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Chapter 69: The Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing

A most mesmerizing maiden in finery was now standing in front of Lie Xingyuan. She was none other than the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing, Lie Xingyuan’s master.

Lie Xingyuan had just handed over the letter over to her Master Lie Qing, “Mistress, this letter is from Qin Keqin to you. She says that an old friend has entrusted her to hand over this letter to you.”

“Oh?” Lie Qing opened the envelope curiously as she read the contents. Slowly she lit a wryly smile as she thought, “So the Heaveness is here in the celestial realm. Good. I’m getting bored here anyway.”

Lie Xingyuan quietly observed the countenance that was on her master. Previously she had thought that she had known her master very well but she was proven to be wrong. Her master had saved her from the clutches of Qin Keqin and could even scare her off. If Qin Keqin was the legendary Great Saintess Fan Yuqing, there was nothing much in the Nine Celestial Fraternity that she would fear. Moreover she was also the Devil Goddess…

She did not know the realm level of her master but she was beginning to suspect that she may also be a saintess.

But she got nothing but respect to her master. It was because only in her master presence that she truly felt at peace and although she was her master but in her heart, she had regarded her master as her only kin.

“Yuan’Er,” her master had turned to her with a smile. “It seems that your profound strength has been showing a great improvement. It has to do with your senior brother?”

Lie Xingyuan nodded quietly, “Yes, senior brother has been helping me a lot.”

Lie Qing nodded as she said, “Yuan’Er, turn your back around. It’s time for your breakthrough.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled but she turned around nevertheless, “It is time for my breakthrough?”

Lie Qing had suddenly hit her on her back several times as she said coolly, “I have actually wanted you to go slow but it seems that this senior brother of yours is treating you too well.”

When Lie Xingyuan heard the mention of her senior brother, her eyes were melancholy as she muttered. “Yes, he is indeed kind toward me…” But she knew that it was impossible between them because in his heart, he had only Qin Keqin…

All of a sudden Lie Xingyuan could feel an overwhelming profound strength in her inner cultivation sea as she had breakthrough to the intermediate enlighten celestial level. Just when she had thought that it was over, her cultivation level had broken through to the upper enlighten celestial level, shocking her!

Lie Xingyuan turned her and stammered, “Mistress, I am at the upper enlighten celestial level now…”

Lie Qing merely smiled mesmerizingly, “That’s good. You may go now. Remember to recite the intricate formula daily that I have taught you.”

Lie Xingyuan replied with a nod, “I will. Thank you, mistress. I shall take my leave now.”

When Lie Xingyuan had left, Lie Qing muttered. “Xingyuan, my daughter. Please forgive your mother consort for not acknowledging you. It isn’t the time for our family unison yet. By now, you should be a fifth realm expert but I have sealed your profound strength so that you can progress in a normal pace. You are the daughter of the heavens and if I did not seal your profound strength, you will progress at an abnormal rate and it will not be difficult for the others to notice you. This is for your own good.”

She had taken a quick look at Lie Xingyuan’s profound strength and it was currently at the peaked fifth realm golden celestial level. If she continued to progress any further, even her sealing would soon fail…

Then she turned around and pondered, “This Lu Qingyun…interesting…” She heaved a soft sigh, “Xingyuan is so unlike me. She has a heroic spirit and is more like her father…”

But her thoughts quickly returned to the letter, “I should pay the Heaveness a visit first.”

Supremacy Wen was stunned by the news that the elders of the Solitary Manor had denied his request and had even denied him as the Manor Grandmaster.

He kicked the messenger angrily and shouted, “These traitors! How dare they usurp my position?!”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong was startled by the news as well as he said solemnly, “This is unbelievable. But we still got a fighting chance.”

Supremacy Wen turned to look at him, “Explain?”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong turned to look at Tang Bufan and the dozens of protégés that remained, “We still got a few dozen fighters with us. Moreover it won’t be long before we can regain our profound strength. When we do, we can easily fight back to reclaim back our lost position.”

Supremacy Wen said quietly, “That will be a year or more. I don’t have the patience to wait this long.”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong laughed coldly, “In the meantime, we can always pay a visit to the Heavenly Fragrance Villa and seeks the help of our patriarch to reclaim your position. The Heavenly Fragrance Princess will certainly stand on your side and will punish these usurpers.”

All of a sudden Supremacy Wen lit a smile, “Brother Bai, you are indeed a genius. Why didn’t I think of that? Not only will these traitors get their just desserts but the Heavenly Fragrance Villa will not hesitate to punish the Heavens Ridge Villa for the acts of transgressions.”

Celestial Bai Laoxiong laughed, “And when that happens, Qin Keqin will fall into your hands and you can toy with her whenever you want to. In front of you, she will be your humble slave and we can even destroy the Heavens Ridge Villa once and for all.”

Supremacy Wen laughed jovially as he said to the rest of the protégés, “What are you all waiting for? We are setting off now for the Heavenly Fragrance Villa!”

Tang Bufan was delighted as this would be the first time that he would be visiting the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. He said, “I have heard that the Heavenly Fragrance Villa is an only female protégés clan and that the previous Heavenly Fragrance Princess is a renowned beauty in the Nine Celestial Fraternity.”

Bai Laoxiong laughed, “Indeed. The Great Saintess Feng Minyue is not only a great beauty but she is also one of the top cultivation experts in the Nine Celestial Fraternity. Because of her, the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm has been quite peaceful for a number of years.”

Supremacy Wen was also having a sly smile, “If it isn’t for this crisis, I will not dare to visit the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. This is a golden opportunity for us to visit the current Heavenly Fragrance Princess and to seek her help to address our wrongs.”

Bai Laoxiong was also smiling broadly as he added, “Heavenly Fragrance Princess Su Shanyue is a junior sister of Great Saintess Feng. I’ve heard that she had just recently breakthrough to the saint level and she is also a great beauty.”

Tang Bufan gasped softly, “So the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm actually has two saintesses and not just one?”

An evil thought had suddenly crossed his mind. If he could get into the good books of the Heavenly Fragrance Princess then his cultivation future would be secured. In this way, he would no longer need to pay any attention to the likes of Supremacy Wen and Celestial Bai…

He was suddenly grinning as he began to make plans of his own.

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