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Chapter 73: Divine Sword Jade Light

When Lu Qingyun had entered the practice chamber, Qin Keqin had taken out a small gourd.

As Lu Qingyun approached her, she displayed the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill from the small gourd with a flicker of her fingers, “Quick, take it.”

Lu Qingyun hesitated and said, “Keqin, so this is the shocking thing that you want to show to me? Maybe you should sell this pill. It is really too expensive for me to consume it. Moreover I am only at the start of the fourth cultivation realm. It is too early for me to take such a valuable pill and it will be a terrible waste to use it on me. I can wait until I’m at the fifth cultivation realm. What do you think?”

Qin Keqin chuckled softly, “As long as it is for you, it isn’t a waste at all. Come, be a good little boy and open your mouth.”

But still Lu Qingyun did not heed her. He was still thinking of the great calamity that he would bring to her…

Qin Keqin looked a little upset as she said sternly, “You are disobeying your master’s direct order?”

Lu Qingyun immediately protested, “I don’t mean to…” But no sooner had he opened his mouth to speak, Qin Keqin had thrown the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill into his mouth and forced him to swallow it, almost choking him!

As he coughed miserably for air, Qin Keqin was laughing softly. “Now that’s a good little boy.”

The eyes of Lu Qingyun were brimming with tears as he had almost choked. He began to sigh, “Keqin, this pill is really…”

But Qin Keqin had put her fingers on his lips as she said gently, “Qingyun, I love you. Please say no more. This little pill isn’t enough to bankrupt me yet and you don’t need to be shy.”

What else could he say?

“Keqin, I love you too…”

Qin Keqin smiled dreamily, “Qingyun…”

But she quickly composed herself to say, “Qingyun, I am going to teach you how to use your divine sword today.” Then she added with a mysterious smile, “This is the real shock. If you had thought that the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill was the shocking part then you are very wrong.”

Lu Qingyun asked, not understanding, “Huh? Teach me how to use my divine sword? How can this be a shock to me?”

She laughed gently, “Every divine sword is unique and has its own characteristics. Unless you are its original master, there is no way for you to know its special skills. Your divine sword, Jade Light is a godly divine sword and therefore it is a lot more superior to any other divine swords. Today, I’m going to reveal its secret to you. Summon your divine sword.”

Lu Qingyun curiously took out the godly divine sword from his spatial ring and held it gently in front of Qin Keqin.

Qin Keqin smiled as she gently took the godly divine sword, whispering. “Jade Light, it’s so good to see you again. I hope that you like your new master here.”

Suddenly she tossed the godly divine sword into the air in front of her and suspended it in mid-air with her profound force.

With another wave of her hand, the godly divine sword had split into ten other divine swords that hovered around it.

Lu Qingyun was stunned, “There are eleven divine swords now?”

Qin Keqin laughed, “These ten other divine swords are only half-step divine swords. Although they are far weaker than the original but they are still divine swords nevertheless.”

As Lu Qingyun was weaker in cultivation than Qin Keqin, he was completely awe by the presence of eleven divine swords. To him, even a half-step divine sword was a lofty divine sword without any equal.

He reached out gently to touch one of the half-step divine swords and gasped, “These divine swords are real and not an illusion?”

Qin Keqin nodded as she withdrawn her profound strength and once again, there was only one godly divine sword. “All these divine swords are real and are copies of the original Divine Sword Jade Light. What I am going to do next is to teach you how to control the divine swords of the Divine Sword Jade Light.”

With another wave of her hands, there were eleven divine swords again.

Lu Qingyun had a curious thought so he asked, “I have only two hands. What is the point of having eleven divine swords? I can’t use all of them.”

Qin Keqin had a soft laugh, “I’ve asked the same question when the Heaveness had given me the sword…”

Lu Qingyun asked, “The Heaveness? The Great Goddess Heaveness? But isn’t your sword from your mother consort?”

Qin Keqin was panicky all of a sudden and was looking a little sheepish. It was because she had forgotten that she had made up a story about her divine sword…

Lu Qingyun laughed, “It shouldn’t have been the Great Goddess Heaveness. She is a mythical goddess. No one has ever seen her before. Keqin must be teasing me.”

Qin Keqin chuckled softly, “Right I am. You are so smart.”

Secretly she heaved a soft sigh of relief. About the Heaveness, she was really worried that she had left her in her hideout with Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng. It was because their transmissions to her had been quite depressing lately. But it seemed that they were afraid to tell her anything because the Heaveness had sharp perceptions. Therefore it may be time for her to return to the hideout to take a quick look…

She quickly regained her composure to say with a faint smile, “In a battle, your swords may suddenly decide to break at an unlikely time. Therefore you may need an extra sword.”

Lu Qingyun was laughing gently, “I have heard that divine swords are made of the heavenly relics and are indestructible. It is impossible to break one…”

All of a sudden Qin Keqin had casually taken one of the half-step divine swords and snapped it into two halves with her fingers.

Lu Qingyun: …

Did she just break a divine sword with a snap of her fingers? How was it possible at all?

Qin Keqin smiled, “Why are you so surprised? I am an upper seventh realm expert and a great saintess. With my profound strength, I can break a half-step divine sword. There are many forces in the three known realms that can break a divine sword as well. There are even places in the Celestial Realm that are occupied by beyond divinity desolate beasts that can destroy a divine sword with ease. Surely you don’t want to end up weaponless, do you?”

Lu Qingyun had broken into cold sweat, “Keqin, erm…this divine sword is now broken and that is one less divine sword now…”

Qin Keqin lit a faint smile, “It is a copy and will be fully restored in a month time. So there is nothing to worry about.”

Then with a more solemn tone, she grabbed another one of the half-step divine sword as she flew it like a piercing light into the wall before the divine sword snapped into two halves again with a thunderous impact that thundered like so loudly that the walls were all shaking. “If I were to use my full profound strength, even a half-step divine sword may not be able to withstand my might.”

Lu Qingyun was thinking, “My profound strength is so weak. It is impossible for me to break a divine sword. It is one less divine sword now…”

Qin Keqin stroked the godly divine sword gently as she said slowly, “It is best that you don’t use the main divine sword in the future but focus on using the half-step divine swords.”

Lu Qingyun asked, “Isn’t it better to use the more powerful sword? As the saying goes, you only got one life. If you don’t fight with your best then you may not see another day.”

Qin Keqin chuckled softly, “It is because I’m going to tell you a shocking secret about this Divine Sword Jade Light.”

“Shocking secret?”

She nodded as she said gently, “Although these half-step divine swords look far more inferior to most divines swords but they actually contain the profound aura of their master copy. Therefore it is easier to unleash the full might of the Divine Sword Jade Light without expending too much of your profound strength.”

Lu Qingyun was suddenly nodding as he said with a sudden awareness, “The more powerful the divine sword is, the more profound strength I have to use.”

“Right,” she smiled.

“Therefore you didn’t really break the second half-step divine sword with your profound strength but it self-destruct because the half-step divine sword actually cannot cope with the outburst of the master divine sword?” Lu Qingyun said after a short ponder.

Qin Keqin began to laugh, “Why are you so smart? That’s right. Now you know its secret.”

Lu Qingyun muttered as he appraised the Divine Sword Jade Light again, “It is truly an extraordinary divine sword.”

Then he gave her a melancholy look, “Keqin, why are you so good to me? Why are you giving me such a precious divine sword? Why don’t you keep it for yourself? I really can’t take something so precious. Moreover with my present strength, I can’t protect this divine sword from falling into the wrong hands…”

Qin Keqin softly interrupted, “Jade Light is a sentient divine sword and can only be wielded by its master. Should you perish, it will fly back into my hands.”

She did not mention to him that the Divine Jade Light would also be sharing a connection to her via Lu Qingyun…

Qin Keqin waved her hand again and this time, the remaining half-step divine swords had a slightly different form.

Lu Qingyun was truly startled. “They can change their forms?”

Qin Keqin smiled, “That’s right. You can use your profound strength to change their forms too. Isn’t it fun? But with your current profound strength, it is quite impossible for you to change their forms yet.”

Lu Qingyun asked, “Can I have them all look slightly different instead of having an identical look?”

“Of course you can. But why should you want them to look differently?”

“So that I can identify each and every single one of them. And I am going to call them Sword One, Sword Two, Sword Three and so forth.”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes before she gave him a weak look, “Can’t you think of a better naming like Jasmine, Orchid, Violet, Rose and so forth?”

“No, I quite like Sword One, Sword Two and Sword Three. It is easier to remember too.”

Qin Keqin: …

“Well, you win…but…”

All of a sudden she was smiling wryly as she had suddenly waved another motion of her hand as she sent eight half-step divine swords to fly like piercing thunderbolts into the walls at the same time!

“You may have only two hands but do you know that you can actually control all these divine swords with your profound strength alone?”

Lu Qingyun was completely startled as he stammered, “I can actually control all these divine swords?”

While Qin Keqin was only jesting with him and did not expect him to really have the ability to control all the divine swords at the same time, there was a burning fire that was within Lu Qingyun as he stroked Jade Light gently while murmuring. “This divine sword art is so beautiful…”

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