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Chapter 94: Yin Shisi’s Master

When everyone had left the abode, Lu Qingyun asked. “Xingyuan, so what is your solution?”

Lie Xingyuan replied quietly, “I have a master. She may have a solution. I’m going to send her an urgent transmission. Senior brother, can I borrow a spirit stone from you? Xingyuan is a little poor to send the transmission.”

Lu Qingyun immediately took out a low grade spirit stone to be given to her. At the same time he was asking, “Xingyuan, I didn’t know that you have a master?”

Lie Xingyuan nodded quietly, “She is my external master and she may be able to help. However she doesn’t like to meet people so may senior brother retreats to your room when she is here?”

Lu Qingyun nodded as he said awkwardly, “Alright then…” He had no wish to stay around after what had happened.

He had decided to take a long cool bath in the meantime. The sight of the naked Yin Shisi was really too much for his sight and body to handle…

Lie Xingyuan had went to her room and was whispering via a secret transmission, “Master, I need a favor from you. I’ve met someone else with the Depraved Fingers. She has suffered a backlash and only you will be able to aid her.”

“Tell me from beginning to end.” The voice was from Lie Qing the Heavenly Temptress. “But make it quick. The longer you take, the more spiritual energies that you will burn. I’m not going to cover your transmission expenses.”

“It is like this…”

“Alright I will come now,” was the reply.

It did not take long for her master to arrive. In fact it was only a short one hour.

Even Lie Xingyuan was startled by the speed of her master’s arrival.

Her master was the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing although this was not known to Lie Xingyuan. To her, her master was just Master Lie Qing.

Lie Xingyuan took her master to her room where Yin Shisi was lying while saying, “Master, how did she knows our secret skill?”

This secret skill was naturally the Depraving Fingers.

Lie Qing took a quick look and muttered, “It is her?”

Lie Xingyuan asked curiously, “Master, you know her?”

Lie Qing nodded as she rubbed her hands on Yin Shisi body, “You will know soon.”

The minute that Lie Qing had withdrew her hands on Yin Shisi, she had opened her eyes with a sudden shock. It was because she had remembered the vivid scene that had happened and she was in uncontrollable tears.

But she was even more shock when she saw Lie Qing as she quickly fell to her knees. She wept loudly, “Master…”

Lie Xingyuan was shocked. Did she just hear correctly? That Supremacy Yin had just called her master as her master?

Lie Qing said coldly as she flashed her golden eyes dangerously, “Have you forgotten that I had once warned you never to abuse the Depraving Fingers?”

Yin Shisi was stammering, “I am wrong…please hear my explanation. This beast of a man Lu Qingyun had violated my little niece…that is why…”

Lie Xingyuan angrily interrupted, “Senior brother will never do anything like this!”

Lie Qing asked coldly, “How did you suffer such a backlash on yourself?”

Yin Shisi lowered her lovely glances as she tried to recall, “I…I…used it on Lu Qingyun…”

Lie Qing said, “With your cultivation strength, you will actually get a backlash? No matter how I look at it, this Lu Qingyun isn’t a feminine man or a woman for you to fail so miserably.”

Yin Shisi was speechless for she had no answers to it.

She was sobbing, “Master, please help your disciple to address the wrongs that are done to my little niece…”

But Lie Qing interrupted her softly, “I can sense his pure yang body is still intact and it is untainted. Surely when you have touched him with your Depraved Fingers, you will be able to sense it as well.”

Yin Shisi was startled. Indeed, she seemed to have sensed that his pure yang body was still intact when she had struck him with her Depraved Fingers. In fact, it was extremely pure…

All of a sudden Yin Shisi was feeling ashamed. This was the second time that she had used the Depraved Fingers and this was the second time that she had abused it. This time she was even caught by her master for doing so. Not only that, she had totally humiliated herself in front of this Lu Qingyun and the grand elders of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

Yin Shisi lifted her fingers, “I don’t wish to live anymore!…”

With that she had lifted her fingers to her forehead but Lie Qing had knocked her fingers off, “You are lucky that Xingyuan is here today. Don’t ever think of taking your own life. Your life belongs to me.”

“Xingyuan?” Yin Shisi took a curious look at Lie Xingyuan.

Lie Qing said quietly, “Xingyuan is my core disciple and therefore she is your senior sister. You are to address her as your senior sister from this day onward.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled. To have a Supremacy addressing her as senior sister and be her junior sister was too ridiculous…

“Master, I think this won’t do.” Lie Xingyuan said weakly.

Yin Shisi was muttering, “From this day onward, I shall address her as my senior sister…does this mean that master is willing to forgive me…”

Therefore she said quickly without any pride, “Senior sister. Please give me your instructions.”

Lie Xingyuan: …

How could she dare to give a supremacy level cultivator any instructions?

Lie Qing said quietly, “I can overlook today’s matter. Don’t you dare to seek more trouble for the Heavens Ridge Villa or this Lu Qingyun without my permission from this day onward. Don’t forget that your senior sister is a protégé of the Heavens Ridge Villa now and she has just saved your life.”

Yin Shisi was crying out loud, “Master, I will faithfully follow your instructions. But can your disciple Shisi follow you from this day onward? From now on, I will only want to follow master to pursue the universal truth of the Dao!”

Lie Qing said quietly, “Where I am going even I do not know. Your nature isn’t bad. Be thankful that I didn’t cripple your cultivation. Go in peace.”

With that, she had departed.

But before she had left, she had used her spirit sense to probe on Lu Qingyun. Why did he have the desolate force on him? Did Yuqin know?

Qin Keqin naturally did not know because Lu Qingyun’s desolate force had only just awakened.

Lie Qing muttered to herself, “For the sake of Yuqin, I shall adopt a wait and see approach.” She did not tell Yin Shisi that her Depraved Fingers had failed because this skill would not work against the desolate force and that Lu Qingyun was protected by the desolate force.

Yin Shisi was trembling as she bowed with utmost respect as she sobbed, “Master, your unfilial disciple will heed your instructions.”

Lie Xingyuan was wondering, “My master…who is she actually? Even Yin Shisi is her disciple. I didn’t know that I have a fellow protégé sister with the same master…”

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