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Chapter 143: The Heavenly Wine (1)

In the streets of New Empyrean City;

An old man was cursing softly to himself, “This child of mine, she thinks that her old man is senile. Does she really think that she can fool me with her playacting? She is still a million years far from it!”

He had pretended that he had run out of time and had left in order to put her off guard. Moreover, he had also tricked her into revealing more about the whereabouts of the Heaveness.

“Women are easily tricked. Do you think that only they can play the soft card? I know a trick or two too!”

This old man was the Three-Destinies Old Man, or rather this was his fake alias. For now, he was going to use this alias.

“So the Heaveness must be nearby. But she is an expert in concealing her profound aura. The only way to find her is to follow Yuqin. Sooner or later they will have to meet somehow and that will be when I can find Lingfeng again.”

He was very sure that the Heaveness was not in the Heavens Ridge Villa for he had scanned every corner of the premises. Although New Empyrean City was not large but there were dozens of celestials clans and areas to look for. Even for him, this was an extremely daunting task for him to look for someone who could conceal herself well.

“Am I really not a good father?” he heaved a soft sigh.

Then he spotted a bookstore and decided to take a look inside.

As he entered, he saw a thin old man and a veiled maiden in white in the bookstore.

The thin old man who appeared to be the shop attendant or owner began to smile at him, “This is your first time here? I don’t remember seeing you here before.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled, “That’s right. Erm, do you have any books on how to be a good father?”

The thin old man smiled, “It is at the tenth row, all the way to the end.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled weakly, “Do you mind if you can take it for me? Cos I can’t read.”

The thin old man: …

“You can’t read and you are in a bookstore?” the thin old man was speechless before he roared with laughter.

The veiled maiden in white was suddely laughing and she was holding her belly, “An illiterate person that comes to a bookstore looking for books to read. This…must be the most hilarious thing that I’ve seen.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man growled softly and he was obviously unhappy that two strangers were laughing at him. “Do you know who I am?”

“An illiterate old man, what else?” The veiled maiden in white chuckled jovially.

The Three-Destinies Old Man stared at the veiled maiden in white and he was suddenly flustered. Although she was wearing a veil but his eyes were too sharp and he could see through her veil and saw that she was quite actually an attractive peerless beauty.

She was also very white as though she had never been under the sun. Moreover, her bosoms were quite full and revealing. He could easily see through her thin silk dress and the outline of her wonderful figure.

But he was also startled to see that she had golden eyes as he thought, “She is a golden celestial?”

“Hey old man! What are you staring at?” the veiled maiden in white was suddenly annoyed as she put her hands over her bosoms. “Dirty old man!”

The Three-Destinies Old Man: …

He quickly replied, “I have seen more than my shares of beautiful women. Will I look at you?”

“Then what are your eyes looking at now? I’m sure your shares of beautiful women are all in your wets dreams or exotic books! Those books that you are looking for are at the far corner. You can go there and browse all you want. You don’t need to know how to read!” The veiled maiden in white rolled her eyes and she was smiling behind her veil, unaware that the Three-Destinies Old Man was able to see all of her expressions.

The Three-Destinies Old Man frowned, “I am a man of culture so I will not argue with you.”

The veiled maiden in white ignored him and said to the thin old man, “Help me to pack all these romance stories. Don’t forget to reserve a copy of all the romance stories for me when you got new ones.”

The thin old man smiled, “Sure, sure.” Then he asked, “Today, Maiden Feng isn’t here?”

At the mention of Maiden Feng, the veiled maiden in white began to sigh softly. “She has tasked me to come here today…”

The veiled maiden in white was actually Xuan Danfeng.

Feng Minyue had said to her earlier, “You are becoming more and more like a ghost. Why don’t you go to the bookstore today?”

Xuan Danfeng had chuckled, “Minyue, don’t force me.”

“If you don’t go today, I will cut your allowances.”

Xuan Danfeng: …

That was why Xuan Danfeng was in the bookstore today.

“These romance stories are a poison to your health and cultivation.” The Three-Destinies Old Man gave a wryly smile. “I don’t understand why even cultivators are so obsessed over it.”

Xuan Danfeng frowned lightly, “How do you know that I am a cultivator?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled, “That is because I am also a cultivator.”

“You are a cultivator? Don’t make me laugh.” Xuan Danfeng was smiling. “If every low level cultivator claims to be a cultivator then the whole street is full of cultivators!”

Most celestials only considered a third realm practitioner as a true cultivator. And yet this old man was claiming that he was a cultivator and moreover he was an illiterate cultivator.

Xuan Danfeng put her hand on the wall and she was laughing so jovially that she was bending over.

Both the Three-Destinies Old Man and the thin old man were both staring at her exposed cleavage and her bouncing bosoms.

The thin old man had a tiny drool as he stared blankly at the sight.

“An illiterate cultivator?” Xuan Danfeng was rolling her eyes as she laughed jovially, “This must be the funniest thing that I’ve ever heard of. I must tell my sisters about it. They will be rolling on the ground in laughter.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man could not take his eyes off her as he thought, “She has the most sinful body ever and her appearance alone can mesmerize most men. It is a lucky thing that I am a high level cultivator or else I will surely be tempted by her.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man took out a wine bottle from his jade belt. Looking at her was so sinful that he felt like taking a drink now.

But no sooner had he uncorked the wine bottle, Xuan Danfeng was gasping as she suddenly flashed in front of him, “This…aromatic wine…I have never sniff anything like this before. What is the name of this wine?”

“This…” The Three-Destinies Old Man hesitated for a while as his eyes were looking down her full curved cleavages as he thought, “So big yet she has such slim figure…”

“Don’t be so petty and tell me the name? How about I buy it from you? 10 silvers?” Xuan Danfeng was looking at the wine bottle with tempting eyes.

The Three-Destinies Old Man thought, “She seems to be interested in my wine? What a strange maiden.”

He returned a smile and said, “This wine is a heavenly wine. It is not something that you can get from the Nine Celestial Fraternity. Do you think a mere 10 silvers are sufficient?”

“I offer 100 silvers. What about it? You can eat all you want for a year with 100 silvers.” Xuan Danfeng offered.

“Even with 100 silvers, I will not part with my wine.” The Three-Destinies Old Man frowned. He was not lying when he said that this wine was not something that could be obtained from the Nine Celestial Fraternity. As a matter of fact, this wine was created from the divine fruits of the Immortal Realm. In the Celestial Realm, it was actually priceless.

Xuan Danfeng was getting a little desperate and she shouted softly, “One low grade spirit stone! Are you happy with my offer?”

She was actually thinking, “This wine has a strong profound energy in it. I have never tasted or sniff anything like this. This old man must have stolen it from somewhere…” She did not believe that this hunchback old man could possess something so precious and he was actually carrying it around him in such a careless manner. Usually precious wines were carefully wrapped in thick precious wood to protect it.

The Three-Destinies Old Man shook his hand, “It is not for sale.”

“Not for sale?” Xuan Danfeng looked extremely disappointed. She quietly said, “Alright old man, I apologize for my earlier antics and I shouldn’t have laughed at you. Don’t be angry anymore, alright? Give me your offer and I see if I can match it. Alright?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man saw that she looked extremely sincere and had even apologized to him. Behind her veils, her beautiful eyes were almost in tears as she looked at the wine bottle.

With a soft sigh, the Three-Destinies Old Man said. “It is not for sale. But if you accompany me for a drink, I will share with you my wine.”

Xuan Danfeng rolled her golden eyes with delight as she immediately said, “That is a deal then!”

She was thinking, “If this old man is trying to get me drunk, he is in for a big shock. I am one of the best drinkers in the Nine Celestial Fraternity…hehehe…”

The Three-Destinies Old Man took a last look at her sinful body before he pulled his eyes away, “Then come with me.”

Xuan Danfeng turned to say to the thin old man in great panic, “Quick! What are you looking at? Pack my books quickly for me…I don’t want to lose sight of that old man!”

The thin old man smiled weakly as he thought, “I was looking at your fantastic figure. I wonder what you look like behind your veil…”

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