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Chapter 144: The Heavenly Wine (2)

The Three-Destinies Old Man and Xuan Danfeng were now in a private room in a nearby tavern.

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “Do you have the money or not to reserve this room? Do you want me to pay the tabs?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled, “No need. I have already paid the tabs.”

“Oh?” Xuan Danfeng looked at him with some suspicious. This old man did not appear to be as poor as he appeared to be.

The Three-Destinies Old Man had put down the wine bottle and said, “This is a big bottle and we can get drunk easily. Even though your cultivation is high, you ought to take only a small sip. This is not any ordinary wine that you have tasted in the past.”

“Haha, you have truly underestimated me!” Xuan Danfeng laughed as she untangled her veil, revealing her golden eyes. “Are you surprise that I am a golden celestial? My cultivation strength is much higher than you. If you can take drink from it, so can I.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man secretly marveled at her astonishing peerless beauty that was comparable to the worth of a city. “This small city will have such an astonishing beauty. It is really hard to believe.”

At the same time he returned a wryly smile, “Actually I’ve already known that you are a golden celestial.”

Xuan Danfeng was thinking, “This old man is totally shameless! I have only just taken off my curtain veil and he is pretending that he had long seen through my cultivation. I am not just an ordinary golden celestial. I am a golden saint and a great saintess! Hmph, shameless old man. If it isn’t for your tempting wine, I won’t be sitting down with you now.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man poured the heavenly aromatic wine into two small cups before he said, “If you are a fifth realm cultivation expert then you can only take a cup. Two if you are a sixth realm cultivation expert. Three if you are a seventh realm cultivation expert. Never say I didn’t remind you later.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled as she hurriedly took the cup from the table, “I am so sorry to disappoint you but I am certainly able to take more than three cups!”

She quickly drowned the first cup and was suddenly startled. This was the most fantastic heavenly wine that she had ever taken. Moreover she would feel a pulsing profound energy that was circulating warmly in her body.

She was so startled that she was gasping, “This heavenly wine, where do you get it? How do I get more of this wine?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man laughed jovially, “I’m afraid that this is heaven’s secret and I won’t tell you…”

All of a sudden Xuan Danfeng had grabbed the second cup and had drowned it in praises, “Good wine!”

The Three-Destinies Old Man was startled as he quickly grabbed the wine bottle, “Are you drunk already? Do you know that you need to be a sixth realm cultivation expert to take the second cup?”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled mischievously, “Do I look as if I am drunk to you? You think that I am only a fifth realm expert? Hehehe…”

The Three-Destinies Old Man stared at her for a while before he said slowly, “You still look sober. Before I come to New Empyrean City, I had heard that there are only two sixth realm experts in this place. Supremacy Wen Hongguang and Supremacy Yin Shisi. And you are definitely not Yin Shisi because I had seen her before.”

“Oh, you really know a lot for an old man.” Xuan Danfeng was laughing as she teased him, “Pour me another cup please!”

The Three-Destinies Old Man frowned lightly as he took a sip from the wine bottle, “I think that is enough. You will surely be drunk. I tell you honestly. If you take too much of this heavenly wine, you will surely die because your spiritual sea won’t be able to contain the profound energy of this heavenly wine. Therefore it is enough already.”

Xuan Danfeng was gasping softly and her eyes were looking at the wine bottle as the old man took one sip after another sip. This old man was such a liar. He did not even have any golden eyes and yet he was drinking sip after sip. This act almost drove her crazy.

“Petty old man! You just did not want to share with me!” Xuan Danfeng began to rush forward to grab the wine bottle and in that instant she had exchanged a blow with the old man.

There was an explosive thunderclap as their palms met and they were both forced to take three steps back.

“Seventh realm expert! You are a saintess?!” The Three-Destinies Old Man gasped.

Xuan Danfeng was startled. She had felt a tremendous profound strength that had come from the old man and she was immediately jolted. The old man had only gently exchanged a blow with her and he could force her to back off.

“You are not a low level cultivator?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man hummed, “When did I ever say that I am a low level cultivator?”

“Hehehe, you are a peaked fourth realm expert then?” Xuan Danfeng probed.

The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled, “It is not important right? We are only here to appreciate the good wines.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “Yes, you are right. What is your name?”

“You can call me by my celestial title. The Three-Destinies Old Man is my celestial title. What about yours?”

Xuan Danfeng laughed, “You can call me Xuan Xiaofeng.” She had decided not to tell him her real name since the old man was also not telling her either. Moreover the name of Xuan Danfeng was really too well known.

“Let me take one more sip, will you?” Xuan Danfeng was smiling with pleading eyes.

The Three-Destinies Old Man sighed softly, “Since you are a seventh realm expert, I can pour you another cup but that will be your last cup.”

“Good, good! Come on quick!”

“Women are so weird. Their hearts are deeper than the deepest ocean.” The Three-Destinies Old Man muttered as he poured a cup for her.

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly, “As though you have seen the oceans before? More likely you have only seen a pond!”

Unlike the mortal realm, there were no oceans in the Celestial Realm that could be seen as all the entire Celestial Realm was covered with mountains and thick desolate mists below.

Xuan Danfeng quickly drowned the third cup. This heavenly wine was so addicting and heavenly. She was bursting with profound energies and it seemed to her that she would be able to have a breakthrough in her Lofty Peak Divine Skill to the ninth heaven stage.

The internal martial arts of the Lofty Snow Palace were the Lofty Peak Divine Skill and the Icy Calmness Heart Intricacy. The Lofty Peak Divine Skill was a most difficult internal art skill of the Lofty Snow Palace and it could only be practiced in the extreme coldness of the mountains.

Xuan Danfeng had only practiced the Lofty Peak Divine Skill to the eighth heaven stage and she was already considered to be an unfathomable genius. As for the ninth heaven of the Lofty Peak Divine Peak, it was a mythical level that profound strength alone could not attain.

But right now, she had felt that the internal heat of her profound strength was actually sufficient strong enough for the breakthrough of the ninth heaven of the Lofty Divine Peak!

This old man really had a most mysterious heavenly wine.

As the old man was drinking the rest of the wine bottle up, Xuan Danfeng had suddenly rushed forward to seize the wine bottle.

“Oh no, you can’t. You already have your three cups…”

The Three-Destinies Old Man had quickly gulped the wine bottle as Xuan Danfeng sensual body began to press upon him as they struggled to drink from the wine bottle.

It was really a messy scene as they fought with each other to drink from the wine bottle.

Time passed and Xian Danfeng slowly opened her eyes.

She had a spinning headache and she had been knocked off from drinking too much.

All of a sudden she gasped softly and she had taken a step backward.

The ‘old man’ earlier had become a fine looking young man with heavy built muscles and he was sound asleep with his head resting on the table.

He too, had been knocked off from drinking too much.

“What a great looking man. Why did he have to pretend to be a dirty old man?” Xuan Danfeng smiled as she rolled her eyes to ponder.

Quietly she began to caress his face and was secretly feeling his pulse before she gasped with a stunned look. “He is a seventh realm expert too? Maybe even a great saint! His profound strength seems to be really unfathomable…maybe even stronger than me…how is it possible?”

She was secretly giggling as she took more than a few meaningful glances at him before secretly putting her handkerchief into his robe.

“I wonder who he is…”

After taking a few sniffs at him and placing a profound signature to track him, she danced to her seat and pretended to fall asleep.

After some time, the ‘Three-Destinies Old Man’ had suddenly waked up with a startled shock as he quickly looked around him.

When he saw that Xuan Xiaofeng was still drunk and was resting her head on the table, he heaved a soft sigh of relief.

“Lucky. I have almost blown my cover.”

Then he was suddenly gulping when he saw that she had placed her heavy bosoms on the table, “Sinful…I am a man of cultivation…”

He could not help to take a few look at this peerless beauty before he exited the room.

Xuan Danfeng knew that he was gone because her divine sense had sensed his leaving. She was suddenly giggling, “He is actually quite a gentleman and did not try to take advantage of me…”

“I wonder if he has more of these good wines?”

“He is actually a seventh realm expert? He must have used a special divine pill to suppress his state of divinity to look like an ordinary cultivator. This is not unheard of.”

“Hehehe, what an interesting fellow…”

“But first, let me breakthrough my Lofty Peak Divine Skill to the ninth heavens first before I look for him…”

When Xuan Danfeng had returned to the hideout, she was singing softly.

Feng Minyue had a surprise look on her countenance as she asked, “I’ve never known you will be so happy after going out. What happens today?”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled softly, “Nothing really except that I was browsing in the bookstore when I met with something interesting. There is this person who tried to get my attention by pretending to be an illiterate cultivator. Can you imagine an illiterate cultivator in a bookstore? This is so funny.”

“An illiterate cultivator? Can he be more stupider than this?” Feng Minyue frowned lightly.

“Haha yes. By the way, I’ll be in the practice chamber for a few days.” Xuan Danfeng laughed merrily. “He is actually not bad looking…”

Feng Minyue muttered with a perplexed look, “Weird, you will actually be stepping into the practice chamber? That is the last place that I will see you there.”

She quickly called out after her, “Danfeng, don’t forget to deliver the books to the Heaveness!”

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