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Chapter 115: A Lost Hope

Qiuxiang Huan was crying alone in the forest. She was disheveled and was tearful. She hated herself for delivering herself to Ling Chong; she had never expected Ling Chong to be a wolf in sheep clothing and that he would do such a beastly act on her.

She had wanted to make use of him because she had thought that she would be able to manipulate him but in the end, it was he who was making use of her…

She was trembling uncontrollably. She had cherished her golden body and had kept it a secret. But Ling Chong had stolen the profound yin of her golden celestial body and gained it as his profound strength. He had really gained so much from his experience with her.

All of a sudden there was a movement in the forest and Qiuxiang Huan said with a startled voice, “Who is there?”

A fine looking but pale looking man had stepped out of the forest.

The two of them said with a startled voice at the same time, “Qiuxiang Huan! Tang Bufan!”

Qiuxiang Huan had recognized Tang Bufan because he was a famous playboy in New Empyrean City and she had spurted his advances a few times in the past. Moreover he had also become a talking point in New Empyrean City due to his recent bad luck.

Tang Bufan smiled bitterly. He had sneaked secretly back to New Empyrean City and the first person that he had seen was Qiuxiang Huan, a peerless maiden of stately grace that he had tried to court in the past.

But why was she crying alone in this place?

The stately and beautiful Qiuxiang Huan who had never lost her demeanor in public would actually be crying in this place?

But Tang Bufan was in no mood to appreciate such a beautiful beauty. It was because he was feeling extremely inferior and he was now a beaten dog.

Just as he was about to turn away, Qiuxiang Huan said bitterly. “Do you want to leave just like this? Don’t you want to seek vendetta on those that have caused you to be in this state?”

Tang Bufan paused in his track before he slowly turned around with a bitter tone, “I am in such a lowly state now. Can I still have the capacity to seek vendetta on my enemies?”

Qiuxiang Huan said quietly, “You can join the Clear Sky Pavilion, join under my wings.”

Tang Bufan trembled as he saw a glimmer of hope, “What is the condition?”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled bitterly, “I want you to help me kill Ling Chong! To destroy the Flying Armament Sect utterly!”

She had realized that she did not hate Qin Keqin or Lu Qingyun as much as Ling Chong now. He was now the man that she had wanted to utterly destroy, because he had ruined her chastity and trampled upon her pride!

Tang Bufan was shocked. Who was Ling Chong? He was the young master of the Flying Armament Sect and the future grandmaster of the Flying Armament Sect. Even though the Clear Sky Pavilion was also one of the four powerhouses in New Empyrean City but destroying another powerhouse with its tens of thousands of protégés was clearly a most difficult thing to accomplish.

He laughed bitterly, “Why me? I’m only a lowly third realm cultivator and surely the Clear Sky Pavilion has tens of cultivators that are stronger than me. Young Mistress Qiuxiang Huan, you think too highly of me.”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled bitterly, “I’m going to be engaged to Ling Chong soon and I will soon be his consort. When that happens, I have plenty of chances to kill Ling Chong and to ruin the Flying Armament Sect.”

Tang Bufan stammered, “You want to kill your husband-to-be? But why?”

Qiuxiang Huan laughed coldly before said icily, “I’m not afraid to let you know because I am going to let offer you something that you will not refuse…” With that she had loosened her belt and disrobed herself.

Tang Bufan gulped and his throat was suddenly dry as little by little, Qiuxiang Huan had removed the rest of her clothing.

“I am actually a fifth realm golden celestial and not a fourth realm cultivator like everyone has thought. He has stolen my primordial yin but I still have some of it leftover. Therefore I want you to fully take it for yourself…”

Tang Bufan did not hesitate at all. He quickly made his way to her and began to ravage her.

Hours passed…

Qiuxiang Huan was in the nine heavens over and over again. Tang Bufan was really too good and he had played her like a puppet.

When Tang Bufan was done and collapsed from exhaustion, Qiuxiang Huan found herself murmuring. “Bufan…” There was a subtle change in her eyes as she looked at him…

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