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Chapter 135: Sky Heaven Lithe

Qiuxiang Huan was in her room as she quietly examined the Sky Heaven Lithe curiously. The Sky Heaven Lithe was a white and blue feathered dress.

This Sky Heaven Lithe was given to her Yue Lingxi.

At first when it was given to her, she had completely disregarded it and thought that it was just a tattered dress. But after she had worn it, she started to feel that her profound energies were now smoother and she could muster her profound strength to the peak of her martial power with half the effort.

She was truly astonished.

Moreover after three days, the Sky Heaven Lithe was fully as good as new. It did indeed have the ability to self-regenerate!

What she was wearing was a saint level treasure!

She had not believed Yue Lingxi when she had told her that the Sky Heaven Lithe was an immortal artefact. But now she was forced to believe it, because seeing is believing.

This feathered garb was even better than divine swords because it had the ability to enhance her cultivation growth while she was wearing it. She found it difficult not to wear it every night as she went to bed.

If she did not have the habit of changing to a new dress every day, she would have worn the Sky Heaven Lithe every single day. But to her, having some decency and face were equally important in the Clear Sky Pavilion. After all, she did not want the common protégés to gossip that she was wearing the same dress every day.

From that day onward, she was extremely polite to Yue Lingxi and whatever requests that she had made to her, she would readily try her best to accede to the best of her ability.

“Mistress, since you like this dress. I can get you more.”

Yue Lingxi had a shy look before she smiled, “Alright. Thank you!”

Suddenly Qiuxiang Huan had noticed that the dress that she had given to Yue Lingxi appeared to be slightly different now and was giving out a profound aura similarly to the Sky Heaven Lithe.

Yue Lingxi noticed her glances and casually said, “I have used a heavenly relic to weave this lovely dress into my new battle garb. After all, I can’t afford to let my opponents tear off my clothing anytime they please, do you agree with me?”

Qiuxiang Huan was stunned. Heavenly relics were the stuff of legends and divine swords were all made of the heavenly relics. Heavenly relics in its purest form were extremely hard to obtain and that was why divine swords were so highly sought. Often, a single divine sword was often the entire soul and life of an entire celestial clan and the celestial clans would go to battle over a single divine sword.

And yet, her new master had so casually used it on a dress that she saw no value in.

She was beginning to believe that her master was someone with a powerful background.

“Is she really what she claims to be?” Qiuxiang Huan began to wonder.

Below the Desolate Mists;

A pathetic figure was soon crawling on the ground and he was clutching dearly to a golden scroll. He was none other than Tang Bufan.

He had somehow survived the fall by landing on a wet ground. Although he had survived the fall but his legs were broken and that was why he was now crawling on the ground.

He cursed loudly to the heavens, “Qiuxiang Huan! How can you treat me in this manner! If I do not take revenge on you by making you my slave girl, I am not a man!”

But he was soon grinning. It was because the Sunflower Sacred Skill was real. In no time, he would be a fifth realm expert and he would be one of the strongest cultivators in New Empyrean City. When he had become a golden celestial, he would be able to restore his family honor and even the assassin guilds would cease their head bounty on him.

Then he would take his vendetta on all those that had slighted him. He simply could not wait for this day to come!

Finally he had found a cave.

To his shocked horror, there were dozens of skeletons in the cave.

“Why are there so many dead in this cave? Did they fall from the above as well?”

He took a quick look around and saw that this cave was large and it was actually part of a bigger cavern. But for now, he saw that he was safe.

The dozens of skeletons did not bother him either; it was because they had died a long time ago and he was not someone who was afraid of ghosts. Moreover he was a middle third realm expert and he could still defend himself with his sword even though he was incapable of moving his legs.

His priority now was to quickly recover his stamina through cultivation and began practice on the Sunflower Sacred Skill. Once he had mastered this invincible skill, he would climb up the mountains again to take his vengeance on Qiuxiang Huan.

“Huan, I will parade you naked for all to see in the Clear Sky Pavilion. I want everyone to trample upon your pride…”

With a gleeful thought, he had slowly unfolded the golden scroll to begin his practice.

The next line of the Sunflower Sacred Skill read; to begin practice, the practitioner must first unblock all his energy meridians first…

Tang Bufan was stunned by this line. It was because only a fourth realm energy level expert could fully unblock all their energy meridians and he was still far from it.

With a sad expression, he lamented loudly to the heavens. “Heavens! Do you want to destroy me?!”

All of a sudden he saw there were many characters on the wall. With a careful read, he muttered out. “The Nine Yang Rejuvenation Skill. The ultimate internal profound arts.”

He was now muttering with joy, “Heavens, you are so kind to me…”

It was because the next few lines of the Nine Yang Rejuvenation Skill had a secret method of unblocking all his energy meridians and could propel him to a fourth realm expert immediately!

Not only that, his profound strength would also be greatly empowered by the Nine Yang Rejuvenation Skill, turning him instantly into one of the strongest profound strength practitioner of the same level.

Tang Bufan was laughing jovially now. “Huan, it is all thanks to you that my misfortune has turned up to be such a great fortune.”

He was feeling that he was the favored son of the heavens and the main hero of the story. Heavens was indeed too kind to him!

Soon, he would be making his ultimate comeback and he would be unstoppable!

Tang Bufan felt like he was now the ultimate winner and he would be the greatest cultivator that comes every few centuries in the Nine Celestial Fraternity.

His name would soon be recorded in the annals of the Nine Celestial Fraternity and he would stand along the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing and Great Saintess Ye Jing.

Maybe he could even forcefully take the Great Saintess Ye Jing and Fan Yuqing to be his consorts at the same time.

Suddenly he was being very ambitious and with these two ultimate divine skills that he had just obtained, it was a very likely possibility.

Fifth realm expert?

That was too low an ambition for him now.

He would be a great saint! Great Saint Tang Bufan!

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