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Chapter 95: The Peace Negotiation

Yin Shisi was now sitting quietly in front of Lie Xingyuan, Lu Qingyun, Celestial Shi Guanyin, Yun Xing and Ouyang Xue.

She was listening patiently to the accounts of the Heavens Ridge Villa and was nodding. After that she gave an account that was from the Clear Sky Pavilion.

Lu Qingyun was stunned that Qiuxiang Huan could be such a good liar. “Why did she want to frame me? We have no enmities against each other…”

Just as the group was about to argue in favor of the Heavens Ridge Villa, Yin Shisi said quietly. “I believe in the account of the Heavens Ridge Villa.”

Lu Qingyun and everyone else were startled. They had not expected Yin Shisi to take in their claims just like this. After all, this was also their one sided account.

Lu Qingyun really did not dare to look at her because if he did, he would remember how enticing she was. Therefore he tried his best to avert his eyes from her.

Yin Shisi said quietly with glances that were lowered, “I have an unreasonable request to make. I will like to stay in the Heavens Ridge Villa…” she hesitated for a while before adding, “I am too ashamed to return to the Clear Sky Pavilion.”

Celestial Shi Guanyin and Yun Xing were startled by this sudden request.

It was because Yin Shisi was the top cultivator in New Empyrean City. In the past, the Clear Sky Pavilion had almost dominated New Empyrean City because of the Yin brother and sister who were both sixth realm golden supremacies.

Yin Shisi took a flustered look at Lu Qingyun before she lowered her glances again, “If it means that I have to join the Heavens Ridge Villa as a common protégé, I will be willing as well.”

Everyone was startled and was even stunned by her sudden decision.

But only Yin Shisi knew why she was willing to do that. It was because she had quietly decided that she would follow this Lu Qingyun to observe him further and to atone for her mistakes.

Somehow she had felt drawn to Lu Qingyun and not because she had completely embarrassed herself in front of him. So she had decided to observe him quietly. Moreover Lie Xingyuan was her senior sister and she felt that she had a duty to protect her.

Celestial Shi Guanyin was smiling weakly, “It is not quite a good idea am I right? You are a golden supremacy so how can you be a common protégé?”

She took a meaningful glance at Lu Qingyun and wondered, “Don’t tell me that they have copulated together and because of this, she has decided to stay here?”

Yun Xing had the same thoughts as well and she suggested, “We can make Supremacy Yin an elder of the inner courts and arrange an abode for her. What do the rest of you think about this?”

Ouyang Xue nodded quietly while quietly observing Lu Qingyun and Yin Shisi…

Celestial Shi Guanyin smiled weakly, “It sounds good. Let do it then.”

Then she turned to say to Yin Shisi, “Then it is decided. From today onward, you are an elder of the Heavens Ridge Villa.”

Yin Shisi humbly said in her musical voice, “I thank you for your grace. I will love the Heavens Ridge Villa as my love and protect the Heavens Ridge Villa with my precious life, never letting the clan down. This is my vow to the eternal heaven and you are all my witnesses today.”

Lu Qingyun could not help but took a glance at her. He was thinking, “She has actually made such a reverential vow to protect the clan. But what could possible cause her to cease her hostilities like this?”

Except for Lie Xingyuan, Lu Qingyun and the others had no idea what had happened between Lie Xingyuan and Yin Shisi.

Lie Xingyuan had merely told them that Yin Shisi had wished to see the grand elders to hear their accounts of the events that were the cause of the reason why she was here.

There were only Celestial Shi Guanyin, Yun Xing and Ouyang Xue who were here because they felt that it was improper for the other grand elders to show up after what had happened.

Celestial Shi Guanyin sighed softly as she looked at Lu Qingyun and Yin Shisi, “What happens today will be a complete secret. The rest of the grand elders and my core protégé Leng Qiuyue will not leak this matter out. This is our vow to you.”

Yin Shisi merely nodded quietly. It was as though she did not care for this.

Instead she had looked up to give Lu Qingyun a faint smile.

Lu Qingyun happened to look at her when she was looking at him at the same time. Immediately he was shivering with her look and was flushing so he quickly looked away.

Ouyang Xue was grieving in her heart when she saw the exchange. “Why is that I can’t forget about him? Now that he has a beloved, isn’t it good? Moreover she is a golden supremacy.  I should give them my blessing. After all senior brother had already tainted her…”

Yin Shisi said quietly, “I have a matter to settle with the Clear Sky Pavilion first and will be back shortly.”

She took another look at Lu Qingyun as she thought, “To think that I’ve almost killed him…”

She did not know that even if she had used her full profound strength to hit Lu Qingyun, she may not be able to kill him outright. It was because even though Lu Qingyun was only a fourth realm cultivator but he had the profound strength of a fifth realm golden celestial now. So it would take more than just a few blows to kill him.

But in her eyes, Lu Qingyun was only a lowly first realm cultivator that could be killed instantly even if she did not use her full profound strength.

As Celestial Shi Guanyin left, she had made a secret mental note to investigate Lie Xingyuan’s background. Until now, she was still perplexed that Lie Xingyuan was able to knock off a sixth realm cultivator with that strange gourd of hers.

There was actually nothing wondrous about Lie Xingyuan’s gourd. It contained an antidote to the Depraving Fingers and Lie Xingyuan was a practitioner of the Depraving Fingers as well. Therefore she was able to recognize the symptoms relatively quickly and had taken out the gourd to calm Yin Shisi down.

Clear Sky Pavilion;

Qiuxiang Huan was walking under the moonlight while thinking, “Why didn’t great aunt come out of the Heavens Ridge Villa after such a long time? She is a sixth realm expert. Even if she could not handle the situation, surely she has no problem making her escape?”

Through her spying network in the Heavens Ridge Villa, she knew that Fairy Jade Light did not return to the Heavens Ridge Villa at all. Even Qin Keqin was not in. Therefore it was easy for Yin Shisi to cause some trouble for the Heavens Ridge Villa.

But she had waited for a long time and yet there was no news of her great aunt. Even her network of spies could not verify any reliable news.

All they could tell her was that Yin Shisi had wanted to meet Lu Qingyun and that her request was granted.

She was a little anxious for her great aunt now. This great aunt of hers lacked cunning and it was easy to ambush her or to subdue her by trickery.

“Qiuxiang Huan.” All of a sudden there was a martial force behind her.

Immediately Qiuxiang Huan had turned around to receive the tremendous blow that was aimed at her. There was a thunderous impact as she was forced to take seven steps backward.

But to her startled shock, the assailant was Yin Shisi!

“Great Aunt?! It is you? You’ve managed to make it back?”

Yin Shisi said coldly, “So you are actually a fifth realm expert. No wonder you are able to receive my blow. And your primordial yin is still intact.” With just a single blow, she had thoroughly examined Qiuxiang Huan’s profound force.

Qiuxiang Huan stammered, “Great Aunt. Please hear my explanations…”

Yin Shisi said coldly, “From today onward, I am no longer your great aunt and I am no longer a part of the Clear Sky Pavilion. Do not ever look for me in the future. The little niece that I know is dead in my heart.”

With that she had departed in a grey flash.

Qiuxiang Huan was trembling. After a long time she fell onto her knees as she wept aloud, “Great Aunt Yin, I know that this is my wrong…but what I am doing is for the sake of our Clear Sky Pavilion…”

There was an angry flash in her eyes as she said bitterly, “Lu Qingyun! I hate you!”

But why did she hate Lu Qingyun more than Qin Keqin? Even herself, she had no answers to it.

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