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Chapter 123: The Desolate Sacred Maiden

Lu Qingyun was now in the Alchemy Hall and he was searching greedily. There were many hundreds of rare spirit herbs in this hall and quite a few were spirit herbs that could only be found in the Red Death Valley. These were the ones that he had needed for his sixth rank alchemy divine pill!

There were also many thousand year spirit herbs that took several hundred years to grow in spirit form before materializing for just a single year before vanishing into spirit forms again.

Lu Qingyun was muttering, “That insane old man really has a treasure trove of spirit herbs. I feel so bad that I am taking them all. He must have taken several hundred years or even thousands of years to cumulative all these rare spirit herbs.”

Yan’Er yawned softly, “Master, why do you want these spirit herbs and roots for?”

Lu Qingyun laughed softly, “To make spirit pills, Yan’Er. I’ve already exhausted all the spirit herbs that I had brought with me to the Heavens Ridge Villa. In fact with these spirit herbs, I may soon breakthrough to the fifth alchemist realm.”

Yan’Er had an uninterested look on her before she silently disappeared into Lu Qingyun’s inner spiritual sea. “Master, I am going to cultivate. Cultivating is more interesting than looking at these spirit herbs!”

“No, Yan’Er. These are much more interesting than cultivating…” Lu Qingyun was muttering but Yan’Er had decided to ignore her master and had sealed her spirit senses, refusing to listen anymore to her master’s blabbering.

Lu Qingyun sighed softly, “This doesn’t make any sense. My spirit entity will actually like cultivating more than I do. Talk about cultivating from the same spirit and sharing the same interest. It seems that the ancient books have a lot of misinformation…”

But his eyes were soon distracted by the jars of exotic spirit herbs that were laid in front of him as he inspected the shelves. Knowing that his spatial ring and belt had only a limited space, he could only endured his heartache as he picked only the ones that he truly needed.

“Alas, I can make some high grade spirit pills with these spirit herbs…but ‘soft sigh’, why am I so poor that I cannot afford a better spatial ring?”

Suddenly he had spotted a spirit herb with a light reddish glow and he was excited. “Isn’t this the Red Mist Roots?” This was one of the main ingredient herbs that he had been seeking for the sixth rank divine pill that he was trying to create!

“Rongren…bring me the torch for a closer look…” He had turned his hand behind to grab the torch but instead of grabbing the torch, he had grabbed something ‘soft’ and ample. With an awkward look, he had realized that he had grabbed Lu Rongren’s bosom by accident.

He heaved a soft sigh, “Luckily she is not able to react naturally…”

All of a sudden Lu Rongren’s eyes had turned to a desolate purple and she had raised her palm to slap Lu Qingyun!

As Lu Qingyun had sensed the attack, he quickly stumbled backward with great alarm and the slap had missed him narrowly. However, the same could not be said to the shelves that were behind him as it exploded into a pile of debris by the sheer martial shockwave of her palm!

“My Red Mist Roots!” Lu Qingyun was alarmed.

“Yan’Er, I need you! Come out!” he panicky called out for Yan’Er.

But Yan’Er had shut all her spirit senses. Even if an earthquake was in the vicinity, she would not be able to hear him…

Lu Qingyun was smiling bitterly as he quickly flashed his godly divine sword, “I shouldn’t have forced Yan’Er to go into alchemy…when I need her the most, she is in deep meditation. Alas, why did I have to teach Yan’Er to be a cultivator in the first place…”

He did not need Yan’Er to use his full strength but he needed Yan’Er to control the former Number 1/ Lu Rongren.

But despite his panicky reactions, the former Number 1 did not make any further move but instead she was shaking as she stared with deadly killing intent at him!

Lu Qingyun said panicky, “Don’t you remember who you are anymore? You are my sister Lu Rongren and I am your brother Lu Qingyun. We are on the same side…”

The beautiful and sanctified maiden had slowly increased the strength of profound aura and there was a suffocating oppression that was in the air. Slowly she said with great coldness, “Who is your sister? Do you know who I am?”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly and did not reply to her. He was looking for a weakness so that he could flee once he had the chance. But at the moment, he was being cornered to the wall by her…

The beautiful and sanctified maiden said coldly, “I am the Desolate Sacred Maiden Yue Lingxi! How dare you defile my body?”

Lu Qingyun said weakly, “I did nothing. When I have found you, you are already like this. In fact, I have rescued you from the hands of that Master Inverse Chaos.”

When she had heard the name of the Master Inverse Chaos, she began to shudder and it was as though she had recalled something.

She slowly muttered, “I…recall…”

The scenes that had just happened earlier when she was awakened began to flash rapidly in her beautiful desolate purple eyes…

All of a sudden she did something that was so horrifying that caused Lu Qingyun to be stupefied; she had suddenly flashed her fingers into her abdomen and had pulled out the alien tendrils that were in her body!

Her mouth was foaming golden blood as she did so but she continued to do so as though she could not feel any pain until she pulled the last of the alien tendrils out. After she had done so, her face was really pale and she was covered with her own cold sweat.

After Lu Qingyun had seen what she had just did, he had wanted to vomit out but he used all his will to suppress himself from doing so.

Although he had wanted to attack her at her weakened state but he was trembling so much that he had actually did not know how to react to this scene.

Lu Qingyun was staring at her golden blood that had spilled out of her body. Although she did not have any golden eyes but her blood was actually golden? Only a cultivator who had attained to the fifth realm golden celestial level would have golden blood in their veins. She was actually a high level cultivator after all?

He saw that her wounds were quickly regenerating. This was also a special characteristic of the golden celestials, the ability to quickly regenerate their wounds but her wounds were regenerating at an astonishing rate, like the Metamorphs that he had seen earlier. This was a little too rapid even for a golden saint…

She said weakly but coldly, “Who are you? You actually have the annihilating force that is within you?”

Lu Qingyun had heard Yan’Er referring that he had the annihilating force on a number of occasions now. But he had no idea what it was. And now this maiden who called herself Yue Lingxi was asking him about the annihilating force.

He could only reply weakly, “I am Lu Qingyun and I’ve no idea what this annihilating force is.”

Yue Lingxi said slowly, “On account that you have just saved my life. On account that we are of the same kind, I shall spare you today. Tell no one about my existence.”

Then she returned a faint smile, “One day, when you have finally recalled who you are, don’t forget that you may still have an ally somewhere.”

In the next blink of an eye, she had vanished in a flash of misty light as she said. “Lu…Qingyun…I’ll remember…you.”

Lu Qingyun heaved a sigh of relief that she was gone and he was quickly on the ground in a great panic, “Where is my Red Mist Roots?! Where is it? I hope it is not destroyed…”

“And when did I save her life?”

He did not know that he had accidentally caused the subconscious of Yue Lingxi to reawaken once again by feeding her an overdose of the starforge substances.

The hunchback old man Master Inverse Chaos had suppressed her subconscious completely in order to recreate her to be his Number 1. However when Lu Qingyun had given her the starforge pill, it ended up suppressing her Number 1 consciousness and resurface her subconscious again.

“There you are!” Lu Qingyun smiled with great relief when he had found the Red Mist Root intact.

“It seems that I can’t stay here for too long. There may be other Metamorphs around and she may still change her mind about letting me go. I’ve better hurry out of here…”

With that, he had sped out of the Alchemy Hall in great haste.

As he made his way to the entrance of the underground palace, he was musing. “I had a sister just a while ago and now I had none…”

When he had exited the underground palace, he did not know that Yue Lingxi was quietly watching him in the shadows with her spiritual perception…

Just as she thought of following him, she was quite startled by the presence of two seventh realm experts that her spirit sense had detected that were outside. Therefore she quietly withdrew her spiritual presence and had faded into the darkness.

Yue Lingxi was muttering in the darkness, “Your wicked eyes have seen my entire body. Do you think that I will let you go just like this? But first, I have to retrieve the Horizon of the Heavens first…”

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