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Chapter 121: The Metamorphs (1)

Lu Qingyun had entered into the underground chasm with the hunchback old man. He was quite startled to see that there was actually an underground palace inside the chasm.

The old man said to him, “You may call me Master Inverse Chaos. This is my immortal title.”

The hunchback old man had walked in front while Number 2 towered silently behind him.

He was really curious that such a monstrous denizen could actually move so quietly that he could help asking, “This is such a big creature but how come he can move so silently?”

The hunchback old man laughed coldly, “That is because he used to be a cultivator and this is an old habit of the majority of the cultivators to use their profound aura to move silently. Aren’t you moving quite silently as well?”

Lu Qingyun was startled as he took a quick peek at the towering denizen, “This monster is a former cultivator?!”

His heart was shaking. This wicked old man was turning cultivators into monsters like this…

The old man smirked coldly, “I prefer to call the name of my creations as ‘Metamorphs’. They have the profound strength of the cultivators and the vitality of the desolate beasts. They are perfect and unkillable!”

Lu Qingyun resisted the urge of telling him that he had killed his Number 4 just a few days ago. This was a reaction that he would like to see on the old man face but he somewhat resisted the urge to say it aloud.

Still he was not about to give up without a fight and he was cracking his head to find any useful information that he could gather in order to have an opportunity to escape. Therefore he could only keep asking questions in order to find a light in the tunnel somewhere.

“Why did you spare only me just now? What is it that you want from me? Is it because you are interested to learn from my sword art?”

The old man paused in his tracks as he laughed coldly, “Who is interested in your puny sword art?”

Lu Qingyun muttered weakly, “I’ve thought you are.” Then why did he suddenly ask Number 2 to cease its attack when he had displayed his sword stance earlier?

The old man hummed coldly, “Do you think that you can still hide your identity from me?”

Lu Qingyun groaned, “What identity?”

The old man flashed a seething rage in his eyes, “You are just like me. You are a desolate cultivator.”

Lu Qingyun took a step back with a startled look at the old man, “You mean you are a desolate immortal cultivator?!”

The old man pointed his old finger at him, “I mean you are one as well.”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Unfortunately I am not. Sorry to disappoint you.” A person with more cunning would try to pretend his way through but not Lu Qingyun. He knew that he would be killed instantly should whatever assumptions that the old man had on him was gone all of a sudden. But he did not care for this.

But the old man laughed coldly, “You can hide your desolate force from the others but not your own kind. Our kind has the ability to sense the presence of our own kind.”

“Maybe you are getting old…” Lu Qingyun muttered in his heart but he dared not say it aloud. There was no way that he would be a desolate immortal cultivator.

The desolate immortals were the fallen ones and they existed only in the myths. Lu Qingyun had never thought that he was able to meet a desolate immortal in this age and time.

The old man said, “For thousands of years, I have lived in the darkness but soon, I will be emerging from this hole and will be the ruler of the Celestial Realm. You, Lu Qingyun, will be the witness to my eternal glory. All the most beautiful female cultivators in the Celestial Realm will be our depraved slaves and the most powerful fighters in the Celestial Realm will be our hounds as we restore the glory of our race.”

“Our?” Lu Qingyun asked.

“Yes, our. You will join hands with me as we forge a new era together. I shall be your master and you shall be my first disciple. We shall gather all the remnants of our desolate race and we shall rise against the Immortal Realm. Conquering the Celestial Realm is but our first small step.”

“What if I say no to you?” Lu Qingyun said weakly. He had no wish to join such an insane old man and moreover he was really not of his kind.

The old man smiled coldly, “I shall show you something that will change your mind and soon, you will be begging me to call me master.”

“I will definitely not change my mind,” Lu Qingyun was thinking weakly. Half of his soul had wanted to make a run for the entrance and half of his soul was now warning him to stay cool because he was definitely not a match for this old man and Number 2.

The old man had led him to a hall and he was saying casually, “This is the alchemy hall where I have kept most of the spirit herbs.”

Lu Qingyun was immediately intrigued by this hall because he could sniff that there were several spirit herbs that were around in this place that he had wanted…

But the old man did not stopped here. Instead he continued to walk deeper into the underground palace and after going through several halls, they had finally come to a large hallway with a large silver door that was ten times Lu Qingyun’s height.

Lu Qingyun knew that they were now deep underground and was intrigued by the entire place. All the hallways were too imposing and huge. How could an old man constructed something so big on his own?

The old man pushed the silver door opened with his profound force and they were soon in a large icy hall.

It was extremely cold inside and Lu Qingyun was feeling odd that this chamber seemed to be quite different from the other halls that he had been to.

“Come. You will find this to be your taste.”

The old man led him to view a beautiful casket and inside the casket, was a beautiful naked maiden with bronze hair who appeared to be sleeping.

The old man smiled lecherous as he looked at Lu Qingyun, “So what do you think of my Number 1? Isn’t she perfect?”

The naked sleeping maiden looked like a fallen goddess and her body exuded a sanctified aura.

Lu Qingyun was immediately flustered as he stammered, “I am a man of culture.”

The old man croaked with laughter, “So am I. She is my most perfect creation. The body of a saintess cultivator and the body parts of the high ranking desolate god-beasts.”

Then he began to caress her gently, “She shall also bear the next generation of our race. No doubt, the next generation of my race will be the most perfect immortal race to ever grace the heavens.”

Lu Qingyun was disgusted by this Master Inverse Chaos when he saw what he was doing and interrupted coldly, “Unfortunately, I’ve failed to see what it has to do with me…”

All of a sudden the old man had released his profound aura and he had sent Lu Qingyun’s sword to fly to a side!

As Lu Qingyun was about to take steps to defend himself, the old man had released the rest of his profound aura to weight down upon him, completely suppressing him to the ground!

This was too quick and too sudden!

Lu Qingyun did not even have the time to react at all!

Master Inverse Chaos smirked coldly, “I can tell that I’ve failed to impress you with my ambitions and do you really think that I am so senile as not to know what you are thinking? If you have acknowledged me as your master, I may very well keep you alive for the next few days but only for the next few days.”

Lu Qingyun was smiling bitterly as he struggled to get off the ground but the weight of the profound aura that was weighing upon him was that of a seventh realm cultivator. His own strength was completely outclassed!

He knew this old man was formidable but he had never expected that he would be a master of the profound arts and could manipulate profound energies to this extend.

“What do you want with me?” he bitterly said. This was a question that he wanted to know. Because he knew that his old man could smack him to the death at any time and he would be powerless to resist it. But at least he wanted to know what this old man had wanted to do by toying with him?

Maser Inverse Chaos chuckled coldly, “What do I want? You are so young and full of vitality while I am just an old man that can’t even copulate with this beautiful creation of mine. Of course I want to suck all your vitality in order to restore my youth. As someone from my own kind, you should be proud of your puny existence for being a timely vessel for me. Don’t worry, I shall always remember this special favor. To think that I will actually be worried about my looks before my Number 1 wakes up. I must say that you have really come in a nick of time…”

“Yan’Er now!!!” Lu Qingyun shouted as he had broken free of the suppressing aura. While the old man was babbling about his achievements, Lu Qingyun had combined his profound strength with Yan’Er to lift the suppressing aura.

At the same time a half-step divine sword had flashed in Lu Qingyun’s hand and was sent flying toward the old man.

Master Inverse Chaos was startled that Lu Qingyun had another divine sword. Just as he mustered his profound strength to knock aside the flying divine sword, there was another divine sword that had suddenly flown toward him!

He was so startled by the sudden appearance of the third divine sword that he was not able to knock the third flying sword aside in a timing manner and the third flying sword had knocked him backward.

Just as the old man was cursing, “How many divine swords do you actually have…” a beautiful slender hand had suddenly grabbed around his neck; it was the hand of the beautiful naked maiden that was sleeping in the casket and she had just woke up from her slumber.

As the old man was muttering, “Number 2, help me…” the beautiful fingers of this naked maiden had turned into sharp talons as it sunk into his neck, draining the life out of him…

Lu Qingyun was startled by the sudden change in events. As he ran to the entrance, he had also recalled all his divine swords.

As he took a last look inside, the beautiful naked maiden had metamorphed into a titanic being that were three times her original size with elongated armored neck, talons and legs. Although she was half a size smaller than Number 2, her right talons had just run through Number 2 with a thunderous impact, proving that size did not matter to her.

With her other elongated left talons, she had lifted and swung Number 2 like a weightless object to crash thunderous into the wall.

And her brilliant scarlet eyes were staring murderously at Lu Qingyun, “Kill…Kill…”

Lu Qingyun was stunned, “This Number 2 is so useless…”

Number 2 was of course not that useless and the wounds that it had received were quickly regenerated. It was muttering, “Master orders me to save him…”

But Number 2 never got the chance to speak further because Number 1 had suddenly jumped on him and crashed its skull with her monstrous sharp talons!

Lu Qingyun had no stomach to watch further. He had immediately bolted from where he was watching!

And behind him, he could feel the tracing aura of Number 1 that was homing on him!

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