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Chapter 150: Divine Fragrance Tournament (1)

This was the day of the Divine Fragrance Tournament. Thousands of cultivators from hundreds of celestial clans had gathered in the sky platform of the Heavens Ridge Villa.

The number of cultivators was staggering, almost a hundred thousand cultivators were packed around the sky platform which lay between two mountains.

Hundreds of celestial leaders were now paying homage to Fragrance Herald Shen Yufeng and Fragrance Elder Qin Keqin.

This was the very first time that most of the celestial cultivators from outside the Heavens Ridge Villa were able to see what Qin Keqin had really looked like and they were all stunned.

She was dressed in a white and golden splendid robe and was like a peerless goddess as she made her appearance.

Even Lu Qingyun could not believe how beautiful Qin Keqin was today as he looked at her from afar.

“She is Qin Keqin…”

“She is indeed worthy of her renown as the number one beauty of New Empyrean City…”

“Maybe she is even worthy of the number one beauty in the entire region as well as the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm…”

“She is too astonishing…”

“I’ve heard that Fragrance Herald Shen Yufeng is a sixth realm expert while Qin Keqin is only a fifth realm expert. How come Qin Keqin is an elder?”

Although Shen Yufeng was also extremely beautiful and she was actually supposed to be the real host with the superior cultivation but almost everyone was looking at Qin Keqin.

Qin Keqin, Shen Yufeng and the other Heavenly Fragrance Heralds were seated at the highest stage of the mountain side while the cultivators from the Heavens Ridge Villa were seated slightly lower than them. The more powerful and better known celestial clans were seated nearer to the host while the least known celestial clans and the autonomous cultivators were seated at the furthest end of the ringing mountains.

At this moment Qin Keqin was secretly whispering to Feng Minyue via the transmission array, “Do you think that my Yun’Er will be the top favorite to win?”

“And did you train him for it?” Feng Minyue replied coolly. Knowing her, she knew that she had not.

“Mm…” Qin Keqin was thinking hard before she smiled sheepishly, “Where is Danfeng? Why is she so quiet?”

Feng Minyue replied, “She says that she is going to attend the Divine Fragrance Tournament to have a better view.”

“She will be here?” Qin Keqin was startled as she immediately started to look around for Xuan Danfeng but there were really too many people and too many miles for her divine sense to cover the entire vicinity.

“Why will she be here? She hates the sun and heat.”

“I have no idea either.” Feng Minyue said. “She seems a little weird as of late. I even heard her singing to herself for no reason.”

Qin Keqin smiled, “Just ignore her. She is always a little weird. If she continues to stay in the hideout, I’ll think that she is as abnormal as a ghost. Now that she is normal, we should close one eye to it.”

At the platform below, Lu Qingyun could see thousands of other competitors. In his team were Leng Qiuyue, Nangong Yu and Cheng Wuzi.

Lu Qingyun saw that Leng Qiuyue’s eyes were red so he inquired, “Junior sister, are you alright?”

Leng Qiuyue averted her eyes and said in a low voice, “I…am alright. Senior brother, do not worry for me.”

Lu Qingyun said awkwardly, “That is good…” He had been trying to avoid Leng Qiuyue for the past several days after her confession for him. It was because he did not know what to say to her without hurting her feelings.

His eyes were soon roaming elsewhere and he was immediately startled when he saw the delegation that was from the Clear Sky Pavilion. He had of course recognized Qiuxiang Huan and Qiuxiang Hanyu but it was the sight of Yue Lingxi that had startled him.

Although she was wearing a face veil but he had recognized her anyway. And right now Yue Lingxi seemed to be staring intently at him from where she was standing.

He thought bitterly, “I am sure that Yue Lingxi is a much higher level cultivator than the tournament is allowing. Isn’t she cheating?”

Yue Lingxi saw Lu Qingyun and she was smiling, “So my brother, your sister here is going to make you reveal your desolate strength. You have better not disappoint me too much later.”

Qiuxiang Hanyu was pointing at him and she was shouting to her team, “It is that Big Brother that comes that day.”

Lu Qingyun quickly looked away and saw the delegation from the Flying Armament Sect. He had recognized Ling Chong and Ling Xiu.

Ling Xiu was shyly looking in his direction and was smiling.

And of course he had also recognized Young Master Yu Tianjian from the Heavy Moon Sect and Maiden Nangong Ya from the Alluring Blossoms Palace.

He was actually quite excited to see the sight of so many of the strong cultivators that had gathered. Just as his spirits were soaring high, he had suddenly heard some whisperings.

“Isn’t that Lu Qingyun, the good-for-nothing cultivator?”

“He is said to be the lowest cultivation level in this tournament…”

“He is surely going to disgrace his sect…”

“No one will dare to send a cultivator that is below the third realm level here and he is the only one…”

“What a joke to send someone like him…”

“Most of the stronger celestial clans have a full team of fourth realm experts and yet the Heavens Ridge Villa has sent someone who is only a first realm cultivator?”

“Do you think that this tournament is rigged in favor of the Heavens Ridge Villa? If that Lu Qingyun fellow comes up top then it must surely be rigged.”

Lu Qingyun: …

He had suddenly thought of digging a hole to hide.


On the speculator stand on the far side of the mountains, a moving maiden with an enticing figure had suddenly appeared in the midst of the speculator stand that consisted mostly of autonomous cultivators or really small hermit celestial clans.

Although they could not see her face behind her curtain veil, but she was really snowy white and everyone was curious enough to be staring intently at her enticing grace.

They were a little surprise that such a moving and enticing maiden would actually be at this part of the speculator stand and not at the major celestial clans’ speculator stands where the more beautiful cultivators could be seen.

At this end of the mountain side, most of them could not even see the peerless beauty of Qin Keqin and Shen Yufeng. This was really a poor man’s seat until this enticing veiled maiden in white had suddenly appeared.

Moreover, judging from the lightness of her footsteps, she was definitely a high level cultivator.

Most of the cultivators here were actually below the third realm level and only a handful was third and fourth realm experts. There was none who was above the fourth realm expert.

Almost all the male cultivators here were now looking curiously where she was going to be sitting and once she had found a seat, she would remove her curtain veil and they would get a better look at her.

This enticing veiled maiden in white had suddenly chuckled as she raised her voice, “Hey dirty old man!”

All the young to old men around her began to look at her with great earnest as they thought, “Is she calling me?”

It did not matter if the cultivators were young, middle or old. They were all dirty old men in their hearts and hence there were a great expectation that she may be calling out to them.

But to the great disappointment of the young and old men, the veiled maiden in white began to sit down next to an hunchback old man who was the only one that did not turn his head around and he was looking intently at the mountains on the other side where Qin Keqin was.

Just as Xuan Danfeng was about to raise her hand to touch him, the Three-Destinies Old Man began to growl softly. “Weird, how do you know that I am here?”

Xuan Danfeng giggled softly as she removed her curtain veil, “What a coincidence! We seem to be knocking into each other.”

That was a lie. She had actually tracked him on purpose with her profound signature that she had purposely left on him. She knew that he was here.

When she had removed her curtain veil, quite a number of cultivators were disappointed that she was wearing a face veil. But this time, they could see her exquisite features and they were not disappointed; she was indeed very beautiful and had a mesmerizing attraction that pulled all the eyes to her.

But they were all startled when they saw her golden eyes. This veiled maiden in white was actually a golden celestial!

A golden celestial was someone who had golden eyes and was at least a cultivator of the fifth realm level!

She should not be in this part of the speculator stand. These were the thoughts of everyone who were secretly looking at her.

The eyes of Xuan Danfeng moved enticing as she chuckled, “Why? You are not happy to see me?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man frowned, “There are so many open spaces around. Why don’t you go elsewhere? You are only distracting me.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “I have lost my handkerchief that day. Did you happen to see it?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man was flustered all of a sudden and he quietly took out a handkerchief, “You mean this? It is yours?”

Xuan Danfeng smiled as she thought, “He still has it…”

But she quickly smiled, “You may have it in return for your wine that day.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man frowned lightly, “I don’t need a maiden’s handkerchief. Take it back…”

All of a sudden Xuan Danfeng had tucked the handkerchief back to his robe and was searching his body, “I’m sure that you got more good wines in your spatial storage. Come on, don’t be stingy and share with me.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man was startled as he immediately tried to push her sensual body away. But the problem was that her sensual body was everywhere and he had no idea how to push her away.

So he quickly said panicky, “Wait, wait! I will share with you, alright? Just take your hands and erm…body off me.”

Xuan Danfeng chuckled, “Thank you!”

The Three-Destinies Old Man sighed softly as he took out two wine bottles, “They are identical so don’t you snatch it from me later.”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly as she quickly took the wine bottle and uncorked it. With a sniff, she exclaimed delightfully, “What a good wine! What is the name of this wine?”

“Unforgettable Passionate Wine.” The Three-Destinies Old Man said casually and returned his focus to scan the competitors at the sky platform and the cultivators that were seated alongside the mountains.

Xuan Danfeng was secretly flushing as she muttered in her heart, “The Unforgettable Passionate Wine? Is this a hint?”

She quickly asked further, “How come you have so many of these good wines around? Do you open a wine tavern?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man said without looking at her, “I just enjoy my wines, that’s all. Therefore I have brought many different wines on this trip. Surely you don’t want to drink the same wine all the time, do you?”

Xuan Danfeng was chuckling jovially, “Of course not! Come on and take all the wines all out. I’ll promise you that I will just take a sniff and won’t do anything funny like tasting it. What do you say?”

“Next time,” The Three-Destinies Old Man frowned lightly as he flashed her with an annoyed look. “Are you here to see the tournament or to chitchat…”

He was about to ask her to go away when he saw her bared cleavage in front of him and he was suddenly flustered. His rebuke was suddenly interrupted and he was thinking, “What a sinful body. I am a man of culture, a man of cultivation…”

“What are you trying to say? You say it halfway.” Xuan Danfeng asked curiously.

“Nothing…” The Three-Destinies Old Man gulped as he continued to stare at her bosoms.

Around them, all the male cultivators were all burning with deep envious that a hunchback old man actually got the attention of this goddess.

“Darn, there is no justice in this world…”

“That ugly old fellow actually has a golden celestial to accompany him…”

“We are actually lucky to be around this goddess…”

“I wish that I am that hunchback old fellow…”

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