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Chapter 136: The Calm before the Storm (1)

A couple was now strolling along the merchant streets of New Empyrean City. The man was tall and was wearing a black curtain hat while the woman was donning a curtain veil that braided onto her hair.

Although the passers-by could not see the woman face clearly but her figure was extremely moving. Moreover, her beautiful thigh was quite visible and quite a few of the lewd men were looking at her legs.

This woman who also had a nice slim figure was cuddling warmly to the tall man and their arms were holding onto each other. It was really an enviable sight!



This enviable couple was actually Lu Qingyun and Qin Keqin.

Today, Qin Keqin had decided to take Lu Qingyun to the merchant district to train him up for the upcoming martial competition.

“Remember to take note of the prices of the wares that are in this place,” Qin Keqin smiled as she reminded Lu Qingyun.

Lu Qingyun stammered, “Alright…” Although memorizing the prices of the wares were easy enough but with Qin Keqin’s bosoms rubbing against him, he was too distracted to focus on his mission. Instead, he was secretly rubbing against her and he was enjoying the soft experiences.

“Lu Qingyun, Lu Qingyun…you are really such a lecherous man…” He scolded himself with a miserable look on his face. “You ought to cultivate your heart in earnest…”

Unknown to them, a slightly hunchback old man with a youthful appearance was secretly following them.

And this old man was the Three-Destinies Old Man and he cursing Lu Qingyun with a burning anger in his heart, “Lu Qingyun! Did you not promise me that you will leave her?! Why are you holding onto her now? You are nothing but a lecherous beast!”

All of a sudden he almost spurt blood when he saw that Lu Qingyun had suddenly placed his hand on Qin Keqin’s back and he was slowly moving his hands lower and lower…

Lu Qingyun had thought that there was no one who was looking his way and he was moving his trembling fingers to fondle Qin Keqin below…

Qin Keqin gasped softly before she shot him an icy look, “Yun’Er, we are in public…don’t…”

But Lu Qingyun did not heed her and had placed his fingers on her butt before Qin Keqin caught hold of his naughty hand with a chuckle, “Yun’Er, if you continue to do that, I am afraid that I will have to break your naughty fingers.”

“Haha,” Lu Qingyun responded with a weak smile. “If my Keqin wants to break my fingers then I’m afraid that you have to take care of me until I’ve recovered.”

“Fat hope!” Qin Keqin gave him a glance before saying shyly. “Let your Xingyuan takes care of you instead. I’m not free!”

Then she whispered shyly, “Control your naughty fingers and your lower body. Or else…”

“Or else what?” Lu Qingyun chuckled.

Qin Keqin smiled alluringly as she hinted, “Or else you will have to imagine the consequences!”

Lu Qingyun sighed softly, “My hands are beyond my control when it is around you…”

Qin Keqin pulled his hand with a soft laugh, “Come! Let’s take a look over there! I will help you to keep a good watch on your fingers from now on!”

“Keqin, I have two hands you know…”

“Go play with yourself with your other hand…”

Lu Qingyun rolled his eyes as he chuckled, “I need your other hand…”

The Three-Destinies Old Man almost spurt blood when he saw what Lu Qingyun was doing.

“He has actually dared to touch her down below!” The Three-Destinies Old Man was staring furiously and he was now a walking time bomb that could explode anytime. “This is too outrageous! If I don’t kill him today then I am not a man!”

As he watched, he grew angrier and angrier, nearly spurting blood on a number of occasions. It was because Lu Qingyun was now holding onto Qin Keqin and he was fondling her body.

Spurt blood!

Actually he had almost spurted blood and was about to explode all his profound power onto Lu Qingyun. In that instant, Lu Qingyun would surely be a dead man in the street.

But at the last minute, the Three Destinies Old Man suppressed all his anger because Qin Keqin was still around and he did not want her to see him. With great difficulty, he swallowed his anger and continued to watch with great agony.

Suddenly he saw that they were entering an inn.

He was immediately panicky!

“Are they opening a room together in that inn?! This is too reckless and outrageous!”

Qin Keqin had told Lu Qingyun when she saw the sign of the Four Happiness Inn, “The dishes here are pretty good. Why don’t you have a try? I know that you are hungry.”

Lu Qingyun was indeed hungry so he had answered, “Alright.”

They were soon ordering many dishes but it was only Lu Qingyun who was eating.

“Keqin, you are not eating?” he asked.

Qin Keqin smiled, “I have not touched ordinary food for many years now. Don’t worry, I will be alright. I just have some tea.”

It was the truth.

When a celestial is at the golden celestial level, they will no longer require any food or water. Just the spiritual energies alone will be able to sustain them.

The only foods that Qin Keqin bothered to take nowadays were the aromatic drinks and divine fruits. As for ordinary dishes, no matter how mouth tasting it was, she had no interest.

Lu Qingyun understood all these so he just helped himself with the dishes while they continued to chat.

The Three Destinies Old Man heaved a soft sigh of relief when he saw that they were just having a meal and was not there to reserve a room.

Qin Keqin was looking at Lu Qingyun and she was smiling, “Yun’Er, you look weary. Is it because you have so many things to remember?”

Lu Qingyun nodded as he gave a little yawn, “I think that there are too many dishes and I have eaten too full.”

Qin Keqin nodded, “Look at you. You eat as though you are like a kid. Next time don’t eat too fast. We have all the time in the world. Why don’t we go up to have a little nap? This is an inn after all. You can have some time to digest your meals before we take another walk around. It is still too early to go back to the clan.”

“Alright.” Lu Qingyun nodded.

“Steward, a room for two please.” Qin Keqin said to one of the stewards who were nearby.

The third floor of the inn was not large and there were about thirty people on this level. But ever since Qin Keqin and Lu Qingyun had stepped on this level, everyone was secretly looking at them.

It was because when they were having a meal, they had to remove their curtain veils and the instant that they had shown their appearances, everyone was startled by the magnificent couple; Qin Keqin was too beautiful and too peerless while Lu Qingyun was too dashing and charismatic.

Men and women were all looking at them from time to time, even the other couples that were nearby and no one seemed to mind if their other half was secretly looking at them.

When Qin Keqin had suddenly called out for the steward to ask for a room, everyone was secretly thinking;

“They are really bold to open a room in bold daylight.”

“This maiden is too shameless to take the initiative…”

“This man is too lucky! They are going to the room now…”

“What a bold and shameless couple…”

“This maiden is too revealing with her attire. Her legs are showing…”

All of a sudden the Three Destinies Old Man had turned red with anger when he saw that Lu Qingyun was holding onto Qin Keqin’s back as they went up another floor. Anything further up was the guest rooms already and they were opening a room!

“Lu Qingyun, I want to kill you now!” the Three Destinies Old Man was so boiling mad that the ground beneath him had sunk a feet, startling the nearby passers-by!

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