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Chapter 109: A Hidden Crisis (2)

Qin Keqin and Lu Qingyun were now in a beautiful chamber that was used to host important guests, especially influential cultivators.

As soon as Lu Qingyun had entered the chamber, he saw three of the Heavenly Fragrance Heralds that he had seen earlier during the martial tournament.

Qin Keqin laughed softly, “This is my disciple, Lu Qingyun.”

“This is Shen Yufeng, she is a sixth realm golden supremacy. And this is Feng Xiaoxiao and this pretty maiden is Tang Xuefeng. They are both fifth realm golden celestials.”

Lu Qingyun greeted with a weak smile, “Your Supremacy, Your Golden Celestials.” It seemed that he was the lowest level cultivator in this room!

Shen Yufeng said politely, “Fragrance Elder, the matter that we are going to discuss may be a secret. Do you think that we can just discuss with you?”

Lu Qingyun interrupted with a smile, “It is alright. I can leave-“

But he was interrupted by Qin Keqin who said, “It is alright. He is my most trusted disciple and he even knows Feng Minyue personally as well.”

Shen Yufeng was startled as she quickly said with a worry look to Lu Qingyun, “Senior! Please forgive me for my impudence toward you.”

At the same time Feng Xiaoxiao and Tang Xuefeng were both greeting him at the same time, “Senior Lu!”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Not at all. I’m not any senior…”

Shen Yufeng insisted, “Senior, please accept our apologies…” As she looked into his eyes, she was secretly startled. It was because his eyes were like a swirling pool that was pulling her into it.

She possessed the ‘mystic eye’ ability. Although she could not tell a cultivator level by her mystic eyes but her mystic eye could roughly gauge a cultivator’s potential strength by looking at their eyes. Lu Qingyun’s potential strength through his eyes was extremely profound. In order to pull her soul into his eyes, his inner spiritual sea must have even exceeded hers…

But he was only a fourth realm expert while she was a sixth realm expert. How could this even be possible?

Although his inner spiritual sea was not as profound as the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing yet but he was only a fourth realm expert and had the potential to grow even more in the future.

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes as she chuckled, “Yufeng, what do you think of my this disciple? Is he good? He knows who I am.”

Shen Yufeng was startled as she quickly replied to Qin Keqin, “Very good…” The Great Saintess Yuqing had of course known of her mystic eyes and she had once almost lost her soul as she looked into her eyes and after saving her, she had rebuked her. “You have the mystic eye ability but there are some cultivators that you shouldn’t have used on them while your foundation is still weak.”

Shen Yufeng, Feng Xiaoxiao and Tang Xuefeng stole a glance at one another as they almost nodded at the same time. It was as though they were thinking, “Since he knows who the Great Saintess Yuqing is then there is no harm in disclosing this ‘secret matter’ in his presence.”

“So what brings our great Fragrance Herald Shen Yufeng here today?” Without waiting for Shen Yufeng to reply her, Qin Keqin had turned to say to Lu Qingyun. “Yun’Er, you must remember this beautiful maiden here. She is supposed to be the next Heavenly Fragrance Princess in the future!”

Shen Yufeng was flushing lightly as she averted her glances, “Great Saintess Fan, you are teasing me again…”

Lu Qingyun was a little startled as he thought, “It seems that Keqin really knows the protégés of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa really very well. When I first met her, I really did not know that she is the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing or that Senior Feng Minyue is the Matriarch Heavenly Fragrance Princess. They are so humble while I am trying to seek renown for myself. In the future, I should really cultivate my heart and be more humble. Keqin is right. This will do me more good…”

Shen Yufeng smiled shyly as she secretly stole another look at Lu Qingyun while thinking in secret. “He is really such a dashing man. I wonder if he has anyone in his heart. He has the potential to become a great saint in the future. My mystic eye won’t lie to me…”

But she quickly turned to say with great solemnly to Qin Keqin, “It is like this. We are here to investigate the happenings that are in the Red Death Valley. Something serious had happened recently. An entire village had been massacred by an unknown desolate beast and even quite a number of cultivators from the local celestial clan had been killed.”

“Oh? Surely with the strength of the Heavenly Fragrance Heralds, you can slay this monster for sure?”

“I wonder if senior still remember Feng Xueyue?”

“Yes, I do. One of the four Fragrance Heralds. Sixth realm cultivator. What about her?”

Shen Yufeng sighed heavily, “She has entered the Red Death Valley to investigate and has almost lost her life. Until now she is still in a comatose state and her meridians are broken. She is a dear sister to me and…and I hope to find Matriarch Heavenly Fragrance Princess Feng to save her life.”

Not only was Qin Keqin startled but Feng Minyue who was listening in in secret was startled.

Feng Minyue quickly sent a secret transmission to Qin Keqin, “Sister Saintess Yuqing, please help her…”

Qin Keqin said quietly as she took out three Divine Profound Pills from her spatial ring, “I will save her. For a sixth realm golden supremacy to experience such deadly injuries beyond the regeneration of her golden body, this desolate monster must be very powerful.”

Lu Qingyun was secretly startled that Qin Keqin there was three Divine Profound Pills that were in her hands.

Qin Keqin added, “I’m sure that you have already tried to use the Divine Profound Pills on her and it did not work.”

Shen Yufeng nodded, not understanding why Qin Keqin had taken out three Divine Profound Pills for. Indeed, the Heavenly Fragrance Villa was a first tier celestial clan and occupied the richest spiritual vein in the divine realm. Getting a few of these Divine Profound Pills was not an issue at all.

All of a sudden, there was a faint golden sigil that had appeared on Qin Keqin’s forehead as she coalesced the three Divine Profound Pills into a one tiny shining golden pill with her profound strength!

Lu Qingyun was startled by two things. First, this was the first time that he had witnessed someone displaying the Heavenly Eye. It was said that only the strongest cultivators would be able to do so. Secondly, did Qin Keqin just create a new divine pill with the mere might of her profound strength? This was impossible! Moreover, with just a sniff, he knew that she had just created a sixth rank divine pill that was called Life Transmigration Pill!

Sixth rank divine pills were all extremely precious due to its heaven-defying properties and most of the recipes were a secret. Even if someone had stolen the recipes, the precious celestial resources that would need to be collected would be next to impossible to collect…

Qin Keqin smiled gently as she floated the Life Transmigration Pill to Shen Yufeng, “Take this to her. She will be fine.”

Shen Yufeng, Feng Xiaoxiao and Tang Xuefeng were all down to their knees as they said at the same time, “Our great gratitude to the Great Saintess Feng Yuqing, our Great Benefactor Feng Yuqing. We will never forget about your kindness to us all for all eternity!”

Qin Keqin laughed softly, “This is nothing at all to me. Please get up. At most I get something back from Feng Minyue later.”

Lu Qingyun was a highly level alchemist that had the greatest alchemist skills and he was genius enough to reverse many pills just by sniffing alone. But he could never understand how on earth was it even possible for Qin Keqin to turn three fourth rank divine pills into a sixth rank divine pill!

He simply could not believe it but he had just witnessed it with his own eyes!

He did not know that this was the only profound art that Qin Keqin knew and that this was not due to alchemy but due to her profound strength. Her profound energies were the universal creation force and it contained life reviving energies. This was the only known method to create the Life Transmigration Pill but this was also a most exhausting method for Qin Keqin.

Qin Keqin was thinking, “I’m going to sleep for a week. This is so weakening…”

Feng Minyue said via the transmission, “Sister Saintess Yuqing, thank you!”

Of course Qin Keqin could not reply to her or else everyone would know that she was in communication with Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng.

She did not turn off the transmission because she had purposely let it transmit in secret and not because she had forgotten to turn it off. She had wanted her two sister saintesses to have a good laugh and also because Feng Minyue ought to know what was going on in her clan.

Shen Yufeng was almost in tears as she held onto the Life Transmigration Pill tightly. “This may be the work of an evil cultivator. That was what Feng Xueyue had said before she passed out.”

Qin Keqin smiled, “The Red Death Valley, is it? Then I will go quickly and eliminate this threat.”

Shen Yufeng shook her head, “This won’t do. That is how Feng Xueyue was ambushed and attacked. She had discovered that someone has setup a powerful celestial array in the vicinity and is controlling the desolate monsters. The minute a fifth realm and above expert has entered the area, it will alert the mastermind.”

Feng Xiaoxiao said with trembling lips, “We have already sent more than ten parties into the Red Death Valley. More than half of our sisters had also perished or missing. One of the sisters who have survived says she had seen a mutated monster. The desolate monsters that are in the Red Death Valley are unlike those that we have seen and are much stronger than anything else.”

Qin Keqin was startled. “This sounds really serious.”

Shen Yufeng nodded and she was brimming with tears, “We have lost three golden celestials. This is an unspeakable horrible loss to us.”

Lu Qingyun immediately said righteously, “Why don’t I go and take a look? I am not a fifth realm expert yet and whatever dark forces are at work won’t be paying too much attention to me.”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes and said, “Yun’Er, that is too dangerous for you. You may get killed for any number of reasons with your puny skills.”

Lu Qingyun said firmly, “Keqin, I am a cultivator that cultivates the heart. If there is such a crisis that is happening right before my very eyes, can I still close my eyes and allow this to happen? Someone has to do it so let it be me then.”

Shen Yufeng stole a glance at him before she averted her eyes while saying silently. “He is so righteous and has a good heart…”

Qin Keqin smiled weakly, “I need more time to think over this…”

All of a sudden she was startled as she shouted, “Who is that?!”

It was because she had discovered that they were being spied upon.

With a flash, Qin Keqin had disappeared from the room!

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