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Chapter 77: Qiuxiang Huan (2)

Qiuxiang Huan had gently lifted the beautiful dressed maiden up as she gave her an encouraging smile.

As the beautiful dressed maiden got up, she began to shot an icy stare at Lu Qingyun while saying coldly. “What is your name? Do you dare to say aloud your name in public? You are just a good-for-nothing…”

She did not have the chance to finish because Qiuxiang Huan had suddenly given her a tight slap on her cheek!

Not only was Lu Qingyun shocked by what Qiuxiang Huan had just done, everyone else was also startled. It was because they had all thought that Qiuxiang Huan was here to address her wrongs…

But they were all wrong because Qiuxiang Huan was saying to the beautiful dressed maiden, “Although he is a man and shouldn’t have slapped you in public but as a woman, I can slap you for ruining Sect Leader Qin’s crowning ceremony.”

This beautiful dressed maiden had of course recognized who Qiuxiang Huan was. She was not only a fourth realm cultivator but she was also the successor to the powerful Clear Sky Pavilion. In front of her, naturally she did not dare to protest too much because she had heard rumors that Qiuxiang Huan was actually quite a vengeful person.

“Consider it a justifiable lesson to you. Why don’t you scram now? The sooner the better. Or are you thinking that you still have the cheek to remain here after all the troubles that you have caused?”

The beautiful dressed maiden quickly bolted for the entrance after hearing what Qiuxiang Huan had said to her. She really did not have the shame to remain in this hall.

The reason why Qiuxiang Huan had suddenly stepped in to aid Lu Qingyun was because her main objective in embarrassing Qin Keqin had already been accomplished and that a stigma would remain in her honor forever. So that was enough for her to stop. But of course this was only a small part of her plan to cause further embarrassment to Qin Keqin. Her next step would be to seduce her core disciple…

Lu Qingyun muttered as he bowed with his hands, “Thank you for your chivalry aid.”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled gently to him, “I did what I can do. I’m Qiuxiang Huan, a core disciple of the Clear Sky Pavilion. What about you?”

Lu Qingyun replied without a thought, “Lu Qingyun here. I’m a core disciple of the Heavens Ridge Villa.”

“Oh I see. You are indeed outstanding. Next time don’t raise your hands to strike a woman. Leave it to the women.” She gave a wryly smile as she teased him gently.

Lu Qingyun was suddenly looking awkward because he knew that he should not have done what he had just done.

Qin Keqin had an unhappy look when she saw that Lu Qingyun was talking to a stately maiden. However she was not the only who was unhappy.

Lie Xingyuan, Ouyang Xue, Leng Qiuyue and Fairy Ling Xiu were all looking none the pleased as well. They knew who Qiuxiang Huan was and she was a not so simple maiden. Half of the maidens in the hall did not like Qiuxiang Huan either because they had heard that she was quite a manipulative maiden.

Although Qiuxiang Huan was talking to Lu Qingyun but she was quietly observing Qin Keqin and was somewhat pleased that she had lost her earlier smiles.

In her heart, she was thinking. “Hmph! Qin Keqin! Now that everyone knows that you have been defiled by Old Saint Wen, I’m sure that you are now too flustered for words. Although you have the position for the top beauty but I’ll like to see how long you can hold onto this fragile position.”

Although Qin Keqin was annoyed by the interruption, she was more curious about Qiuxiang Huan. It was because she had found her name to be familiar. As she knitted her thin brows, she had suddenly remembered that Qiuxiang Huan was responsible for masterminding the downfall of one of the great beauties in New Empyrean and that it had even caused a great scandal. As a matter of fact, Qin Keqin and Xuan Danfeng were gossiping about it one or two months ago.

There was a wry smile on Qin Keqin’s face as she thought, “This crafty schemer. She is up to no good…but you don’t know that I have actually known your secret, am I right?”

Qiuxiang Huan had secretly arranged for the scandal in the Heavenly Lotus Teahouse as she did not think that anyone would be eavesdropping on her. Moreover, she had already taken plenty of precautions by checking for scrying arrays and found none.

She had thought that her schemes were flawless and that that there was no one in the entire world that would possibly know about what she had plotted.

However there were no secrets that could remain in the dark forever. She did not know that Xuan Danfeng was particularly interested in her gossips and were keeping tabs on her. In fact, Xuan Danfeng had updated frequently update Qin Keqin on her as well.

Lu Qingyun merely nodded without any expression.

He may be ashamed of his actions but he did not trust this Qiuxiang Huan at all.

Although Qiuxiang Huan was extremely charming and had a gentle demeanor that attracted the men around her but strangely, Lu Qingyun’s defense against her was also at its peak.

He had suddenly remembered what his old master had told him in the past, “Be wary of the beautiful maidens, especially the female cultivators…”

Lu Qingyun was actually thinking. This is too much of a coincidence. Why should a refined maiden like her even bother to taint her repute by slapping another in public? All these for the purpose of introducing herself? Or is she trying to win Keqin’s favor by doing so?

In the entire hall, only Lu Qingyun was thinking likewise as all the others had thought that Qiuxiang Huan was trying to defend Qin Keqin’s honor and that she was trying to win the favor of Qin Keqin for the sake of the Clear Sky Pavilion. After all, it seemed that the Heavens Ridge Villa and the Flying Armament Sect were suddenly very close and that could be the cause of her intervention.

Even Fairy Ling Xiu, Leng Qiuyue and Ouyang Xue were beginning to see Qiuxiang Huan in another different light now…

Ling Chong could not help remarking, “That maiden deserves a slap. Even if Brother Lu did not slap her, I would have done the same too.”

He had of course known who Qiuxiang Huan was and at one point of time, he was even declined by her.

However Qiuxiang Huan did not pay scant attention to him and instead she was looking intently at Lu Qingyun. Why was that he did not seem to be interested in carrying the conversation further with me? Am I not attractive in his eyes? Or he is shy in front of the others?

Lu Qingyun could be as smart as a genius and as dense as a pig in different situations. In front of Qin Keqin, all the warnings that were given by his old master were easily forgotten and he was utterly careless in front of her.

But in front of Qiuxiang Huan, somehow he did not trust her at all. That was why he was cool towards her and did not display any affectionate expressions.

He merely said indifferently, “On the behalf of my master, I thank Maiden Qiuxiang Huan for your kind words.” And his eyes had already wandered to where Qin Keqin was.

His indifferent had completely caught Qiuxiang Huan off guarded and she was staring with disbelief at Lu Qingyun. In this world, there was not a man who could resist her charms and yet this young man was so cool to her, even seemingly eager for her to leave as quickly as possible.

Qin Keqin chuckled softly as she walked over to Lu Qingyun and Qiuxiang Huan, “I wonder who this charming maiden is, so it is Maiden Qiuxiang Huan from the Clear Sky Pavilion. I’m so glad to meet you today. Thank you for coming to my aid earlier.”

Qiuxiang Huan was a little startled by the friendliness that was being displayed by Qin Keqin. It was because she had played the situation in her mind; Qin Keqin would be too flustered to react and there was even a chance that she may even leave the crowning ceremony halfway out of embarrassment.

After all, this Qin Keqin was a fifth realm expert and surely she could not fail to hear the whispers that were now floating around, “So this Qin Keqin and Old Saint Wen have something shady together…”

“One is so beautiful and the other is a lecherous old cultivator. I’m not surprised at all…”

“Alas, pity this goddess…it’s no wonder that the Heavens Ridge Villa has attacked the Solitary Manor…”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled gently, “We are all cultivators of the way. Naturally we ought we help each other out.”

Qin Keqin returned a faint smile, “Well said.”

Qiuxiang Huan did not understand why Qin Keqin would be so composed. Her cool reaction and the muted reactions from the hundreds of people in the hall were also not what she had expected as well.

Before the ceremony had started, almost everyone in the hall was gossiping about Qin Keqin and how unworthy she was in getting this new title.

But when Qin Keqin was here, the men were too awe by her alluring beauty and many of the maidens were speechless at how peerless she was. Even though many of them had known about the scandal between Qin Keqin and Old Saint Wen but there was a sudden muted reaction that defied logic.

It was as though most of the guests had suddenly conceded defeat and had admitted that Qin Keqin was indeed worthy of the top beauty title.

So Qiuxiang Huan said with a soft smile, “Sect Leader Qin, it is my pleasure to meet you in person. I do have a curious question in my heart and I wonder if you are able to help with the doubts that are troubling me?”

“Oh?” Qin Keqin said nonchalantly.

All the curious onlookers were now paying close attention, including Old Councilor You. Could it be that Qiuxiang Huan was about to ask Qin Keqin about her relationship with Old Saint Wen?

Many of the maidens were secretly smiling now. It seemed that the fun was not over yet.

Qiuxiang Huan said in a slow manner as she observed Qin Keqin for every changing nuance, “I have heard that the Heavens Ridge Villa had attacked the Solitary Manor. By the look of it, it seems to be true and not a rumor. Well, I’m just wondering how does the Heavens Ridge Villa plan to do to pacify our patriarch overlord should if she were to question you? As you know, there is a strict rule that is laid down by the Heavenly Fragrance Princess against open conflicts like this.”

Many of the listeners were secretly gasping. Unlike the low hand tactics that they were visualizing that Qiuxiang Huan would be using, she was actually using a higher end tactics to embarrass Qin Keqin. By knowing why the Heavens Ridge Villa attacked the Solitary Manor was akin to knowing that Old Saint Wen had indeed screwed Qin Keqin.

Although Qiuxiang Huan’s question sounded innocently enough but it was actually a crafty question that was out to embarrass Qin Keqin.

Qin Keqin was blinking her eyes. I had nothing to do with this matter. What does this got to do with me? How do I answer a question that got nothing to do with me?

*Chapter 40, Qin Keqin had heard about the scandal.

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