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Chapter 129: The Horizon of the Heavens

Red Death Valley;

Yue Lingxi slowly woke up from her slumber.

With a light tremble, she had tiptoed on the ground and her profound aura was like feathered wings that shook all the dirt and debris from her body.

Her profound aura was a deep purple unlike the golden auras of the golden celestials and even her eyes were now a brilliant violet.

She took a curious look at her surroundings before she chuckled softly, “So this is the Celestial Realm! To think that the Celestial Realm will be such an ideal place for the Desolate Immortals. It is…really such a surprise. Now I’ve finally known where all the desolate forces had gone to after the Great God Pangu had sundered the Gods Realm into the Three Known Realms. It is all hidden under the mountains of the Celestial Realm.”

The Gods Realm (天神界) was once the home realm of the Desolate Immortals where they ruled over all of creations. But the Great God Pangu had defeated the Desolate Immortals and had driven them to the Desolate Realm(莽荒界). As for the Gods Realm, the Great God Pangu had split it into the Three Known Realms that were collectively known as the Immortal Realm(神界), Celestial Realm(天界) and the Mortal Realm(人间界).

She heaved a soft sigh and had a stupefied look, “To think that the Desolate Leaders of the Ancient Fortress had all wasted their lives in invading the Immortal Realm and ended up being defeated by the Pangu Immortals in the Immortal Realm. Even the Ancient Fortress was lost to the Pangu Immortals…”

There was a drop of tear that tickled onto the ground as she moaned the demise of her once glorious race.

Not only had the Pangu Immortals claimed the Ancient Fortress but even the Desolate Realm had fallen to the Pangu Immortals.

“Is this to be the final fate of the first immortals?” she lamented quietly.

She continued to lament for some time before she took out the Horizon of the Heavens. In order to obtain this Horizon of the Heavens, she had sacrificed half of her desolate strength to transmigrate forcefully to the Celestial Realm in order to find it.

Along the way, she had met an old desolate immortal who had largely lost his desolate strength and she had put in a blind faith to trust him but he turned out to have a nefarious intention. Not only did he steal her Horizon of the Heavens from her hands but he had also captured her to turn her into his vile experiments.

This Horizon of the Heavens was extremely important to her. It was because hidden within the Horizon of the Heavens, was one-tenth of the profound might of the Great Rift God Xuan Yuan.

Although it was only one-tenth of the Great Rift God Xuan Yuan’s strength but this was enough to restore all her lost desolate strength and to propel her to a greater immortal cultivator!

Who was the Great Rift God? At his peak, he was said to be able to contest with the Great God Pangu. Naturally he was a beyond divinity immortal and was an extreme immortal of great strength.

When he had fallen after fighting in the failed invasion of the Immortal Realm, he had imbued the last of his profound might into an ancient artefact and this ancient artefact was the Horizon of the Heavens.

She was now holding onto the Horizon of the Heavens with her trembling fingers. “That fool Inverse Chaos, he had such a profound treasure in his hands and yet he was unable to comprehend any of its secrets. He is indeed old and reached the end of his potential. No wonder his mind was so warped that he had taken the unorthodox path. This is the difference between us.”

The Horizon of the Heavens was a silver shard that was the size of her palm. With just a few touches of her fingers, it had changed into a silver scroll.

With eager anticipation, she unfolded the scroll and there was a smile on her countenance. Dozens of immortal intricate formulas were instantly revealed to her. But these cultivation intricate formulas were not the ones that she was seeking.

Within the Horizon of the Heavens, was the ultimate desolate power and that was the one that she was seeking.

Time passed, she had finally figured out that these immortal intricate formulas were not random lines but was a hidden doorway to the Horizon of the Heavens. As the Desolate Sacred Maiden of the Citadel of Chaos Mysteries, she was not a stranger to this type of hidden cryptography.

Eventually the Horizon of the Heavens was glowing with a reddish hue and her eager eyes were excited. “This is too easy. I am indeed a monstrous genius of my race.”

Then a cryptic message was revealed and she was stunned.

“Only a wielder of the major annihilating force will be able to open the secrets within.”

“This is impossible…” Yue Lingxi was completely stupefied.

The annihilating force was divided into three power levels; the lesser, the minor and the major.

Any practitioner of the desolate force could practice the lesser annihilating force. It was not actually difficult and it would require some ten thousand years to do so. She was a high level practitioner of the chaos desolate force and she was confident that she may be able to accomplish this feat in a thousand year.

However the minor annihilating force was another matter. Most of the high level desolate immortal cultivators of annihilating force were lucky enough to reach the minor annihilating force level. As a major practitioner of the chaos desolate force, if she cultivated extremely hard for the next hundred thousand years, there may be a chance that she could cultivate to this level. But that would mean that she had to sacrifice her major chaos desolate force in order to do so, becoming a minor practitioner of the minor annihilating force.

This was a step backward for her!

As for the major annihilating force, the Great Rift God was the only desolate immortal who had ever attained to this lofty peak and he was the first immortal.

Yue Lingxi was a third generation desolate immortal and in her heart, she knew that even with her monstrous talent, she would never be able to surpass the geniuses of the first immortals.

Or else, she would not have thought of sacrificing half of her chaos desolate force in order to transmigrate to the Celestial Realm to track down the Horizon of the Heavens. Moreover in order to obtain the whereabouts of the Horizon of the Heavens, her fellow desolate immortals of the Citadel of Chaos Mysteries had paid a heavy price for it and they were mostly killed by the Alluring Goddess Theresa.

The Alluring Goddess Theresa was not a Pangu Immortal but a First Desolate Immortal of the Oracle Citadel.

When the Great Rift God was killed, he had imbued the remnants of his immortal strength into the Horizon of the Heavens so that one day, the desolate immortals would make a comeback with his strength.

In order to track down the Horizon of the Heavens, which was also a desolate artefact which had vanished through time and space, the Citadels of the Chaos Mysteries and the Oracle had setup a massive immortal array to divine the whereabouts of the Horizon of the Heavens.

At the most crucial moment, the Alluring Goddess Theresa was revealed to be a traitor of the desolate immortals and the massive immortal array was destroyed by her.

Although the massive immortal array was destroyed, she had a hint of the whereabouts of the Horizon of the Heavens.

Making full use of the confusion and by sacrificing half of her desolate strength, she had successfully transmigrated into the Celestial Realm.

She could not understand why even a mighty figure like the Alluring Goddess Theresa had chosen to betray the desolate immortals. The Alluring Goddess Theresa was a Great Goddess and a beyond divinity immortal whose strength was said to equal the Great Rift God.

If she could obtain the Horizon of the Heavens, her desolate strength would grow even more powerful and there was not a chance that the Pangu Immortals would conquer the desolate immortals. In fact, she could even be the next ruler of the Six Realms of Divinity.

But she had chosen to destroy the immortal array, betray the desolate immortals and be a dog of the Pangu Immortals!

Yue Lingxi muttered with utter sadness, “I don’t understand. This is complete madness.”

During the Desolate Immortals-Pangu Immortals conflict, a third of the Desolate Immortals had defected to the side of the Pangu Immortals. This caused the immortal war to swing to the side of the Pangu Immortals.

Almost overnight, the Ancient Fortress of the Desolate Immortals was overrun by the Pangu Immortals and even the Desolate Realm was not spared by the counter-attack of the Pangu Immortals.

What turned out to be an invasion of the Immortal Realm by the Desolate Immortals was completely reversed by the Pangu Immortals.

She actually did not have any sympathy for the dead desolate immortals though, not even for the Great Rift God. The ways of the desolate immortals were their chaotic nature and they were cold even to their own kind. And she was no exception.

Power was everything to the desolate immortals and might was right. This was their way of life since the dawn of time.

A few options were now laid out in front of her now.

One; return to the Desolate Realm with the Horizon of the Heavens. Even without the profound power of the Great Rift God, the Horizon of the Heavens was still a mighty desolate artefact.

Two; cultivate the annihilating force to the major annihilating force level. The desolate mists in the Celestial Realm would be a perfect cultivation place for her. Maybe in a million years, she may finally be able to obtain the profound power of the Great Rift God.

Three; Look for a practitioner with the annihilating force potential and to trick him into obtaining the profound power for her.

Her desolate eyes were soon flashing and she had a faint smile, “Lu…Qing…Yun…”

It was a good thing that she still had a trace of her profound tracing on him. “We are going to meet again real soon.” There was a hint of light flushes on her and she was secretly smiling to herself.

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