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Chapter 146: A Change of Plan (2)

Late at night somewhere in the deep mountains of New Empyrean City;

Two people were secretly meeting. They were Qiuxiang Huan and Ling Chong.

Ling Chong asked quietly, “Huan, why did you want to postpone our engagement? You are backing off?”

Qiuxiang Huan lowered her glances and replied, “We will proceed with our engagements after the upcoming competition and not before that.”

“Oh? Isn’t it better that we can combine our clans’ strength and shine in this upcoming competition? And we will be fighting on the same side too.” Ling Chong bitterly said.

Qiuxiang Huan shook her head before she said, “Although it is a good idea but we are only inviting gossips and the gossips are now circulating that I am only using the Flying Armament Sect to further my own ambitions. Although that is true…”

“Not, that is not true.” Ling Chong suddenly interrupted.

Qiuxiang smiled gently as she turned her back away, “No, that is the true. If not, I will not have fallen into your hands and got blackmailed by you. This is all due to my lofty ambitions.”

Ling Chong had grabbed her hand and said firmly, “I am glad that you have fallen into my hands. Do you know that I have already fallen in love with you ever since we had first met? I promise you I will destroy the imaginary stone after our engagement alright?”

“I trust that you will do that.” Qiuxiang Huan said. “But we still have to postpone our engagement until after the competition. The competition is only in a matter of days. Can’t you wait a little longer?”

Ling Chong suddenly said, “Is it because of that Tang Bufan?”

There was a sudden shudder from Qiuxiang Huan before she said, “No, it is not him. So you have your information network in my clan as well.”

Ling Chong smiled weakly, “Huan, I don’t mind. As long as your heart is with me.”

Qiuxiang Huan was trembling as she looked at him. Did he know about her relationship with Tang Bufan already?

Slowly she said, “There is no more Tang Bufan. I have already done away with him.”

Ling Chong heaved a soft sigh of relief, “That is good. That is good. He had suddenly disappeared for a few days so I have thought that…”

“That he is preparing a route for me to elope with him? Is that what you are thinking?” Qiuxiang Huan said quietly.

Ling Chong nodded quietly.

“You think too highly of him and think too lowly of yourself.” With that Qiuxiang Huan had turned to walk away.

Ling Chong shouted, “Huan, I shall wait for you till the competition is over…”

There were tears in Qiuxiang Huan’s eyes as she walked away. She knew that Ling Chong had already known about her and Tang Bufan. It was a secret that she had wanted to keep to herself. In her heart, she thought that Ling Chong would now despise her.

If he did not then why did he not hold her hands earlier?

Ling Chong did not despise her at all. He had only wanted to marry her and to take her as his consort. He wanted her heart.

As she left, Ling Chong was quietly sighing. “Ling Chong, you are so stupid. Why did you let loose of your tongue? You don’t have to let her know that you have already known…”

He clenched his fists and smashed it against the tree bark, “You are stupid! If it is not you who had taken advantage of her, she wouldn’t have done something like this too!”

Somewhere below the desolate mists;

Tang Bufan had just opened his eyes as he muttered, “I am not dead yet?”

“I am indeed the son of the heavens. This fall didn’t even kill me. Haha.”

All of a sudden he felt a weird source of strength in his body and was startled. Not only did he feel strong but his hunger was also gone. It was as though he could cultivate in the desolate mists.

“What is this new source of strength?”

He had thought that he must have broken all his bones in his body when he had fallen but all of a sudden he found out that he could even walk again.

“My body had completely recovered? This is a true miracle?!” He was suddenly laughing aloud.

“It is said that even the Great God Yi Ping had to undergo 99 major tribulations of life and death in order to become the Great God Pangu. It seems that I am really the destined son of the heavens.” Tang Bufan was laughing.

He checked his cultivation and was startled that he was now a peak fourth realm expert now and that his cultivation had suddenly jumped more than one realm!

“Not only did I not die but my cultivation has also improved! I can’t believe it…” Tang Bufan was laughing loud now.

All of a sudden he spotted the golden tablet with his name and was frowning. “This must be thrown down by Qiuxiang Huan. If I don’t torture you for what you have done with me then I am not Tang Bufan. You won’t believe that I am not dead but I have also grown more powerful. Qiuxiang Huan, Qiuxiang Mei, Lu Qingyun, Qin Keqin…I’m going to have my fun with you once I am out of this place…”

All of a sudden a most astonishing and beautiful maiden had levitated from the sky above, startling him.

“Who are you?” He was suddenly stammering and was a little afraid.

It was because even though cultivators were able to levitate but it was only for a while as their profound aura could not sustain them in mid-air for too long and it was only as short as a breath. More powerful cultivators were able to sustain more than three breaths but not longer than five breath.

But this astonishing beautiful maiden was just hanging in mid-air just like this. If she falls then how would she be able to get back on top again?

And yet she was levitating above him like a heavenly maiden that had descended from the heavens.

This astonishing maiden said coolly, “You must be that Tang Bufan.”

Tang Bufan nodded and said, “Indeed I am. Who are you?”

He was suddenly smiling in his heart. This maiden was even more beautiful than Qiuxiang Huan. He was beginning to plan his grand designs on her already and was thinking how nice it would be if he could get her into his bed. After all, he had quite lonely for the past several days and he missed the warm flesh of Qiuxiang Huan.

“I am the Desolate Sacred Maiden Yue Lingxi.”

Tang Bufan had never heard of her before but he replied, “I am heard of your great name. Are you a seventh realm expert?”

Yue Lingxi smiled but did not say anything.

“You are here to help me?”

This time Yue Lingxi replied, “I’ve sensed a disturbance of desolate energies in this area and know that one of my kind has awakened.”

“One of your kind?”

“Indeed. My kind has an immortal soul. When they died, there is a chance that their souls may reincarnate as they are all high level cultivators of the heavens. And you are one of them.”

“I am one of them?” Tang Bufan was suddenly smiling broadly. He knew that he was the indeed the blessed son of the heavens and now even a beautiful heavenly maiden was saying the same to him as well.

So he said shamelessly, “That is good to hear. Can you get me out of here? I am willing to use my body to repay you.”

Yue Lingxi smiled, “Alright…”

All of a sudden she had raised her finger and had sent a sword to run through his body, stunning Tang Bufan who was stammering. “Why did you…did you not say that…we are the same kind…”

Tang Bufan simply could not believe that he was going to die just like this. Not after he had narrowly missed death so many times…

“Qiuxiang Huan is my disciple. Since she had pushed you down then you deserve to die permanently. Secondly, you are now a eunuch and your desolate strength is impaired. Therefore you are of no use to me. Thirdly…”

She smiled as she levitated upward, “I don’t like you the least bit at all. So you’ve better stay dead.”

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