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Chapter 74: Uproar in New Empyrean City

This was a most unusual day in New Empyrean City and the Eastern District City was unusually crowded today.

Not only were there many thousands of cultivators but hordes of commoners were also swarming around the Eastern District City.

Although New Empyrean City was quite a big city and covered dozens of mountain peaks and there were some fifty celestial clans that had some renown but it seemed that almost all the major celestial clans had come today.

What was the reason for this strange activity?

It was because today was the crowning ceremony of one of the top twenty beauties of New Empyrean City and her name was Qin Keqin. By now, most of the denizens of New Empyrean City had heard of Sect Leader Qin Keqin and the uproars that her Heavens Ridge Villa had caused in recent months.

“I wonder what Qin Keqin really looks like?”

“I’ve heard that she is fifth realm expert but even a sixth realm expert like Supremacy Wen had fallen to her…”

“I heard that she is quite a peerless beauty but I wonder if that is true.”

“She has just entered the top twenty beauties ranking and is being nominated as number one…”

“That is because she is a sect leader of one of the four major powerhouses in New Empyrean City. This got nothing to do with her beauty but her position…”

“Hehehe, I am here to look at the other peerless beauties that will be attending the ceremony…”

“I doubt that you will be able to see any. They are all in their carriages and we are not allowed to enter the ceremony hall unless we have an invitation…”

“I just need to catch a glimpse when they got off their carriages…”

Although there were few people that had actually seen Qin Keqin in person but the rumors of her peerless beauty had spread like wildfire from the Heavens Ridge Villa to the rest of the New Empyrean City.

It was not just Qin Keqin who would be attending the ceremony. There were also rumors that several of the ranked twenty beauties would also be attending the ceremony. Naturally many of them were not there to offer their congratulations to Qin Keqin but to know this new ‘rival’ of theirs.

After all since she had suddenly been ranked as the top beauty, a position that none had managed to attain for a long time, surely she must be quite extraordinary.

A horse-drawn carriage had just stopped in front of the ceremony hall and the curious onlookers were edging for a closer look. This carriage had a clear marker and there were the insignia and banner of the Heavens Ridge Villa on it.

Inside the carriage were Lu Qingyun, Qin Keqin, Lie Xingyuan, Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue.

Qin Keqin had brought Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue along because they were in the top twenty beauties ranking as well. Therefore there was no reason for her not to bring them along.

Throughout the journey, Lu Qingyun was in a state of awkwardness. It was because he was suddenly aware that he was sitting with four extraordinary beautiful maidens. Moreover today they were all dressed up in their best and their fragrances were drifting up his nostrils.

He had never taken a serious look at Lie Xingyuan and Qin Keqin. But today, he had realized that they were extremely beautiful indeed. He muttered to himself, “Qingyun, you are not a lustful man. So please don’t have any lustful thoughts on Xingyuan or Keqin…”

Throughout the journey, Leng Qiuyue had lowered her glances and was extremely quiet as well. It was because she did not dare to look at Lu Qingyun…

Ouyang Xue was also avoiding looking at Lu Qingyun as well. It was because she knew that Qin Keqin was quietly observing her and that it was obvious to her that Qin Keqin was constantly looking at Lu Qingyun with unusual loving glances.

When they had alighted from the carriage, Leng Qiuyue was the first to step out.

Immediately there were many gasps from the crowds of onlookers as they muttered, “She is Leng Qiuyue, one of the alluring flowers of the Heavens Ridge Villa. If she is here then Ouyang Xue must also be here too. Maiden Qiuyue is indeed a peerless beauty…”

The impression that Leng Qiuyue gave was that of an icy beauty. Her countenance was jaded and she was like a lofty beautiful heavenly fairy that was untainted and untouchable.

“She is too beautiful…”

“If she could smile at me then I don’t mind dying for her at all…”

There were more gasps as Ouyang Xue had stepped out of the carriage. While Leng Qiuyue was an icy beauty, Ouyang Xue was her opposite and her figure was extremely enticing. Many of the men had hot blood of lusts after taking a glimpse of her and had already started to imagine lustful images.

“She is Ouyang Xue…”

“It seems that the two beauties of the Heavens Ridge Villa are really true beauties after all…”

“Where is Qin Keqin? Is she in the carriage?”

Many of the crowds were now filled with eager anticipations and were all pushing each other to get a closer look. Since Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue were such peerless beauties then this Qin Keqin must be one notch higher or else why would she be nominated as the number one beauty in New Empyrean City?

The men were soon disappointed that the next person to emerge from the carriage was a tall and handsome man.

“Who is he?”

“No idea but I’m sure he can’t be considered to be a beauty, right?”

“He is Qin Keqin?…”

“But he is certainly quite handsome…”

The crowds were not entirely consisted of only men and half of the crowds were actually women. It was because the women were even more curious than the men. After all, they could gossip about the top beauties of New Empyrean City and they were also curious about the latest fashion that could be created from the attires of the top twenty beauties.

And these women were now all gasping when they saw Lu Qingyun.

“What a fine looking young man…”

“Who is he?”

“He could be Lu Qingyun. I had heard that Qin Keqin had taken in a new disciple and he is said to be quite handsome. This must be him…”

“It is a pity that he only has good looks but is just a lowly good-for-nothing cultivator…”

“I want to marry him…”

“Is he single?”

There were even some screams of excitation from the female crowds when they saw Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun did not know that his moniker nick would soon be changed from the good-for-nothing cultivator to the handsome good-for-nothing cultivator by his newly found female admirers.

“So he is Lu Qingyun, the senior brother of the Heavens Ridge Villa?”

“Then the next person to emerge must be Qin Keqin?”

A dedicate maiden with mesmerizing features had slowly emerged from the carriage…

Many of the crowds were startled as they felt mesmerized by her eyes and delicate mannerism.

“So she is Qin Keqin? She is indeed a dedicate beauty and is like a dedicate flower…”

“She doesn’t look too lofty but look humbled. She is indeed a goddess…”

“So we have the three alluring flowers of the Heavens Ridge Villa now?”

“I wonder if she is engaged to anyone?”

“She looks quite gentle. Is she really the same Qin Keqin that had defeated Supremacy Wen?”

At this moment the real Qin Keqin had just emerged from behind Lie Xingyuan…

Everyone was stunned when Qin Keqin had suddenly emerged. It was because she was like a peerless heavenly goddess that seemed to have suddenly descended from the heavens.

Her alluring smiles as she emerged from the carriage caught the imaginations of both men and women. How could such alluring and bewitching smiles have existed in the Nine Celestial Fraternity?

The crowds had suddenly realized their mistakes and knew that this peerless heavenly goddess was the real Qin Keqin because her golden eyes were equally alluring and were reflecting the light of the sun, making it look like she was being surrounded by a faint soft golden glow.

There were many high level cultivators who had a high state of divinity and were not moved by the three earlier maidens but the sight of Qin Keqin was like a thunderbolt that pierced through their very souls and shook their dead sentiments alive.

Moreover she was a wearing a low cut dress that had an open slit that revealed her long pure white naked thigh and many of the men were filled with lusts when they saw it.

At the same time the profound aura of this peerless heavenly maiden made her exude a forbidden and lofty presence. And when she walked, it was as though she was threading lightly and was just drifting.

Leng Qiuyue, Ouyang Xue, Lu Qingyun and Lie Xingyuan had taken five blinks of an eye to emerge and disappeared into the ceremony hall’s entrance.

As for Qin Keqin, the moment that she had appeared and disappeared were only a short two blinks of an eye but to all those who had seen her, it had left a much more lasting impression.


“Who is she?…”

“She is the real Qin Keqin, so who is the earlier maiden?”

“I’m so glad that I am here today. I can’t believe that such a heavenly goddess exists in the world…”

“Now I can totally understand why Supremacy Wen had lost to her. He must have got distracted by her extremely alluring look…”

“This number one beauty in New Empyrean City truly deserves her title…”

“After seeing her, this lifetime of mine is fulfilled. Even my next lifetime is also fulfilled…”

Even after she had long disappeared into the ceremony hall, the crowds were still standing with stupefied look of awe outside and many of the men were all muttering, “Qin Keqin…what a beautiful name…she is a goddess of my heart…”

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