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Chapter 132: Beyond Divinity Cultivator

Yue Lingxi was fleeing as quickly as possible.

It was because she knew that a beyond divinity cultivator was now chasing her deep into the mountains.

She wished that she had wings now and could plunge into the desolate mists that were below the mountains.

Her greatest mistake was that she had greatly overestimated herself and she did not expected that there would be two such high level cultivation expert in this small place.

And right now her beautiful form was fleeing extremely fast through the mountains as she hoped to shake off her pursuer.

“Where do you think you are going?” a voice said right behind her.

She gasped as a powerful profound force began to ripple onto her before slamming her hard onto the mountain.

As she slid down the mountain, she saw a youthful old man with white hair was the one that had attacked her.

She gasped, “Who are you?!”

“I should be the one that is asking you instead!” The youthful old man coolly said. “I’m just surprised that there will actually be a desolate immortal that is able to sneak into the lower realm. Your background must indeed be extremely astonishing. You may call me the Three-Destinies Old Man!”

Yue Lingxi had never known the meaning of fear but in front of this youthful old man who had a little hunchback, she was suddenly afraid.

But of course she was not going to give up without a single fight. That was not the way of the desolate immortals!

“If you want to know my name, you can ask when you are in the void!” she had raised her fingers and several shrieking sounds of the winds could be heard gathering furiously around her.

“The Gathering Windforces of the Demonic Wolf Sword!”

Several wind blades in the shape of a demonic wolf, strong enough to rip apart any ordinary fifth realm golden celestials, were rushing at her attacker.

The Three-Destinies Old Man was startled at the display of her profound force that he was gasping, “The desolate might of the Chaos Mysteries! You are a desolate immortal of the Citadel of Chaos Mysteries?”

Yue Lingxi was smiling coldly, “Now that you know how fearsome I am? It is already too late. This is our citadel’s most powerful technique…”

All of a sudden her smiles had completely vanished when the Three-Destinies Old Man had raised his palm and imploded her Gathering of Windforces of the Demonic Wolf Sword into nothingness.

Yue Lingxi was secretly startled. This was not possible…not possible at all…this old man did not even use any power techniques and just by using the strength of his profound force, he had completely dissipated her profound power technique.

She quickly flickered with her fingers and a divine sword was in her hand. “Die, old man!”

A barrage of ice shots and penetrating kinetic bolts from her divine sword flew as energy waves toward the Three-Destinies Old Man.

Three golden globes of light flashed and hovered around the old man as the sword energies of her divine sword were all completed deflected or dissipated by the three hovering golden globes.

Yue Lingxi gasped with disbelief as she quickly took several steps back, “The Invincible Divine Force?! You are a Pangu Immortal? You are the Western Paradise Heavenly King of the Thirty-Three Heavens?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man rubbed his nose and thought, “Since she had thought that I am him, no harm pretending to be so.” So he smiled, “Indeed I am!”

Then he asked, “So you are the Desolate Sacred Maiden Yue Lingxi?”

Yue Lingxi lifted her eyes to nod proudly, “Indeed I am. If I…haven’t sacrificed half of my desolate strength to transmigrate to this realm, do you think that you will be standing right now in front of me?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man growled softly, “Don’t be too hasty in making this judgment yet. All Thirty-Three Heavenly Kings of the Pangu Immortals are capable of fighting the Desolate Lords of the Twelve Citadels.”

“And how many of the Thirty-Three Heavenly Kings are now left?” Yue Lingxi lit a cold smile. “Only a third of the Thirty-Three Heavenly Kings are the more capable fighters. The rest are like useless trash in the eyes of the Desolate Lords like me.”

Yue Lingxi was a Desolate Lord of the Citadel of Chaos Mysteries and she was an eighth rank positioning desolate immortal. The Great Rift Lord and the Alluring Goddess Theresa were both ninth rank positioning desolate immortals and she was just an immortal rank below them.

The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled, “After losing half of your desolate might, can you still considered yourself to be a Desolate Lord? I think that you are just barely at the sacred saint level here. How can you fight me? Even the weakest of the Thirty-Three Heavenly King will be able to take you down without any real effort. Don’t you think so?”

Yue Lingxi replied coldly, “I still have many secret skills and weapons that I have not taken out yet.” Although this part was the truth but in reality her legs were trembling nonstop under her skirt. After all, she was facing a beyond divinity cultivator and a beyond divinity cultivator was at least a ninth rank positioning immortal.

Even if she was at the peak of her strength, it was extremely difficult to defeat a ninth rank positioning immortal cultivator. There was a reason why the ninth rank positioning immortals were known as the beyond divinity cultivators.

The Three-Destinies Old Man walked calmly to her and said, “Surrender and return with me to the Immortal Realm. I can promise you that you will be treated well…”

All of a sudden Yue Lingxi had taken out the Horizon of the Heavens and morphed it into a beautiful silver feathered divine sword and a beam of brilliant white light exploded upon the Three-Destinies Old Man with an earth-shaking thunderous explosion!

Yue Lingxi did not wait to see if the old man could survive the explosion that was generated with all of her remaining profound strength. She knew that he would probably survive but he would surely take quite a big hit. After all, the Horizon of the Heavens was a saint grade desolate immortal artefact.

It was a lucky thing that she had deciphered quite a bit of the Horizon of the Heavens before she encountered this old man. Among the powerful immortal practices that she had learnt from the Horizon of the Heavens was to use it as a divine sword.

The Three-Destinies Old Man was caught off-guarded by the suddenly display of the brilliant explosion that had shook the mountains and he was thrown down from the mountain top.

After rolling down for a short while, he picked himself up and heaved a heavy sigh. “To think that I will actually be surprised by her. She has actually obtained the Horizon of the Heavens. It seems that there will not be any peace in the Immortal Realm soon. So she is seeking the power of the Great Rift Lord for herself…”

He took a quick look around before he straightened his back, “Lucky there is no one around to see this or I will really be a laughing stock in the future…”

“She is such an unpleasant maiden. Whoever takes her as his consort in the future will be in deep trouble…”

Yue Lingxi was delightful that she had managed to flee from the spiritual perception of the old man. In her desperate attempt to make an escape, she was forced to reveal the hidden card in her sleeves, the Horizon of the Heavens.

She knew that she had to move ahead with her plans now because the Pangu Immortals would soon know that she had the Horizon of the Heavens and would be hunting her down to seize this godly desolate artefact for themselves.

“Lu Qingyun, you are such a fool!” she cursed softly. “I would be willing to share the power with you if only if you sensible enough…”

She did not know that at this moment Lu Qingyun was feeling so clever of himself because he had forced her to take flight.

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