had looked at him when she came out of the room with Old Saint Wen, she must be trying to drop him a hint to send a message to her sister saintesses for help. He had completely misunderstood that she was giving him a pitiful look.

Alas! How could he so stupid and had wasted valuable time that could save Qin Keqin by coming to seek vendetta with the Solitary Manor?

He began to sigh heavily…

The veiled maiden in white: ???

Lu Qingyun quickly said, “Let’s hurry up! The sooner the better!”

The veiled maiden in white thought, “Why is he in such a hurry to lead me now? Is my acting so convincing? Or is he leading me into an ambush?”

In the meantime, the fighters of the Heavens Ridge Villa and the Flying Armament Sect had overrun the Solitary Manor with ease.

It was because Supremacy Wen and Celestial Bai Laoxiong had fled.

That was not all.

It seemed that the fighters from the Solitary Manor seemed to be heavily demoralized and that a fight had taken place earlier. What more, even their two golden celestial elders were also seriously injured and did not have the strength to stop them.

With three fifth realm golden celestials leading the fighters of the Heavens Ridge Villa and the Flying Armament Sect, there was not even a high level cultivation expert that could stop them and the battle was soon over.

“There was a masked assailant earlier? And he is a lone assailant? And he has injured the two golden celestial elders?!”

“Who exactly is this mysterious assailant that has aided us?”

Celestial Shi Guanyin muttered with surprise, “Isn’t this raid too smooth and too easy? We have won just like this?”

Indeed, in less than an hour, the bulk of the fighters from the Solitary Manor had surrendered. It was because Supremacy Wen had fled with most of his core disciples, leaving only a handful of elders to buy him enough time to flee.

There were few casualties on both sides as a strict code of honor existed; no wounded or disabled fighters were harmed on either side.

Even Ling Feijian was scratching his head. It was just a raid for a punitive attack against the Solitary Manor and they would pull out after an hour. They had never expected that this punitive attack would be so successful and was a little too successful that the bulk of the Solitary Manor had actually surrendered?!

The Solitary Manor was one of the four powerhouses in New Empyrean City and had a powerful presence. Even if two other powerhouses had combined with their forces against the Solitary Manor, it was not possible to vanquish it overnight.

Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue were secretly looking at each other. They had not expected to live through this raid and yet they did…

Celestial Shi Guanyin said coolly to the surrendered leaders of the remnants of the Solitary Manor, “Appoint your most respected elder as the new leader of the Solitary Manor. Supremacy Wen must never be allowed to return to the Solitary Manor. He is the sworn enemy of the Heavens Ridge Villa. This is the only condition that we have.”

She was careful not to trample upon the pride of the Solitary Manor as this would bring about another round of endless vendetta.

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