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Chapter 70: Yan’Er, You…

Lu Qingyun was quietly looking at Qin Keqin while Yan’Er was hovering above them. They were actually sitting quite near to each other and were leaning nearer with every passing moment.

All of a sudden Yan’Er laughed jovially, “Master, are you thinking of kissing Big Sister Keqin?”

Lu Qingyun: …

Qin Keqin was in a fluster as she laughed it off, “Yan’Er, your imagination is so wild…”

Yan’Er replied cutely, “It isn’t Yan’Er imagination! It is my master! He wants to kiss you…”

Lu Qingyun was also in a fluster as he quickly said in an awkward manner, “Yan’Er, it isn’t true! It just crosses my mind but I am not going to do it!”

Qin Keqin turned to look shyly at Lu Qingyun, “Is that so?”

Then she chuckled, “So Yan’Er, what else is Qingyun doing with his imaginations?”

Yan’Er pondered for a while before she muttered, “I saw him undressing Big Sister Keqin and he was on top of you…”

All of a sudden Qin Keqin was flustered as she gave Lu Qingyun a light slap on his face, “Shameless! So you are only thinking of this all this while?”

Lu Qingyun was stammering, “Keqin, please hear me out. It isn’t what you think.”

Qin Keqin was muttering almost incoherently, “Is all men like this? Totally shameless!”

Although she looked upset but it was actually the opposite. She had only pretended to be upset to cover her own shyness as she did not know how to react after hearing what Yan’Er had said. She was thinking shyly, “So he wants to bed me…”

Lu Qingyun knew that Qin Keqin was not really upset with him as he smiled awkwardly. He quickly caught hold of her hand that was still on his face as he muttered gently, “Keqin…”

Qin Keqin was equally shy as she muttered, “Qingyun…”

He had leaned even closer to her…

All of a sudden Lie Xingyuan had entered the room with the hot tea that she had just brewed.

As Qin Keqin had her spiritual perception on the entrance of the door, she quickly pushed Lu Qingyun away from her with almost supernatural reflexes as she gently rebuked him while giving him a wink. “Alas, you still got so much to improve upon. At your current rate of progression, I don’t think you will even win the top three ranking in the clan martial tournament. Or you are thinking of winning the bottom three ranking instead? Do you still want the others to think that you are a good-for-nothing lowly cultivator?”

Qin Keqin immediately gave a soft laugh as she continued, “So Qingyun, how is your martial progression so far? Surely you are not thinking of losing in the martial tournament?”

Lu Qingyun had immediately snapped out of his trance as he pretended to say, “I’m making some progress with my martial training. I am thinking of training the Flaming Crimson Sword to the fourth stage before the martial tournament. Previously I was not able to start on it as it requires me to attain to the fourth cultivation realm. But I think that I may just have the profound strength to begin my practice again.”

Qin Keqin nodded, showing little interest in his sword art.

Lu Qingyun was of course eager to show her so he said excitingly, “Master, why don’t I show you my Flaming Crimson Sword?”

Qin Keqin laughed softly, “That won’t be necessary. This isn’t the practice chamber. Why don’t you focus on your cultivation first?”

As Lie Xingyuan placed the hot brewing tea, she smiled. “I don’t think senior brother is able to improve much without any martial guidance from sect leader. Why don’t sect leader spends some time with senior brother in the practice chamber?”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes to the cultivation slip that she was holding. She was at an interesting and romantic point of the chapter at the moment and had no wish to distract herself. Moreover she did not really want to instruct Lu Qingyun on any martial arts. It was because she did not want to see him becoming a good fighter at the moment…

If she had known that Lu Qingyun’s Flaming Crimson Sword was actually a first rate powerful sword art, she would definitely be shocked and would stop him from practicing it. But she did not suspect at all.

So she merely said, “It is better for him to find his own path by exploring the martial path himself. After all, if I were to instruct him then he may have missed out on many wrong notions himself and he can’t improve.”

Lie Xingyuan was smiling weakly to herself, “If he keeps exploring the wrong notions then how will he improve…”

But Lu Qingyun nodded since it made perfect sense to him, “Indeed. If I only know all the right notions then my sword art won’t be flexible enough and I can hardly improve on my own.”

Qin Keqin was not wrong to say that except that it would take a genius to improve upon the wrong notions. Therefore Lie Xingyuan was right to say that Lu Qingyun would never improve on his own.

But unfortunately they were both wrong because Lu Qingyun happened to be a genius with his own martial spirit, especially now that his Annihilating God Seed was awakening and the more that he was practicing the Flaming Crimson Sword, the more his innate talent would also grow.

Lie Xingyuan muttered, “The martial tournament is approaching soon. Surely sect leader will want to see senior brother coming in the top three places? I’ve heard what you’ve said earlier to senior brother. Without martial instructions, how will senior brother be able to improve?”

She was really concerned for senior brother and doubly concerned that he would be injured during the martial tournament. She had thought that with Qin Keqin guiding Lu Qingyun, his martial level would actually improve by leaps and bounds.

But for the past several days, she had noticed that Qin Keqin had paid very little attention to his martial progression and was simply just reading her cultivation slips. It was as though she did not want Lu Qingyun to be triumphant at the martial tournament at all.

Qin Keqin merely smiled, “His martial foundation seems good so there is no hurry at all.”

Lie Xingyuan: …

Lu Qingyun was looking quite pleased that Qin Keqin was praising his martial foundation as ‘good’. He smiled, “I can still make further improvements.”

Actually Qin Keqin did want Lu Qingyun to rise to the occasion during the martial tournament. But it had nothing to do with his sword art but his profound strength. She was actually waiting for the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill to be completed so that she could give it to him. Therefore she was in no hurry. She was actually quite confident that after he had taken the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill, his profound strength could easily have topped any of the core disciples.

To her, there were always plenty of superior martial arts around but profound strength was something that was hard to gain and once it was gained, was the foundation of the cultivator himself.

Therefore she smiled to Lu Qingyun, “You ought to pay more attention to your cultivations. Since I am here, I can advise you directly. As for your martial practices, while it is equally important but I would prefer to see you spending more time on your cultivations instead.”

Lu Qingyun replied earnestly after a quick ponder, “I should be able to split my time with both.”

Lie Xingyuan was smiling weakly to herself, “She only wants senior brother to keep her company. She doesn’t care about his spiritual cultivation or martial strength.”

She took a quick and pitiful look at Lu Qingyun, “Senior brother, do you know that Qin Keqin is actually a seventh realm expert. She is not only the number one heroine Great Saintess Fan Yuqing but she is also the number one villainess Golden Mask Devil Goddess. I’m sorry…I wish that I can tell you all these but I really can’t…senior brother…sorry…please forgive your Xingyuan…”

Qin Keqin chuckled, “Sister Xingyuan, are you thinking of something? What’s on your mind?”

Lie Xingyuan immediately stammered, “Nothing…”

Lu Qingyun asked curiously, “Sister Xingyuan?”

Qin Keqin returned a faint smile, “I really like Xingyuan a lot. So Sister Xingyuan, don’t forget to address me as your Sister Keqin when the three of us are alone in the future. Since we are sisters, you mustn’t do anything like hmm…stealing my beloved.”

Lu Qingyun thought that it was a good idea so he said nothing. In fact, he was happy that Xingyuan was a sister to Keqin. He thought, “One day, I’m sure that Xingyuan will have a big shock when she finds out that Keqin is actually the Great Saintess Yuqing. I hope that Keqin will be able to help Xingyuan in her cultivation in the future…”

Lie Xingyuan could only smile weakly. Qin Keqin was dropping a most obvious hint to her that she must not steal Lu Qingyun from her. It was too plain and blunt.

Then Qin Keqin turned to look dreamily at Lu Qingyun, “When the three of us are alone, you can simply call me Keqin as well.”

Lie Xingyuan was sighing with a tingling melancholy in her heart, “She is seducing senior brother in such an obvious manner. Even a blind person can see through her naked intentions. Only senior brother is blinded…”

But she comforted herself by saying in her heart, “Senior brother, although I do like you but we can never be together. Therefore I wish that Keqin is really the one that you want to be in the future. I hope that Keqin is truly sincere and she isn’t making use of you.”

Her master had told her on too many occasions that once she had elevated her cultivation realm to the fourth realm, she would have to leave the Heavens Ridge Villa. And she was now an upper third realm enlighten celestial and there was only a small step left to become a fourth realm expert.

Typically it would take years and even decades for a cultivator to reach the fourth realm from the third realm. But somehow Lie Xingyuan had a feeling that it would not take her too long…

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