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Chapter 119: Great Saintess Xuan Danfeng

Outside the Red Death Valley, there were two maidens that were waiting outside for the recon party that was inside. One was Lie Xingyuan and the other one was Zhao Riyue.

Zhao Riyue gave a faint smile to the anxious Lie Xingyuan, “You are anxious? Didn’t you hear the transmission? They are alright.”

Lie Xingyuan sighed, “How can you remain so calm? Your sister is inside.”

Zhao Riyue said nothing. It was because she had already known that her sister would not be returning. Of course she was anxious and she had wished that she was the one that would die in the place of her twin sister…

She took a look at Lie Xingyuan before she said quietly, “You are strong. One day, you may even become a seventh realm saintess.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled as she replied weakly, “I don’t even know my own future. How do you know? If you want to flatter me then you are flattering the wrong person. I am just an ordinary protégé in the Heavens Ridge Villa.”

Zhao Riyue returned a faint smile, “Is that so? I don’t think so. I won’t be wrong. Fragrance Herald Supremacy Yufeng can’t be wrong either.”

Just as Lie Xingyuan was about to protest further, Zhao Riyue had unsheathed her long sword and her eyes were flashing to and fro. “Maiden Xingyuan, we have a company.”

Lie Xingyuan gasped softly as she unsheathed her sword next to Zhao Riyue.

The silver hair of Zhao Riyue fluttered along with the strong winds as she said coldly, “I know that you are there. You can’t hide from my perception.”

Her spiritual perception was equaled to a seventh realm expert even though she was only a fourth realm expert. Moreover at this range, there was practicable no chance of ambushing her at all!

A shadowy large shape with eight spider legs and eight large claws that were larger than its legs began to emerge from the shadows of the surrounding cliffs. Although it was extremely large but its movements were completely silence!

But what was shocking to Zhao Riyue and Lie Xingyuan was the sight of a maiden with golden eyes that were embedded in the middle of this monstrous creature.

Zhao Riyue gasped aloud, “Celestial Feiyin…senior sister…” Indeed the maiden with half of her naked body protruding out of the monstrous creature was her Senior Sister Feiyin.

Lie Xingyuan was staring blankly, “This, this…what is this…this isn’t…any desolate monster…”

‘Senior Sister Feiyin’ muttered almost incoherently, “I’m Number 3. Master orders me to kill…all…and…brings back…the higher level cultivators…you are…all…lowly cultivators…”

All of a sudden her claws had swung forward and four dark beams had flashed in their directions!

Zhao Riyue was startled as she quickly grabbed Lie Xingyuan with an almost supernatural speed as they evaded the four dark beams that exploded in four large spheres that were around them.

Lie Xingyuan was completely stunned by the furious explosions of the four beams that had quickly created a large pit where they were at. It was only with the timely intervention of Zhao Riyue that they had evaded the four black beams.

Just as they had thought that they were safe, the monstrous creature had descended upon them as its eight claws were spinning like rotating swords all around them.

Zhao Ziyue gasped softly as she was struck by one of the claws and she had to let go of Lie Xingyuan.

Lie Xingyuan had raised her sword to parry the claw attacks but she was overpowered and the claws were impervious to her attacks!

Just as Zhao Ziyue and Lie Xingyuan had thought that they were goner and the claws had almost upon them, a profound force had lifted and pushed them away. In their place was the sudden appearance of Shen Yufeng who had raised her white emerald sword as she parried off the two attacking claws!

Lie Xingyuan gasped with a relief, “Supremacy Yufeng is here…”

Shen Yufeng was also startled when she saw the monster, “Junior Sister Feiyin, is that you? What has happened?”

But the only reply that the monstrous creature spoke was, “This…one…will please…master…”

Immediately there were four claws that were swung against Shen Yufeng who had raised all her profound strength to meet the attack. There was a thunderous shockwave as sword and claws clashed against each other.

Supremacy Shen Yufeng was indeed a formidable sixth realm expert and was able to meet the monstrous desolate strength of this monstrous creature.

Shen Yufeng gasped, “You are…no longer my junior sister…but a monster…” Then she hardened her heart, “Feiyin, forgive your senior sister. I shall end your suffering…”

When she had said that she had flashed past the claws to deliver a brilliant stroke of profound stroke on the body of this monstrous creature.

But all of a sudden Shen Yufeng was shocked that her most powerful profound stroke could not even penetrate through the armor plating of this monstrous creature…

In the next instant, four more claws had furiously flown toward her and one of the claws had even pierced through her body!

Shen Yufeng coughed out blood as she quickly retreated several steps but the monstrous creature was cunning enough to follow up with more of its relentless attacks and Shen Yufeng was slashed twice again, one on her back and another one on her shoulder!

Zhao Riyue and Lie Xingyuan had flashed forward at the same time to parry off the rest of the claw attacks but in less than three blinks of an eye, all three of them were thrown on the ground as they got overwhelmed by the strength and relentless attacks of the monstrous creature.

In the next blink of an eye, they would all have been killed because they were all beaten to the ground and had all expended all their strength…

All of a sudden there was an icy aura that seemed to penetrate the surroundings and even the approached attacks of this monstrous creature seemed to have slowed down.

There were several brilliant white flares in the next instant, too fast for the ordinary eye to catch and all claws were sliced to the ground by the swirling of a white divine sword.

When the claws had dropped to the ground, it was quickly turned into a pile of debris.

A heavenly maiden in white whose countenance was also snowy white had appeared in front of them. When she had appeared, it looked like everything was in slow motion in front of her.

Her looks were peerless and she had an enticing figure as well. But none of the three could recognize who she was.

Shen Yufeng was startled, “Sacred Saint Realm! She is a seventh realm expert…”

Lie Xingyuan was also startled as she thought, “There is another seventh realm expert around? Who is she?”

The monstrous creature was bemoaning and all of a sudden its dismembered claws were regenerating rapidly and in less than a blink of an eye, the dismembered claws had regrow and the focus of its attacks were on this heavenly maiden in white.

This heavenly maiden in white was startled as she gasped, “This…is…impossible…”

All of a sudden there was a piercing bolt of light that flashed through the body of the monstrous creature and it had come from its back. When the piercing bolt of light had landed on the ground, a divine sword could be seen.

Shen Yufeng was gasping at the divine sword that was on the ground. It was because she had recognized this divine sword…

At the same time there was a beautiful voice, “Danfeng, what are you waiting for?”

The heavenly maiden in white quickly swung her divine sword with all her profound strength as she cut the monstrous creature into two halves. Almost instantly, the monstrous spider creature had turned into a pile of dust…

A second peerless maiden could be seen walking quietly toward them.

Lie Xingyuan was gasping, “Great Saintess Feng Minyue…”

Shen Yufeng and Zhao Riyue were also gasping, “Matriarch Heavenly Fragrance Princess!…”

“Is really you…” Shen Yufeng was almost close to her tears as she muttered. “Protégé mistress, do you know that your Yufeng misses you day and night…”

Feng Minyue nodded quietly, “It is fine now.”

The heavenly maiden in white was heard interrupting, “Minyue, I’ve thought that you say you are not coming? Do you know that you have just stolen my limelight?”

Feng Minyue returned an exasperated look at her, “I just saved your life, do you know?”

The heavenly maiden in white laughed softly, “I will be fine…”

Shen Yufeng asked politely, “This saintess is? How do we address our savior?”

The heavenly maiden in white smiled as she stroked her long hair gently, “You may address me as Great Saintess Xuan Danfeng!”

When Shen Yufeng, Zhao Riyue and Lie Xingyuan heard her name, they were completely stunned. Great Saintess was an elite rank within the hierarchy of the seventh realm saints, referring to the saints that had overcome their lightning tribulation to reach the upper tier of the sacred saint level.

Moreover Great Saintess Xuan Danfeng was the former divine ruler of the Lofty Snow Divine Realm, a middle tier divine realm in the Nine Celestial Fraternity!

She would actually be in this desolate place?

Shen Yufeng was stammering, “Great Saintess Xuan…”

Xuan Danfeng looked at Feng Minyue with a smile, “You still haven’t answered my question. I’ve thought that you won’t be showing up? If I know that you will be here, I will be staying put at where I am.”

Feng Minyue said gently, “This concerns my divine realm so naturally I can’t afford to close my eyes. As for you, you should come out for a walk sometimes or else like what Sister Saintess Yuqing had said, you are turning into a ghost with that pure white complexion of yours.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “So are you envious of my good looks?”

Feng Minyue smiled coolly, “I don’t need your ghost color.”

Shen Yufeng, Lie Xingyuan and Zhao Riyue were secretly looking at one another. It seemed to them that the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing, Great Saintess Feng Minyue and Great Saintess Xuan Danfeng had all retired together. It was plain obvious to them that they were only here because of the behest of the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing.

Lie Xingyuan was thinking, “So that is how seventh realm experts fight…the disparity between a sixth realm and a seventh realm expert is simply too great. My disparity with Qin Keqin is too great…”

Feng Minyue looked around the scene and said quietly, “This is much more serious than we have expected.”

Then she turned to Xuan Danfeng to say, “Sister Saintess Danfeng, we have some cleaning to do first. Let’s clean the surroundings of these evil influences first.”

Xuan Danfeng nodded. As they had left together, she said in a low voice. “Minyue, you seem to be a little concern for that Lu Qingyun fellow, am I right? Or else why have you come?”

Feng Minyue shot her an icy glance, “Lu Qingyun belongs to our Sister Saintess Yuqing and no others. I hope that you keep this in your mind.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly, “Really? Because I don’t believe that he won’t be moved by you. Maybe I shall do Yuqing a favor by testing him out?”

Feng Minyue said weakly, “I think that you are too free. Why don’t you clean out the vicinity alone instead?”

Xuan Danfeng returned a teasing look, “Did I just touch a nerve? This is not my divine realm. Why should I care or bother?”

Feng Minyue: …

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