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Chapter 137: The Calm before the Storm (2)

The inn guest room was not large and there was a comfortable bed at the corner.

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “There is only a single bed. Surely Keqin you are not going to sit all the while I am taking a nap?”

Qin Keqin smiled, “I can read something while you are napping.”

“Alright then.” Lu Qingyun said as he took off his outer robe and just when he was about to jump onto the bed, Qin Keqin was also taking off her outer garment and had walked behind him.

He was staring blankly at her lingerie and her sensual front…

Qin Keqin yawned softly, “I feel sleepy all of a sudden and will like to rest as well. Yun’Er, quickly move aside. If you’re not jumping into the bed, I am going to do so!”

Lu Qingyun began to protest weakly, “We are sharing the same bed? This…isn’t such a good idea, am I right? After all, we are still not officially man and wife yet…”

But Qin Keqin had already jumped onto the bed and had rolled up the blanket before she chuckled softly, “So are you napping or not? Why are you pretending to be such a gentleman all of a sudden when you can’t even keep your hands off me?”

“Erm…that is two different matters…”

But Qin Keqin had already rolled to a side on the bed before she muttered sleepily, “Since you are such a gentleman, don’t you touch me while I am sleeping. Or else I won’t be too polite to you later.”

Lu Qingyun scratched his head for a second before he gave a soft sigh. He was already too sleepy to argue further and moreover he had eaten too full. So he quietly climbed onto the bed nervously.

But when he was on the bed, he found out that he was unable to close his eyes. Instead, he could sniff the sweet fragrance that was lingering on Qin Keqin.

“So that is how a maiden scent is like…” he was muttering to himself.

Quietly, he opened his eyes to look at her bare shoulder and back.

With a soft sigh, he muttered silently. “I am a gentleman. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of Keqin while she is sleeping. Moreover she needs her rest.”

So he closed his eyes to take a nap.

But after a few minutes of napping, he had suddenly realized that he was actually not that sleepy anymore and was awakened.

Slowly he opened his eyes to look at the bareback of Qin Keqin…

He muttered silently, “I am a gentleman…”

But his sheepish eyes were already looking below her lower body and were staring at her exposed legs.

Lu Qingyun was suddenly afflicted by the lust-demon and his eyes were on fire. The longer that he had stared at her legs, his internal fires were also getting bigger at the same time.

“This is too sinful. I have better closed my eyes…”

But his eyes continued to stare at her legs and her sensual body.

Finally, he reached out to touch her skirt with nervous fingers before he lifted the skirt slowly up.

His eyes slowly grew wider as he muttered blankly, “I am a man of culture and I’m cultivating my heart…”

He gulped his saliva as he stared at her fertile region and was immediately hard on.

“Lu Qingyun, you are such a beast!” he scolded himself silently. “To think that you dare to call yourself a gentleman. Why are you such a lustful animal in front of the maiden of your heart? Do you want your image to completely shatter in front of her?”

Unknown to him, Qin Keqin was only pretending to be sound asleep and her golden eyes were actually opened. She had already had more than her share of sleep while she was doing her cultivation retreat. It was only a white lie that she had told Lu Qingyun that she was sleepy.

When they were on the same bed, she was thinking. “So it is how a couple sleeps together…”

Right now, she was aware that Lu Qingyun had secretly lifted her skirt up and was staring at her most forbidden part. With her seventh realm sense, it was not hard for her not to know what he was doing even though she had not turned her head around.

Her countenance was flushing hotly when she had suddenly realized what Lu Qingyun was doing with his eyes but she did not stop him.

“I hope that you don’t go too far or I don’t know how I will react,” she was silently saying to herself.

Slowly Lu Qingyun had lowered down her skirt as he covered her with the blanket before he sighed with great remorse in his heart, “Keqin, I have already violated you with my eyes. Therefore from today onward you are my consort and I will surely be with you till ends of the heavens.”

Qin Keqin smiled with a sigh of relief when Lu Qingyun had suddenly covered her with the blanket. She was blaming herself why she had chosen to jump onto the same bed as him earlier.

Actually she did not mind if he touches her but this was not the time yet. Since her birth, a powerful immortal seal had been placed by her mother consort the Great Goddess Fan Tian in her body to prevent her chastity from being violated.

If Lu Qingyun were to violate her, her mother consort would know and if her mother consort would know then it would mean the end of their forbidden relationship.

Outside the inn, the Three-Destinies Old Man was now on the verge of berserk.

He was ‘quietly’ watching with his spirit perception on what Lu Qingyun and Qin Keqin were doing in the room.

He almost spurted blood when he ‘saw’ that they were now sharing the same bed.

But had quickly calmed down when he saw that they were not doing anything else.

But he was soon enraged again because his profound perception could pick up the slightest of movements in the room and that Lu Qingyun was lifting Qin Keqin’s skirt while she was asleep.

“What a lustful animal! He is worse than a desolate beast!”

Just as he was about to storm into the room to beat Lu Qingyun to a pulp, Lu Qingyun had suddenly covered Qin Keqin with a blanket. This caused his exploding rage to calm down a little but only a little.

It was because Lu Qingyun had violated Qin Keqin with his eyes!

This was something that he could not endure and his eyes had turned murderous.

Lu Qingyun did not know that he would soon be out of luck in the upcoming days as the Three Destinies Old Man would be targeting him for his lecherous ways.

In the meantime just as Lu Qingyun was covering Qin Keqin with the blanket, Qin Keqin was suddenly chortling softly as she turned around to kiss him.

“Keqin…you are not asleep?”

But Qin Keqin did not reply him and they were soon rolling all over the bed as they kissed passionately.

Lu Qingyun’s hands were all over her and just as he was about to torn off her lingerie, Qin Keqin had suddenly tiptoed off the bed and was putting on her outer garment, “Shame on you! You’re supposed to take a nap and yet you are trying to be funny with me!”

“But you are the one that has kissed me first.” Lu Qingyun gave her a sheepish and guilty look.

“Are you sure you didn’t do anything funny with your hands earlier?”

Lu Qingyun laughed weakly, “I did nothing at all.”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes as she chuckled, “You are a fake gentleman! I don’t believe in you anymore. We are breaking up!”

“Keqin, oh no…you can’t!” Lu Qingyun frantically said.


“Because you are my woman now…”

“When did I become your woman?”

“Just now…”

“What did you do just now then?”



“Yes, nothing at all.”


“Not really…erm…but…”

Qin Keqin had thrown a pillow at Lu Qingyun, “But what?”

“I saw everything…”


“I have admitted it so you don’t break up with me anymore, alright?”

“Mm, let me consider first…”

“Keqin, so you are my woman now…”

“Fat hope…”

While the two of them were playacting and flirting with each other, the Three Destinies Old Man nearly had a heart attack when he saw they were kissing and rolling on the bed.

“Lu…Qing…Yun…you are a beast!

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