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Chapter 111: A Heartbroken Leng Qiuyue

Grand Elder Celestial Shi Guanyin was now in a meeting with her disciples, Nangong Yu, Leng Qiuyue and Li Chen to discuss over their failures and successes during the martial tournament.

This was actually a norm after every competition or experiential mission and was not an unusual thing.

Shi Guanyin asked Li Chen, “Do you know why you had failed?”

Li Chen smiled weakly as he sighed heavily, “My opponent was Cheng Wuzi. He is a fourth realm expert while I am only a third realm expert. He is too strong for me.”

Shi Guanyin nodded and added, “So if you have met him again, how do you plan on fighting this opponent?”

Li Chen smiled bitterly, “We have exchanged for about thirty strokes. I guess that I can still improve myself by prolonging another ten strokes or more next time. But it is difficult. I can only train even harder now so that I can catch up with him.”

Shi Guanyin nodded lightly and did not say more. She knew that Li Chen was feeling quite awkward and was disappointed in his own result as he was beaten in the very first round.

“Nangong Yu, do you know why you had failed?” She asked next.

Nangong Yu smiled weakly as he looked at Leng Qiuyue, “I didn’t know that junior sister is already a fourth realm expert now. I really didn’t know…”

“But why had you failed?” Shi Guanyin asked.

“She was just lucky to have fought several weak opponents while I had just finished a tough fight with Cheng Wuzi. If I have my profound strength at my peak then I won’t lose at all. There won’t be a next time.”

Shi Guanyin sighed in her heart, “This disciple of mine, he has a strong pride and this may be his future downfall. But that is a valid reason why he had lost to Qingyue.”

She turned to ask Leng Qiuyue, “You had managed to reach the final but why did you have to concede to Senior Brother Lu? You have the ability to win and the Divine Profound Pill would be yours to keep.”

Leng Qiuyue said firmly, “No, he is actually very strong. I’m not his match. Therefore I had to concede the match.”

Nangong Yu said bitterly, “But you have not even tried. How do you know? If I know that you will concede to him, why didn’t you concede to me?”

Leng Qiuyue turned to him and said coldly, “Because you are not as good as Senior Brother Lu!”

Nangong Yu: …

Li Chen smiled weakly, “Senior Brother Nangong Yu is actually the most highly skilled and most powerful core protégés in the clan. As for Senior Brother Lu, he was just freaking lucky to have Zhang Gang as his opponent for all the rounds.”

Shi Guanyin said with a soft sigh, “Li Chen, Nangong Yu. You may leave first. I will like to talk to Qiuyue alone”

Li Chen and Nangong Yu gave a quiet bow before they walked away. Nangong Yu had an ugly expression on his face as he left.

When Shi Guanyin saw that they had left and out of her perception, she turned to Leng Qiuyue and said softly. “Qiuyue, why did you lose to Lu Qingyun on purpose?”

Leng Qiuyue averted her glances, “I don’t wish to explain. Master, I am tired. Can I leave now?”

Shi Guanyin said quietly, “You like him, do you?”

Leng Qiuyue: …

Shi Guanyin sighed softly, “But you mustn’t like him. Please remember this in your heart or I will drive you out of the clan!”

Leng Qiuyue was startled, “Why mustn’t I like him? Because master you do not like him?”

Shi Guanyin smiled weakly but did not reveal the reason. She could not tell her that there was a rumor that Qin Keqin and Lu Qingyun were dating. She was afraid that her disciple would get hurt…

Leng Qiuyue said and her eyes were wet, “Master, you have always doted on me like your own daughter. Why are you so unreasonable and you even want to drive me out of the clan…”

Then she said with a hurtful tone and her eyes had turned red, “Master, why didn’t you believe your Qiuyue that he is not a good-for-nothing lowly cultivator and that your Qiuyue really isn’t his match…”

With a melancholy huff, she had stormed off and Shi Guanyin could see her silent tears that had dripped on the ground as she exited the hall.

Shi Guanyin’s heart was aching from seeing the tears that were from Leng Qiuyue as she muttered, “Qiuyue…why can’t you understand your master…I just don’t want you to be hurt in the future…”

At the lofty peak of the Flying Armament Sect;

Ling Chong was startled that he had suddenly been summoned by his patriarch father who was also the protégé grandmaster of the Flying Armament Sect. It was because he was in a cultivation retreat and should not be disturbed unless something was really urgent or else he would have wasted his efforts and would have to restart all over again.

When he arrived at the Armament Hall, his father Ling Bei was there alone and he was pacing up and down.

When he saw that Ling Chong had arrived, Ling Bei began to smile warmly. “Son, I have something important to discuss with you. I am afraid that your cultivation retreat has to end prematurely for now, at least.”

Ling Chong bowed with his hands respectfully before he asked curiously, “Father, what is wrong? Did something happen?”

Ling Bei laughed as gave him a pat on his shoulder before he said, “There are two matters. One is that the Heavenly Fragrance Heralds have just sent a message to everyone in our region that the Divine Fragrance Tournament will be held in New Empyrean City. Therefore I want you to prepare really well for this martial competition to win the top honors for our clan.”

Ling Chong gasped with surprise, “Is it true? This will be a first for New Empyrean City. But which celestial clan will have the honor of hosting the Divine Fragrance Tournament?”

Ling Bei sighed softly, “It is the Heavens Ridge Villa. It turns out that Sect Leader Qin is really the Fragrance Elder of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. This is a real surprise.”

“Really?!” Ling Chong was startled. He really had not expected that Sect Leader Qin Keqin to be telling the truth after all. After all, there were also many other doubters and he was not the only one.

He paused to ponder for a while before he said thoughtfully, “It seems that the Heavens Ridge Villa is now the number one powerhouse in New Empyrean City. Even Supremacy Yin Shisi has joined the Heavens Ridge Villa as elder now. It is a good thing that we have aided them in the past at a considerable risk to our clan. It is something that is to our advantage in the future.  We got ourselves a good ally this time.”

Ling Bei said solemnly, “Son, we have been allies with the Heavens Ridge Villa many times in the past and even enemies with them. You must know that no alliances are permanent and that no enemies are forever. This is something that you ought to remember well. When you are in my position, you will be able to understand better.”

Ling Chong nodded, “Father, thank you for the reminder. I’ll remember this well. What is the second matter then?”

Ling Bei smiled, “I have arranged a good marriage for you.”

Ling Chong was startled, “Father, this is a little too early for me. I will like to focus more on my cultivation…”

Ling Bei laughed as he interrupted him, “Chong’Er, the higher realm a cultivator is, the harder it is for them to give rise to the next generation. It is better to start a family before you have attained as a fifth realm golden celestial.”

Ling Chong smiled weakly, “Actually father, I’ve already someone in my mind…” And that person was Lie Xingyuan, he thought.

“I remember that in the past, you are quite infatuated with the young mistress of the Clear Sky Pavilion right? As a matter of fact, I am going to betroth you to Maiden Qiuxiang Huan.” Ling Bei roared with laughter.

Ling Chong returned a faint smile, “Father, you must be joking. She is a lofty maiden and a great beauty. She won’t like me and she had told me in the past.”

Ling Bei gave him a pat as he said, “Son, circumstances have changed. She has already agreed to be engaged to you.”

“What?!” Ling Chong was startled. He began to stammer, “This…this is impossible…”

Ling Bei said in a low voice, “It is because the Heavens Ridge Villa is becoming too powerful, that’s why. The Clear Sky Pavilion is afraid and in fact, they are the ones that have proposed it. Therefore I have also agreed to it. We must keep the power of the Heavens Ridge Villa in check or our sectarian clan will soon be delegated to a third tier celestial clan.”

Ling Chong muttered, “Really? She will really agree to marry me?” He had tried to court her in the past but was snubbed by her and was even humiliated by her.

Ling Bei laughed, “Really. In fact, she is here now in the guest hall. Don’t you want to talk to her?”

“She is here now?” Ling Chong was trembling lightly.

Ling Bei gave a mysterious smile, “Son, I have a gift for you to bring to her.”

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