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Chapter 131: Battle of the Wits

Lu Qingyun had rushed to the heaven gate entrance of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

He thought that he had better stopped this ‘Sister’ of his from entering the Heavens Ridge Villa before it was too late to stop her.

Shi Guanyin and Lie Xingyuan were a little startled by his panicky rush to the heaven gate. They had thought that he was actually too excited at the prospect of meeting his sister instead.

When Lu Qingyun had reached the heaven gate, an extremely beautiful maiden was standing quietly in wait and quite a number of protégés were captivated by her astonishing allure.

But only Lu Qingyun knew best; this extremely beautiful maiden was actually dangerous!

They did not see the way that she had transformed into a terrifying desolate monster nor did they see how emotionless she was when she ripped her body parts out. If they had known, they would be panicking like he was now.

Yue Lingxi smiled when she saw Lu Qingyun, “My…brother!”

Lu Qingyun stammered when he saw her, “Erm…sister…”

Lie Xingyuan was most astonished when she saw Yue Lingxi. She did not know that Lu Qingyun actually had such a beautiful sister. It seemed that the good looks gene actually run in their family.

Even Shi Guanyin expressed a little surprise when she saw Yue Lingxi as she thought, “This maiden seems to give out an extraordinary mystifying air. I wonder if she is a cultivator?”

Most celestials in the Celestial Realm were born celestials and not everyone was an active cultivator. A large majority of the celestials were actually in the first realm and second realm.

In the eyes of the high level cultivators like Celestial Shi Guanyin, only those celestials that were at the third realm were considered to be true cultivators.

Lu Qingyun knew that Yue Lingxi had regained her consciousness and was not Number 1 or even his sister. But why was she here now and even claiming to visit ‘this brother’?

Yue Lingxi looked at Lu Qingyun intently and knitted her thin brows. She had recognized the annihilating force that was within him when she had regained her consciousness. But she had failed to evaluate the profound strength of his annihilating force at that time.

Therefore this time she was determined to take a detail reading of his annihilating force as she recited her mystic arts silently.

But to her great disappointment, he had only a tiny trace of the annihilating force. It did not even register even as lesser, minor or major of the annihilating force as it was too rudimentary.

Lu Qingyun felt a little odd that Yue Lingxi was just staring at him. Even Lie Xingyuan and Shi Guanyin were also feeling a little odd here.

Yue Lingxi searched her memories again. It was impossible for Lu Qingyun to have such a tiny trace of desolate energy. Totally impossible!

It was because when she had regained her consciousness, she had clearly remembered that there was a strong lingering desolate aura around him and she had identified the origin as the annihilating force. But now this strong desolate aura had simply faded away? How could it be?

She searched deeper into her memories and into her sub-consciousness when she was Number 1.

Number 1 had suddenly awakened because she was suddenly aroused by a burst of pure desolate energy that had suddenly exploded and this pure desolate energy had come from Lu Qingyun and not Master Inverse Chaos.

This pure desolate energy had appeared when Lu Qingyun had mustered his profound aura and it was so strong that it had lingered on him even she had awakened from her sub-consciousness. He had to be a least a lesser annihilating force practitioner.

So she smiled and said to him, “Brother Lu Qingyun. Long time no see. How about you show your sister how strong you are now by displaying your profound strength for me to take a closer look?”

When he had displayed his profound strength, she would be able to tell the degree of his mastery of the annihilating force by the strength of his profound aura alone.

Lu Qingyun was startled that she had suddenly made such a request. He did not mind displaying his profound aura for her to see even though he did not know her real purpose for asking him to do so. But he was not stupid and he knew that she must have a purpose for asking him to do so. As for what purpose it was, he could not figure it out at the moment.

So he smiled wryly, “My dear sister, I am cultivating my heart at the moment. It is best that I do not show off in public here.”

Yue Lingxi: …

The dozens of protégés who were on sentry duty were all muttering among themselves and they were secretly laughing at Lu Qingyun.

“Tsk, tsk. Our senior brother is only a low level cultivator so he is naturally shy to show off in front of his sister…”

“Cultivating the heart…what a perfect excuse to say. We should all learn from our senior brother next time…Hahaha…”

“Didn’t know that our senior brother actually has such a lovely sister…”

“Although he has won the latest core protégés competition but it seems to be rigged and until now, we have yet to see how impressive he is…”

“Do you all remember at that time when Supremacy Wen had come? I had heard that our senior brother actually collapsed when he was being challenged!”

“But there are some rumors that our senior brother is actually quite strong. Yes or no?”

“These are just rumors that are spread by the female protégés who had never seen a handsome face before. Frankly speaking, I am even more handsome than him!”

“You are more handsome than senior brother? Don’t make me puke…”

Yue Lingxi responded coldly to Lu Qingyun’s remarks, “In that case, why don’t you show me in private?”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Actually sister, can you leave?”

Yue Lingxi, Lie Xingyuan, Shi Guanyin: …

Lie Xingyuan was startled. Did she just hear correctly? Her Senior Brother Lu Qingyun was asking his sister that he had just met to just leave like this?

Yue Lingxi smiled before she titled her head near Lu Qingyun to whisper in secret, “Do you believe that with a wave of my hand, I can take away your life? So you have better be wise up and show me your profound strength. Unless of course, you want to force me to attack you?”

Lu Qingyun was startled when he had heard her. He quickly composed his mind to think of a life saving measure. Then he had an idea so he whispered back, “I’m betting that you dare not.”

Yue Lingxi hummed coldly, “Do you want to take a bet on that?”

Lu Qingyun whispered, “I have no doubt that you can take away my life but if I am wrong about your current strength, it should be between the sixth and the seventh realm?”

Yue Lingxi smirked coldly, “That is good enough to take away the life of a low level cultivator like you.”

Lu Qingyun nodded, “Sure you can but my master won’t be pleased and you won’t be able to escape.”

“Your master? Why would I fear your master?” Yue Lingxi hummed coldly.

“My master is a peaked seventh realm expert. Surely with your spirit sense, it is not hard to miss a cultivator on that level?” Lu Qingyun whispered.

He knew that Qin Keqin was in reclusion at the forbidden grounds of the Heavens Ridge Villa. Left with no other choices, he had decided to scare this Yue Lingxi maiden off. After all, Qin Keqin was the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing and she was indeed an upper seventh realm sacred saint cultivator. So he was not exactly lying.

Yue Lingxi shuddered a little. She had suddenly remembered sensing the presence of two great saintesses in the Red Death Valley. So it was likely that Lu Qingyun was not lying to her.

However she was not a fool to take in his words totally. So she extended her spiritual perception to probe the vicinity for the sighting of any unusual strong profound aura.

To her startled shock, there was indeed a peaked seventh realm cultivator in the vicinity and this peak seventh realm cultivator had unusually strong profound aura. The instant that she had probed onto this peak seventh realm cultivator, this peak seventh realm cultivator was already alerted to her presence!

But that was not all, there was also a beyond divinity cultivator that had also sensed her spiritual probing.

Yue Lingxi had turned ashen immediately and she was even afraid. It was as though she had just entered a lion den by accident!

When Lu Qingyun saw her expression, he knew that his ruse had somehow worked and he was secretly relieved. But he also sighing as this reminded him of his disparity with the maiden of his heart…

“Am I good enough for her?”

Yue Lingxi shot him a woeful glance, “You…you! I have come to look for you with the best of intentions and yet you do not know. You do not know what it is good for you!”

With that she had quickly flashed away, astonishing Lie Xingyuan, Shi Guanyin and the rest of the protégés who did not expect her to be actually a high level cultivator.

Lu Qingyun scratched his forehead as he muttered, “I do not know what is good for me? What does she means by that?”

Lie Xingyuan was smiling, “Senior brother, your sister’s swiftness movement skill is really astonishing. I think she is even better than you.”

Lu Qingyun looked at her with a weak smile, “Indeed.”

Then he heaved a soft sigh, “Xingyuan, are you really…joining the…Heavenly Fragrance Villa?”

Lie Xingyuan averted her glances, “So senior brother, you have already known about it. Yes, I am. I’ve wanted to tell you after the meal…”

“I am really happy for you. This is a dream come true for many…” Lu Qingyun murmured softly and there was a trembling heartache that was within him.

“My only regret is that I won’t be on the side of senior brother anymore…I will no longer be able to take care of senior brother…” Lie Xingyuan’s eyes were extremely melancholy and her eyes were afraid to look at Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun suddenly said, “Xingyuan, as long as I know where you are. One day I will come to look for you!”

Lie Xingyuan smiled weakly, “Why do you want to look for me? Aren’t you afraid of inviting gossips? A protégé of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa can’t get marry. That is the clan rule.”

“That is because we are friends. We’re best friends, Xingyuan. Why can’t I visit you?” Lu Qingyun said quietly.

Lie Xingyuan slowly lifted her head to look affectionately at him. There seemed to be many unspoken things that were on her mind but eventually she smiled, “Then you must share with me how many hearts of the maidens that you’ve broken when you come to look for me. I will be really curious to know.”

Lu Qingyun: …

“Xingyuan, why do you say that?”

Lie Xingyuan lowered her voice to a whisper, “That beautiful maiden earlier isn’t your sister right? I saw the look that she had given to her when she had left and it looked like you had just broken her poor heart.”

Lu Qingyun: …

“If I tell you that she wants to kill me, would you believe me?”

“I think that all the heartbroken maidens in the world can’t wait to kill the man that has let them down. What do you think?” Lie Xingyuan returned a faint smile.

Lu Qingyun: …

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