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Chapter 96: Tell me, who is Lu Qingyun?

Qin Keqin was chatting with her sister saintesses when Lie Qing had suddenly stepped into their room, “Yuqin, I like to talk to you for a while.”

“Wait me. I’ll be back quickly,” she chuckled softly to Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng.

In the next instant she was in another room with Lie Qing. As she entered the room, Lie Qing had erected a profound force barrier around the room.

“Why so secretive? Are you telling me a secret of the Heaveness?” Qin Keqin rolled her eyes as she laughed softly.

Lie Qing said quietly, “It is about Lu Qingyun.”

The smiles that were on Qin Keqin had suddenly frozen, “What about him?”

Lie Qing looked at Qin Keqin with her mesmerizing eyes, “I had happened to check on him today and found out that he possesses remnant of a desolate force that is within his body.”

She purposely paused so that she could observe Qin Keqin.

There was a flush that appeared on Qin Keqin’s countenance as she stammered, “Really? I didn’t know…”

Lie Qing interrupted her, “So you have already known and you did not tell any of us. Do you know that the desolate immortals and their minions are our mortal enemies? How can you like someone who is one of them?”

Qin Keqin immediately fell to her knees and her enthralling eyes were watery, “Please! Aunt Lie Qing! I beg of you. Please do not tell the Heaveness! I…I…this…”

Lie Qing sighed softly, “I have already informed her.”

Qin Keqin was startled as she got up in the next instant, “She will kill him…no…I must hurry back to the Heavens Ridge Villa…”

Lie Qing interrupted coolly as she put her fingers on Qin Keqin’s shoulder, “Is that what you think of the Heaveness in your heart? Since we have already promised you to give you our blessing, we will not withdraw our blessing. Now tell me why you are hiding this from us?”

Qin Keqin smiled weakly before she said, “Where is the Heaveness?”

Lie Qing replied, “She is a little disappointed in you and need time to quiet down.”

Qin Keqin heaved a melancholy sigh, “I’ll go and look for her later to explain.”

Lie Qing said, “She doesn’t want to see you for the time being.”

Qin Keqin: …

“Why are you hiding a minion of the desolate immortals?” Lie Qing asked coldly. “You have better give a good explanation.”

Qin Keqin smiled bitterly, “I am hiding a minion of the desolate immortals? Is that important? It takes me so many centuries to finally find the remnant of his soul. Although he can’t remember who he is in the past but it is not important at all. He may never remember his past because I’ve been feeding him the starforge substances.”

There was a softening in Lie Qing’s tone as she asked, “Many centuries? He is…”

Qin Keqin laughed coldly, “Yes, he is Dongfang Jun. The good-for-nothing cultivator that my custodians and everyone else had been trying to break apart…”

Lie Qing was gasping secretly. She had certainly heard about it.

When Fan Yuqin was eighteen, she had met a good-for-nothing cultivator in Tranquil City and they had fallen in love with each other. However their unison was frowned upon because this Dongfang Jun had a low cultivation level; he was only a second realm expert at that time while Fan Yuqin was already a saintess.

Her custodians were worried that their unison would affect Fan Yuqin’s future and therefore they had secretly separated the two of them.

Qin Keqin said bitterly, “In this lifetime, even if he is a good-for-nothing cultivator, I’ll never let go of him.”

Lie Qing said slowly, “But he is tainted with the desolate force. If he is just a good-for-nothing cultivator, we will still give you our blessings. But how do you expect us to support you?”

Qin Keqin shot her an icy glance, “Aren’t you going to fight against the heavens? So what if he is a desolate immortal?”

Lie Qing was startled, “He is a desolate immortal?”

Qin Keqin looked a little sheepish. With a slip of her tongue, she had accidentally revealed that Lu Qingyun was a reincarnation of a desolate immortal and not a just any minion.

The most powerful immortals were capable of several rounds of reincarnations. They were extremely difficult to be extinguished because of this reason. Once their reincarnations had awakened their innate desolate force, their cultivation would also advance in a heaven-defying pace.

Lie Qing asked, “Which desolate immortal is he?”

Qin Keqin quickly said, “He is just a normal desolate immortal. He won’t be able to remember his past since this is already his third or more reincarnations.”

This was the truth. The more reincarnation cycles that an immortal underwent, the past would fade away and even his immortal soul would fade away. Even the most powerful of the immortals would barely remember their past three lives.

Qin Keqin said firmly, “Moreover as I have just said, I’ve been giving him the starforge substances. There are no chances that he can remember his past.”

Lie Qing said, “No one can truly remember their past life. I am more worried that he is able to remember glimpses of his past cultivation and that will propel him to the heaven-defying peak. You cannot control the desolate nature of the desolate immortals. They live for battles and this is their chaotic nature. This is the Celestial Realm and not the Immortal Realm. Once they mature to their peak, they will have few opponents that can stop them.”

Qin Keqin said firmly, “My Yun’Er has a good nature. He is not like the other desolate immortals. Even among the desolate immortals, there are the good ones and the bad ones, right? My Yun’Er is the good one and I will be keeping him in rein.”

Lie Qing cast her with an anxious look before she said coldly, “Your precious primordial yin may end up as feeder for him. Think carefully…”

Qin Keqin was stoned and did not say anything.

Her mood was now all gone. How did the desolate force that was within Lu Qingyun manage to manifest in him? She had been very careful to control his pace of cultivation. How did this happen?

She decided not to tell the Heavenly Temptress and the Heaveness that Lu Qingyun was actually the reincarnation of the Great Rift Lord Xuan Yuan who was one of the most powerful desolate immortals. If they were to know then Lu Qingyun would surely lose his life. It was because the Great Rift Lord was the mortal enemy of her father the Great God Pangu. In fact, the Great God Pangu was the one that had sent the Great Rift Lord to his death in their final battle…

But many years later, she would meet with Dongfang Jun who was the reincarnation of the Great Rift Lord. At that time, they did know about this. It was not until when Dongfang Jun had died that he was able to remember who he was. But it only lasted for short brief of time as Dongfang Jun would rather take his own life than to hurt her.

It was a secret that not even the immortals had known. In this world, only Feng Minyue, Xuan Danfeng and Ye Jing knew of this matter.

It had taken her many centuries to find Lu Qingyun and she was not going to give him up for any other reasons.

Therefore she had faith that Lu Qingyun would never hurt her.

But it was another matter to convince the righteous immortals, especially her father.

Qin Keqin said melancholy, “I’m going back to the Heavens Ridge Villa to take a look. I probably won’t be back for a few days…”

As she left the room, Lie Qing was trembling. For the very first time she was in a state of confusion. Could she really trust Yuqin’s words? When she was giving her dire warning to her, it was not just a warning for her but it was a warning for her own precious daughter Lie Xingyuan as well…

If Lu Qingyun was a despicable desolate immortal reincarnation, he would surely make full use of the primordial force that was within Fan Yuqin and Lie Xingyuan to further his own ends.

Not only would he ruin them to gain cultivation strength for himself, the Immortal Realm would also lose two precious daughters of the heavens…

As a mother, how could she watch this from happening before her very own eyes?

There was a drop of tear that flowed down her cheek. But she was not the only who was now weeping in her heart; the Heaveness was also weeping in her room and was too emotional to talk to Yuqin about this matter.

With a trembling voice, she sent a short transmission to the Heaveness, “Sister, I had talked to Yuqin. Here is what she had just said…”

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