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Chapter 98: Dangerous Gossips (2)

Three beautiful maidens were looking at one another now; they were Qin Keqin, Lie Xingyuan and Yin Shisi.

“You are the new elder Yin Shisi?” Qin Keqin asked.

She was really curious about this Yin Shisi. It was because among the top cultivators in New Empyrean City, she had the least gossips and she was also currently the top cultivator. When she had heard that she had joined the Heavens Ridge Villa, she was startled.

Yin Shisi lowered her glances and nodded, “I am. If Sect Leader Qin does not like my appointment, you may take it back anytime. I have no contribution or merit to speak of therefore I do not deserve this position at all.”

Qin Keqin was slightly taken aback by her reply. It was because Yin Shisi was a sixth realm expert while she was a ‘fifth’ realm expert. She had expected Yin Shisi to be rude and even despise her. But that was not the case.

“Well, that will depend if you will be able to handle this blow of mine…” Qin Keqin suddenly said as she flashed Yin Shisi a dangerous killing intent and she had raised her hand that was directed against her.

Yin Shisi was startled as she immediately raised her palm to receive this sudden blow.

There was a thunderous impact as the profound forces of these two cultivation experts clashed.

Lie Xingyuan gasped softly as she was pushed to the side by the shockwaves that were created in the clashes.

To Yin Shisi astonishment, she was forced to skip five steps back. She stared blankly at Qin Keqin who did not move from her position as she thought, “Is this Qin Keqin really just a fifth realm expert? Why did she suddenly attack me?”

As for Qin Keqin, she was thinking. “Weird. She doesn’t have any traces of the desolate force in her. So she shouldn’t be the one that have caused Qingyun’s desolate force to be awakened. But her profound aura is similar to Xingyuan…”

She took a curious glance at Lie Xingyuan, “Who is she?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled weakly, “She is my…” she found it a little hard to say that Yin Shisi was her junior sister but Yin Shisi took the initiative to say, “I am a junior sister of my Senior Sister Xingyuan.”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes in shock and she was growling softly, “You are a disciple of Lie Qing?”

Yin Shisi was truly startled as she asked, “You know the name of my master?”

Qin Keqin smiled weakly, “I know her very well as a matter of fact.” After all, Lie Qing was the one that had told her that Lu Qingyun had the desolate force.

Lie Xingyuan took a curious look at Qin Keqin as she thought, “Did she just say that she know my master very well?”

Yin Shisi did not know Qin Keqin’s intentions were when she had suddenly attacked her. But she did not mind at all. So she said humbly, “Sect Leader, your profound strength is above me. Yin Shisi admits my defeat.”

Qin Keqin had put her hands behind her back as she returned a faint smile, “Please do not mind me or be upset with me. I am only trying to prove something.”

Yin Shisi: ???

Qin Keqin was actually trying to look for clues on how on earth did Lu Qingyun’s desolate force was able to awaken. She did not really care for the reasons why Yin Shisi was here and why she was an elder.

Yin Shisi looked at Lie Xingyuan curiously. However even Lie Xingyuan had no idea what Qin Keqin was up to so she could only smile weakly in return.

Lie Xingyuan had thought that Qin Keqin had found out that Yin Shisi was naked in Lu Qingyun’s embrace and she was now furious. She thought, “If she does not know it yet, I’ve better not tell her or senior brother will really be screwed.”

Qin Keqin flashed her eyes in several quick successions, startling both Yin Shisi and Lie Xingyuan who were both observing her. They had never seen anyone who could react with their eyes in such quick successions.

It was because Qin Keqin was thinking very fast now and her reflexes were several times faster than most.

All of a sudden Qin Keqin muttered, “Silly me! Why don’t I ask Yan’Er? Or maybe this is all Yan’Er doing. Mm, maybe that is the real reason for my miscalculations…”

Yin Shisi asked curiously, “Yan’Er?”

But Qin Keqin had already left with a startling flash, shocking Yin Shisi.

Slowly she turned to look at Lie Xingyuan, “Senior sister, is this sect leader of ours really just a fifth realm expert?”

Lie Xingyuan was smiling bitterly. She had promised her master that she would never reveal the background of Qin Keqin. Therefore she replied weakly, “Don’t forget that her mother consort is the Saintess Yuhuan.”

Yin Shisi quietly said, “I think that she is a sixth realm expert and not a fifth realm expert…maybe even higher…”

Lie Xingyuan naturally would not admit that Qin Keqin was actually the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing.

But she had decided that this was a good time to talk to her so she said quietly, “Senior, I have something to say to you…”

Yin Shisi interrupted quietly, “Senior sister. Please do not call me senior. Please call me your junior sister instead.”

Lie Xingyuan smiled weakly, “This won’t do. We are now in the Heavens Ridge Villa now. You are an elder while I am just a common protégé.”

Yin Shisi shook her head as she said firmly, “Senior sister, this won’t do at all. I am only too grateful that master does not expel me from her school.”

Lie Xingyuan sighed softly. From her recent observations, Yin Shisi did not look like she was acting and was really quite humble.

She sighed softly, “I really don’t know if I should bring this up or not. But you mustn’t like senior brother.”

Yin Shisi asked curiously, “Why not? Is it because senior sister you like him?”

Lie Xingyuan had a suddenly flush on her countenance as she quickly said, “Of course not. This is not the reason.”

“Oh? Then why not? Because he likes men instead?”

Lie Xingyuan: …

“Of course not.” Lie Xingyuan smiled weakly. “But he has already someone else in his heart.”

Yin Shisi smiled gently, “It isn’t a problem am I right? After all, it is not unusual for men to have two or more consorts?”

Lie Xingyuan said weakly, “But he is only a lowly cultivator while you are a sixth realm cultivator. He is not compatible to you at all.”

All of a sudden Yin Shisi was laughing softly, “Who says I like him? I think that senior sister is the one that like him, am I right?”

Lie Xingyuan smiled weakly in her heart. Was it so obvious that even she could see it? No matter what, she was not going to admit it, so…

She hummed to clear her throat before she said solemnly, “I’m going to reveal a secret to you but you mustn’t tell anyone alright?”

Yin Shisi nodded, “Alright.”

Lie Xingyuan checked the entrance with her eyes before she whispered, “Senior brother likes our sect leader…”

Yin Shisi was startled, “Is this even allow?”

Lie Xingyuan whispered, “Remember, this is our secret! Do not tell anyone.”

Yin Shisi took a curious look at Lie Xingyuan, “Then does the sect leader know about it?”

Lie Xingyuan shook her head as she smiled bitterly, “I’m afraid that senior brother is going to be greatly disappointed.”

She did not know that Lu Qingyun and Qin Keqin was already an item.

Yin Shisi smiled quietly and as she looked at Lie Xingyuan with relieved eyes…

Although her lustful deviation had long been purged but how could she have forgotten about Lu Qingyun?

Grand Elder Mu Han had looked for Grand Elder Yun Xing as he said with great secrecy, “Yun Xing, you and I are considered to be old friends by now. So I got something to share with you. But you don’t tell anyone or else I’ll be in serious trouble, even life-threatening trouble.”

Yun Xing laughed softly, “You don’t trust me? Then please go away.”

Mu Han protested weakly, “It isn’t that.” Then he lowered his voice to whisper, “I saw Senior Brother Lu and Sect Leader Qin holding hands today. But you mustn’t tell anyone…”

“Of course I won’t! Are you serious?! Please tell me more…holding hands are nothing. So did they kiss?”

“I think so…”

Mu Han had secretly liked Yun Xing so he exaggerated a little just to chat with her a little longer…

Yun Xing to Shi Guanyin, “You know that today Grand Elder Mu Han saw Lu Qingyun and Qin Keqin together. They are actually holding hands together…and…they kiss…”

Shi Guanyin to Kong Guxin, “Old freak, let me tell you something interesting that happened today…”

Kong Guxin to Wang Ming, “Hahaha, something interesting happens today…”

Yun Xing to Ouyang Xue, “Xue’Er, do you know what happens today? I’ve heard from Grand Elder Mu Han…”

Ouyang Xue was startled, “Senior brother and sect leader are actually together…they are holding hands…and Grand Elder Mu Han had even witnessed them kissing each other…”

Elsewhere in New Empyrean City, other rumors were now flying…

“Have you heard about this?”

“The reclusive Supremacy Yin of the Clear Sky Pavilion has now joined the Heavens Ridge Villa…”

“Is this news reliable? That’s not possible…”

“This is the truth. Supremacy Yin is now an elder of the Heavens Ridge Villa…”

“I’ve heard that Supremacy Yin had specially gone to the Heavens Ridge Villa just to look for Lu Qingyun…”

“Isn’t that Lu Qingyun just a first realm good-for-nothing cultivator? Why should she look for him?”

“You may not know this but he is really handsome…”

“Doesn’t this now make the Heavens Ridge Villa the most powerful celestial clan in New Empyrean City?”

“With Yin Shisi and Qin Keqin holding fort in the Heavens Ridge Villa, who dares to bully the Heavens Ridge Villa now?”

“I don’t believe that the Patriarch Clan Heavenly Fragrance Villa did not take any actions against the Heavens Ridge Villa for attacking the Solitary Manor?”

“I am going to write a petition…”

“The Heavenly Fragrance Villa is now the number one powerhouse in New Empyrean City. How the delicate balance of power has now shifted…”

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