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Chapter 92: Supremacy Yin Shisi (1)

An enchanting and beautiful young maiden was now standing at the heaven gate of the Heavens Ridge Villa as she coldly said to the dozens of protégés that were on sentry, “I do not want to hurt the innocents. Hurry up, bring Qin Keqin and Lu Qingyun to me!”

A protégé angrily said, “Who are you to address our sect leader by her name?!”

As he was about to say more, a senior protégé had stopped him as he whispered. “Did you not see her golden eyes? She is at least a cultivator of the fifth realm. Be polite to this celestial.”

Then the senior protégé began to smile weakly, “How do we address you?”

The young maiden who looked like eighteen flashed her dangerous golden eyes as she said coldly, “Supremacy Yin Shisi of the Clear Sky Pavilion.”

All the protégés were shocked and were panicky. If she was really Supremacy Yin Shisi then she was a sixth realm golden supremacy and her cultivation level was even higher than their sect leader!

Moreover the Clear Sky Pavilion was one of the four major powers in New Empyrean City at the same time!

The same senior protégé began to smile most bitterly, “Your Supremacy, our sect leader isn’t in. As a matter of fact, she is rarely in the clan.”

Yin Shisi responded coldly, “Oh? A sect leader that is rarely in the clan? She must really be so busy. I want to see Lu Qingyun. What about him then?”

“Will you like to wait until our sect leader is back?” the senior protégé made a suggestion to her.

“No. I’m already quite polite to come alone. Do you want me to bring the protégés of the Clear Sky Pavilion here before you invite me into the Heavens Ridge Villa?” she responded in an extremely cold tone.

The senior protégé hesitated for a while before he respectfully bowed with his hands, “In that case, let us inform our elders first of your arrival. Please wait here for a little while.”

Yin Shisi nodded quietly before she said, “You’ve better be fast.”

Faraway, Qiuxiang Huan was quietly watching her. At this distance, she was safe from the perceptions of a sixth realm cultivator.

Although she could not hear their conversations but from their body languages, she knew that the protégés of the Heavens Ridge Villa were now informing their elders of her arrival.

She thought with a weak smile, “As a lofty supremacy, who can stop you from barging into the Heavens Ridge Villa and you are actually waiting outside patiently? Weakling.”

She had always looked down on this unambitious great aunt of hers. Instead of using her status as golden supremacy to dominate New Empyrean City, she spent most of her time in her quiet cultivation.

Time quickly passed and soon after a group of elders had descended upon the heaven gate.

Among the group were Celestial Shi Guanyin and the rest of the grand elders. Leng Qiuyue was also among the group as she was with her master when a messenger had hastily told them that Supremacy Yin Shisi had arrived.

Celestial Shi Guanyin smiled weakly, “I wonder what brings your supremacy here?” She had of course recognized who she was. In fact, other than Ouyang Xue, all the other grand elders had seen her before.

Yin Shisi said coldly, “I am not here for some pleasantries. You can even say that I am here to cause troubles.”

Celestial Shi Guanyin, Ouyang Xue and Leng Qiuyue were all smiling bitterly. Could it be that she was here because of the recent happenings at the Clear Sky Pavilion.

Upon her return to the Heavens Ridge Villa, Leng Qiuyue had told Celestial Shi Guanyin and the rest of the grand elders what transpired at the Clear Sky Pavilion. After all, the appearance of Fairy Jade Light was not something that she would want to hide.

However Fairy Jade Light had not shown up at the Heavens Ridge Villa at all. They had wanted to ask Qin Keqin about her mother consort but Qin Keqin had come and gone as she pleased. Even if they wanted to ask Qin Keqin about this matter, they had to find her first.

Every time when they had heard she had arrived and had rushed to look for her, she had already left.

This acting sect leader of theirs was totally uninterested in the affairs of the clan…

However this was not necessary a bad thing to them. Celestial Shi Guanyin and many of the grand elders were worried at first that Qin Keqin may be trying to exert her influence over the Heavens Ridge Villa. However their worries were unwarranted as they soon noticed that this sect leader of theirs was totally inattentive when it came to the affairs of the clan.

Yin Shisi added coldly, “Take me to see Lu Qingyun. I want to see this beast of a man. For the sake of the face of the Heavens Ridge Villa, I will suggest that only the grand elders follow me.”

Celestial Shi Guanyin took a glance at Celestial Kong Guxin, Ouyang Xue, Yun Xing, Wang Ming and Mu Han. But it seemed that they were all waiting for her to make a decision.

Shi Guanyin was smiling weakly to herself. Ever since they had all made an attack on the Solitary Manor together, the six martial halls had never been so united before. In the past, the other grand elders were often at odds with one another and would never be willing to follow the leadership of anyone. But now they seemed to have appointed her as the unofficial leader of their group.

She heaved a soft sigh, “Alright. Follow me then.”

Although this Yin Shisi appeared to be rude but she was actually quite polite already since she had not lifted her fingers against of any the protégés. And this request of hers was also reasonable.

But why did she want to meet Lu Qingyun for?

Celestial Shi Guanyin secretly took a glance at Yun Xing who nodded. If this Yin Shisi was to take any action against Lu Qingyun then they would immediately step in to stop her. They were worried that this may be a plot by Yin Shisi.

Ouyang Xue was thinking the same too. “If she dares to hurt senior brother, I will fight with her immediately…”

Soon the group had reached Lu Qingyun’s abode.

As soon they had reached, Yin Shisi said coldly to Celestial Shi Guanyin. “It is wiser for your protégés to be out of listening ears.”

Celestial Shi Guanyin turned to say to Leng Qiuyue, “Stay with the rest of the protégés and guard outside. We will be fine.”

Leng Qiuyue took an anxious look at her master before she gave an unwilling nod. With a soft sigh, she said to the rest of the protégés, “We shall station here.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled when she saw all the grand elders had gathered in the same place. She immediately greeted them, “Grand elders, Lie Xingyuan greets you.”

She was quite startled when she saw an enchanting maiden with golden eyes. She wondered, “Who is she?”

Lu Qingyun happened to walk out from the practice chamber and was startled to see all the grand elders were in his place. He immediately greeted, “Grand elders, Lu Qingyun greets you.”

“So he is Lu Qingyun?” Yin Shisi looked curiously at him. What a fine looking young man but he was actually a wolf in sheep clothing.

Lu Qingyun replied politely as he raised his hands to bow, “Indeed I am. How can I address this senior?”

Yin Shisi said coldly, “Supremacy Yin. The great aunt of Qiuxiang Huan.”

Lu Qingyun was perplexed. Why was the great aunt of Qiuxiang Huan here for and she was looking for him?

Celestial Shi Guanyin said quietly, “Xingyuan, leave us and wait outside for the time being.”

Lie Xingyuan returned a half-courtesy before she quietly left. She gave Lu Qingyun one last glance before she exited the room.

Celestial Shi Guanyin said, “Now you can state your intentions?”

Yin Shisi hummed coldly, “You are not stupid after all. It will be such a terrible scandal if your protégés know what a despicable beast this Lu Qingyun is.”

Celestial Shi Guanyin said coldly, “What do you mean?”

Lu Qingyun was startled, “I am a despicable beast?”

He was thinking, “Is it because of my duel with Qiuxiang Hanyu that she thought that I was bullying a little maiden? I am indeed in the wrong…”

So he immediately said, “I am indeed in the wrong.”

Yin Shisi hummed coldly, “Indeed you are in the wrong. How dare you violate Qiuxiang Huan! How would she face anyone in the future?”

Lu Qingyun was stammering, “I violate Qiuxiang Huan?! When did I…”

Even Ouyang Xue, Yun Xing, Shi Guanyin and the rest of the grand elders were shocked.

Yin Shisi interrupted Lu Qingyun coldly, “How dare you deny it! Are you thinking of courting your own death?”

Lu Qingyun immediately said aloud, “There must be a misunderstanding. How is it possible for me to subdue a fourth realm expert like Qiuxiang Huan?”

Yin Shisi hummed coldly, “With just you alone is impossible. You had conspired with Qin Keqin to force my niece to dual cultivate with you. You are such a despicable man.”

Ouyang Xue interrupted with a perplexed look, “Is there a misunderstanding somewhere?”

Yin Shisi replied coldly, “There is no misunderstanding.”

Then she pointed a finger at Lu Qingyun, “Listen, I will give you two choices now. One, take Qiuxiang Huan as your consort and I will forget about this incident. Second, take a blow from me.”

Ouyang Xue was startled. This Yin Shisi was a sixth realm golden supremacy. Taking a blow from her would mean instant death for Lu Qingyun!

So she immediately said, “Supremacy Yin, before any charges can be trumped, there must first be evidences. Do you think that you can simply level this false charge against the honor of our Heavens Ridge Villa?”

Yin Shisi turned to look at her coldly, “I, Yin Shisi will never wrong anyone.”

Lu Qingyun interrupted softly as he looked at her with righteous fire burning in his eyes, “Whether you believe it or not, I will never do such beastly act.”

Yin Shisi’s heart skipped a beat when she looked into his eyes as she thought, “Did I really wrong him then? No, it shouldn’t be. My little niece will never joke with her chastity. Moreover many of the protégés of the Clear Sky Pavilion were indeed seriously injured.”

Lu Qingyun said quietly, “However I know that we are wrong in injuring the protégés of the Clear Sky Pavilion. Therefore I am willing to take a blow from your supremacy.”

Ouyang Xue was gasping, “Don’t…”

Lu Qingyun smiled gently at Ouyang Xue, “If this mean the end of the enmity between the two clans then I don’t mind.”

Lu Qingyun was laughing miserably in his heart. In this lifetime he would never obtain Qin Keqin’s heart. Therefore there was no point in living a long life. Maybe if he could atone for what Fairy Jade Light had done to the protégés of the Clear Sky Pavilion, Qin Keqin would at least remember that there was once a man called Lu Qingyun that had once appeared briefly in her life.

Lu Qingyun said nonchalantly, “I am waiting.”

Yin Shisi replied coldly as she raised her palm, “Remember that this is your choice. I didn’t force you. Once you have met your maker, don’t you complain about me!”

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