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Chapter 142: The Climb to Success

Tang Bufan was now climbing up the steep cliffs.

He had waited for a few days for his legs to be better before he attempted the climb.

In the past few days he had quickly mastered the basics of the Nine Yang Rejuvenation Skill. To his delight, not only did his legs make a rapid recovery but he felt that his constitution had also improved.

As a matter of fact, this allowed him to endure the hunger and thirst as he focused on practicing the Nine Yang Rejuvenation Skill and the Sunflower Sacred Skill at the same time.

At first when he had attempted the climb up the steep mountain cliffs, he was a little nervous but he soon found out that his worries were unproven because not only he had great strength in his arms now but he had felt extremely light.

It was due to the practice of the two divine martial skills. He could not wait to get out of this place and to master the two divine skills before he took his vendetta on Qiuxiang Huan and Qiuxiang Mei.

He was thinking with a cold smirk, “I am the son of the heavens. Only this sort of lucky occurrences will happen to someone with great destiny. A hero has to go through several tribulations of extreme hardship in order to ascend as a true dragon. I am truly the blessed son of the heavens.”

“Qiuxiang Huan, Qiuxiang Mei. Just you watch. I, Tang Bufan will make sure that you will be my slaves and dogs…”

All of a sudden a heavy golden tablet had fallen from the sky and had smashed against his head, causing him to fall into the desolate mists again…

Because the golden tablet was heavy and had dropped from a great height, it had struck Tang Bufan hard with a loud bang and had thrown him off the cliff.

He had totally no idea what had exactly happened and he had lost his consciousness immediately.

Above the steep cliff, above the desolate mists;

Qiuxiang Huan was the one that had thrown down the golden tablet.

“Bufan, although our union is brief but I won’t forget about you. I had made this golden tablet for you. May your soul rest in peace and may you reincarnate into a good family soon. Good bye…Bufan…”

She did not know that the golden tablet that she threw down had smashed the head of Tang Bufan, sending him to plunge down the steep cliff again.

With a final soft sigh, she muttered. “Rest…in…peace…”

With that she had left the scene.

A while later, she was in another part of New Empyrean City.

It was a broken down hut by the mountains.

Inside the hut was beautiful maiden but she looked tired and even dirty. It appeared that she was crying earlier.

When she saw Qiuxiang Huan, she began to say bitterly. “Qiuxiang Huan! Have you come to see my wretched state? Are you happy now?”

Qiuxiang Huan muttered, “Shangguan Furong…”

Shangguan Furong used to be one of the top twenty beauties of New Empyrean City. Her undoing was due to Qiuxiang Huan’s schemes, causing her to be caught between two men.

She was also a third realm expert and the young mistress of the Celestial Medicinal Hall. But after her scandal had been discovered, she was driven out of her clan. This caused her to wander around, homeless. Overnight, she had lost all her friends and status.

Qiuxiang Huan said gently, “You are wrong. I am here to invite you to join the Clear Sky Pavilion.”

Shangguan Furong smiled bitterly, “So that you can further humiliate me? So that I can be your personal attendant? So that I can be at your wiles? No thanks!”

“No. You shall be a core protégé of the Clear Sky Pavilion and accord the status of an elite protégé. Not only that, you will be my dear sister.” Qiuxiang Huan said slowly.

“Are you joking with me? Why should you be so nice to me? Have you forgotten our old rivalries?” Shangguan Furong laughed bitterly. “Go away! I don’t need your pity.”

Qiuxiang Huan sighed softly as she took out a bottle, “In this bottle is a Divine Profound Pill that can help you to breakthrough to the fourth realm level. You will no longer age and will be forever beautiful. Do you think that I am not sincere enough?”

Shangguan Furong was gasping, “Are you sure? Why?!”

“Because I was young and naïve back then. I need allies and I need your help. Join me please. Together, we can do great things together. You may even regain your former glory.” Qiuxiang said gently, her gentle voice and eyes contained no malice.

Shangguan Furong had always known Qiuxiang Huan to be an extremely sly maiden and she had never trust her. But in this instance, it was a matter of eternal youth or remained in this pathetic state.

After thinking for a while, she averted her glances and said. “Are you sincere about what you have said?”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled as she bended down to hold her hand, “Sister Furong, I promise that you will always be my dear sister and I will share my glory with you.”

Shangguan Furong turned to look at her, “The celestial clans’ competition is forthcoming. You want me to join you in the competition?”

Qiuxiang Huan nodded slowly before she said, “Indeed.”

Shangguan Furong smiled weakly, “Surely the Sky Clear Pavilion has no lack of fourth realm experts. Why do you even need me in the first place?”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled, “I have a new master recently. This protégé mistress of mine only wants the most beautiful cultivators to fight alongside her. Although my clan has numerous fourth realm experts but they are all men.”

Shangguan Furong was startled, “Who is this new master of yours? What a strange person.”

Qiuxiang Huan returned a smile, “You will be able to see her real soon. After all this Divine Profound Pill is from her. I can only tell you that she is a powerful cultivator, more powerful than my great aunt Yin Shisi.”

Shangguan Furong stared blankly at her as she muttered, “More powerful than Yin Shisi? We have such a powerful figure in New Empyrean City?”

“She isn’t from around here,” Qiuxiang Huan smiled. “Come sister, we will look for her now.”

Shangguan Fu turned to look at herself in the mirror, “I may need a little preparation.”

Qiuxiang Huan smiled, “I will prepare everything for you in the Clear Sky Pavilion. Do you like a rose bath or a lotus bath? Or both?”

Shangguan Fu’s eyes immediately lit up as she replied shyly, “Both.”

Qiuxiang Huan nodded warmly as she extended her hand to her, “Let’s go then!”

Shangguan Fu took her hand as she said shyly, “Sister Huan, please forgive your Sister Furong in the past!”

“What is in the past, is the past. Let’s not talk about the past too much.”

Qiuxiang Huan naturally would not tell her that she was the one that had caused her to be in this state. She had looked for Shangguan Furong because she felt guilty all of a sudden as she was similarly caught in the same situation as her. Therefore she wanted to make amend to her.

Since her new mistress had wanted her to look for a fourth realm expert to join their team setup, she had thought of Shangguan Furong.

All of a sudden she was thinking, “It seems to be a better feeling doing nicer things than scheming against the others…”

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