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Chapter 91: The Annihilating Force

When Qin Keqin had returned to the Heavens Ridge Villa’s abode, there was a delightful look on her. It was because the Heaveness and the Heavenly Temptress had made a consensus with her not to make any move against the righteous immortals for the time being.

At least not yet until they were ready to act.

“Sect leader, you have returned?” Lie Xingyuan asked the minute that she had seen her.

“Sister Xingyuan, I miss you! Remember that you have to call me your Sister Keqin when we are alone here.” Qin Keqin laughed softly. “And of course…”

She paused briefly before she asked, “Where is my Yun’Er?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled weakly, “Senior Brother is preparing himself for the core protégé tournament. So he is training hard in the practice chamber.”

Qin Keqin nodded as she extended her spirit sense to the practice chamber. Indeed Lu Qingyun was practicing really hard and she could see him repeating his sword strokes to perfection.

“Then I shall not disturb him. Please let him know that I will be back after a few days to check on him. Tell him not to be lazy or else I’ll expel him from the clan.” Qin Keqin laughed softly before turning around.

“Sister Keqin, where are you going? You have…just come back.” Lie Xingyuan asked hastily and there was panic in her eyes. She was afraid that senior brother would be disappointed if he did not see sect leader when he had exited his martial retreat.

She was a little perplexed for it seemed that sect leader was back to her usual old self and there was not a hint of anger or sadness on her countenance. She curiously thought, “She isn’t angry with senior brother? If she isn’t angry with him then why is she leaving so quickly?”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes to ponder before she chuckled softly, “Anywhere but here.”

Lie Xingyuan: …

Qin Keqin was thinking, “Since Yun’Er is practicing so hard, I may well be a distraction to him. It is better that I allow him to focus on his practice. I do miss him but alas, I mustn’t be selfish. Since that is the case then I shall spend a few more days with my sister saintesses. I was worried that Yun’Er would miss me so I had hurried back…”

With that she had left.

Lie Xingyuan was sighing bitterly, “Sect leader really does not have senior brother in her heart…”

Lu Qingyun was astonished that this time he had no problem in mastering the fourth, fifth and sixth stroke of the Flaming Crimson Sword.

The sixth stroke was the hardest to master because it would require his profound aura to blend in perfectly with his profound strength and weapon at the same time. This level of control would require him to be at the sixth realm.

But with Yan’Er help in guiding his profound aura and his own natural aptitude, he was able to succeed.

Not only that, with the Divine Sword Jade Light in his hands he was able to grasp a new sword intent and evolved the Flaming Crimson Sword into the Flaming Phoenix Sword.

Somehow he felt as though it was the most natural thing to him to evolve the Flaming Crimson Sword. It was as though he had practiced the Flaming Phoenix Sword for millions of times in his dreams.

The inspiration for achieving sword intents was extremely rare. Only when a sword practitioner had gained full mastery over a sword stance, there was a chance that he could even totally evolved it into a new sword stance.

However this was something that he did.

After practicing the Flaming Crimson Sword over and over again for more than a thousand times, he had gasped the new sword intent to evolve the Flaming Crimson Sword into the Flaming Phoenix Sword.

And this Flaming Phoenix Sword had a total of nine levels.

At his current cultivation level, he was only able to gasp the first three levels and the rest of the other six levels were theoretic levels that he had yet to grasp.

At the highest apex of the Flaming Crimson Sword, the explosive might of this sword stance was really too formidable and uncontrollable.

The more that he had practiced with it, the more that he had thought that something was amiss.

All of a sudden he had a strange flashback and saw himself practicing a familiar sword play without a name. It was also an explosive and ridiculous powerful swordplay that could level the ground around him.

When this flashback had ended, he had replayed the Flaming Crimson Sword from the first stroke to the sixth, over and over again. Finally after many days and after a thousand times, he had re-organized all the strokes and stances of the Flaming Crimson Sword into the Flaming Phoenix Sword.

The sword techniques of the Flaming Phoenix Sword were not fanciful at all.

The first level of the Flaming Phoenix Sword was similar to the fourth stroke of the Flaming Crimson Sword, releasing a lethal profound sword energy. Yet this profound sword energy was not weak at all and possessed the martial power of the third stroke of the Flaming Crimson Sword.

As for the second level of the Flaming Phoenix Sword, it was an improvement over the first level. At the same time, it had the profound energy of the fifth stroke of the Flaming Crimson Sword.

The third level of the Flaming Phoenix Sword was again an improvement and it possessed the profound energy of the sixth stroke of the Flaming Crimson Sword.

Needless to say, the third level of the Flaming Phoenix Sword was extremely powerful to use.

Yan’Er was staring in awe as Lu Qingyun displayed the Flaming Phoenix Sword as she danced in the aftermath of its furious dissipated energies, “Master, your annihilating force is so impressive now.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Yan’Er, this isn’t any annihilating force. I’ve decided to call this new sword stance the Flaming Phoenix Sword.”

“But this is the annihilating force,” Yan’Er insisted as she searched her memories. She did not have much of a memory but somehow she knew that this was the annihilating force.

Then her eyes grew dazedly, “My master has finally awakened your unique desolate force.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Rubbish. I don’t yield any desolate force. I’m not a bad guy. Moreover I’m not an immortal.”

According to the lore of the Celestial Realm, the immortals were divided into two opposing factions; the Righteous Immortals that wielded the universal righteous force and the Desolate Immortals that wielded the destructive desolate force.

Yan’Er chuckled, totally ignoring what he had just told her. “Master, yours is the awakened desolate force that is only known to yourself. It is a hundred times more powerful than any desolate force. Now Yan’Er feels so strong now.”

Lu Qingyun decided not to urge with Yan’Er because she was just a child. He closed his eyes in exhaustion. He had really spent all his spirit pills…

He had pushed himself much harder this time because he had wanted to forget about Qin Keqin…

“She doesn’t care for me at all. If not, she will have looked for me. It had been so many days already but she doesn’t come…”

While Lu Qingyun was muttering incoherently to himself, Yan’Er was saying dreamily. “Master is the most powerful desolate lord in the Three Known Realms…”

Yan’Er was original a Desolate Golden Roc and was one of the more powerful desolate creatures in the Celestial Realm. Naturally she had the innate ability to recognize the desolate force and she had recognized Lu Qingyun’s annihilating force as a superior desolate force.

Then Yan’Er was muttering, “Big Sister Keqin innate profound energy is the creation universal force, a superior universal righteous force. Aren’t they supposed to be enemies?”

No sooner had she muttered that, she had completely forgotten about it as it was a memory flashback from the soul of the golden roc.

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