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Chapter 87: Please Forgive Me

Just as Qin Keqin was about to step out of the practice chamber to look for Lu Qingyun, a familiar sight had greeted her.

It was the Heaveness.

Qin Keqin said coldly with a hateful look, “What do you want? You have taken my home and now you can’t even give me a little break?”

The Heaveness said quietly as she reached her fingers to her, “Look at you. Your eyes are all red…”

“Don’t touch me!” Qin Keqin said coldly as she took a step back.

The Heaveness said quietly, “Are you still upset with me? I’m sorry for earlier and congrats for getting the number one great beauty crown today. I’m a little too impatient today.”

Qin Keqin: …

The Heaveness was actually apologizing to her?!

The Heaveness sighed softly, “You don’t know how hurt I was when he humiliated me in the presence of all the other gods and goddesses. I want to take my vendetta against him.”


“I prefer to be known as Qin Keqin now.”

“Alright Keqin. Listen to me, will you?” The Heaveness looked softly into her eyes.

But Qin Keqin lifted her eyes to meet her coldly, “No matter what you say, I will not listen!”

The Heaveness smiled weakly, “You like that Lu Qingyun, am I right? What if I give you my blessings and support you in the future? I can even plead in front of your mother consort. Lie Qing will also give you her support as well. What do you think?”

There was a softening in Qin Keqin’s eyes but still, she said nothing.

“I can even make you a senior sister over Ye Jing. She will be your junior sister instead. Isn’t that what you always want?”

Qin Keqin murmured softly, “Serious?”

The Heaveness knew that she was moved and immediately nodded, “Will I lie to you?”

Qin Keqin had a wryly smile, “All the time.”

The Heaveness: …

“When did I ever lie to you? Hmph!”

“When I was a child, you had lied to me that if I keep thinking about a man, I will get pregnant. Do you know that I dare not even think of any men for many years?”

The Heaveness smiled, “That is just a tease. You are a little child back then. Now you are all grown up, why should I lie to you?”

Qin Keqin smiled bitterly before she said with a softer tone, “You will not break us up? You mean it? No matter what happens?”

The Heaveness nodded, “Unless you are the one that no longer wants to be with him. I stand by my vows to the eternal heaven that I will not only break the two of you up but will support you with my blessings. I only want you to support me as well.”

Qin Keqin said quietly, “I’ve no wish to relinquish my position as Devil Goddess. It is because I still have many important matters to do with this title.”

There were too many people that needed her protection, too many…

Therefore she did not want anyone to use the name of the Devil Goddess for something that could destroy her image forever.

The only person that could be allowed to destroy her own image was herself and no others.

“We are just borrowing your reputation as Devil Goddess but before we act, we will seek your approval alright? We won’t act without your permission.”

Qin Keqin looked curiously at the Heaveness as she knitted her brows.

“Of course, you will still be the Devil Goddess and we will do many fun things together. Alright?”

“Fun things?”

The Heaveness nodded, “We will fight against the heavens and caused a little chaos here and there.”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes with a playful smile…

“Do you know that your two sister saintesses are all missing you right now? That Feng Minyue had even rebuked me openly in front of Lie Qing. She is really daring.”

Qin Keqin could not resist the urge to chuckle, “She really did that? You didn’t kill her or do anything to her after that?”

The Heaveness smiled gently, “She is really right to rebuke me. She really cares for you. So how would I punish her for that? In fact, I’ve returned them their freedoms. They will listen to you and not me in the future.”

Qin Keqin was secretly touched in her heart. She pondered for a while before she looked shyly away, “About that earlier, is that a promise?”

The Heaveness laughed softly, “About what? I have promised you quite a few things.”

Qin Keqin: …

She muttered shyly, “About your blessings…to the two of us…”

The Heaveness chuckled, “Oh that. So you are serious about that? So you are really dating him? So my little niece has someone in her heart already? Since you are serious then I have no other choice but to give you my blessings.”

Qin Keqin muttered shyly, “Who says I like him? He is only my disciple. I still have many things to teach him in the years ahead and I don’t want anyone to take him away from me. That’s all.”

“Come with me to the hideout. I’m sure that you want to chat with your sister saintesses. They really miss you after so many days.” The Heaveness smiled wryly.

Qin Keqin hesitated thoughtfully for a while before she giggled jovially, “They will be so envious of me for winning the number one beauty in New Empyrean City and they will be wishing that they have my position.”

“So little niece, can I hug you now?” the Heaveness smiled alluringly.

“Why not?” Qin Keqin had already thrown herself warmly into her embrace.

The Heaveness thought, “Yuqin is really so easy to coerce. It seems that this Feng Minyue really understands her so well. For Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng to give up their lofty positions as divine rulers of their respective divine realm to accompany Yuqin, the bonding between them must really be strong.”

She heaved a soft sigh as she recalled to the happier times when she had adventured together with her sisters…

“It is really such a tragic to be born into the family of the immortal cultivators. Yuqin has spent most her life in extreme loneliness…”

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