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Chapter 167: The Final Trial (2)

Shen Yufeng was smiling and her beautiful voice echoed to all the cultivators, whether it was the celestials that were on stage or the celestials that were taking part in the trials, “The fifth trial is easy enough.”

With a wave of her hand, a giant tripod had appeared in the middle of the floating platform.

“All you need to do is to reach into the giant tripod to take a stone.”

Lu Qingyun and many of the cultivators were perplexed.

“The trial is just to take a stone?”

“It is so simple?”

“Erm, will our hands be safe?”

“You mean that it is actually boiling oil that is in the tripod?”

“Or the jaws of a horrifying creature…”


“This trial is simply too hard!”

Shen Yufeng chuckled, “So who will want to be the first?”

All the cultivators were looking at one another with a dark look. No one wanted to be the first guinea pig.

“Maybe we should let the fourth realm cultivators go ahead first…”

“We can let the first realm cultivator goes first…”

“There is only one first realm cultivator here and he is Lu Qingyun…”

Lu Qingyun had actually stepped forward as he said, “Let me try first.”

Qian Jingjing and Ling Xiu were both gasping, “Brother Qingyun…”

“It’s alright.” He smiled. “It is just a matter of sooner or later. So I may as well go first.”

Qian Jingjing and Ling Xiu were both forced to nod anxiously for him and they had taken slow steps behind him.

Qian Jingjing mustered the courage to say, “Then let me be the second!”

Ling Xiu was startled by her courage and she found herself saying, “In that case, I will be the third then.”

Yu Tianjian was quietly watching Lu Qingyun as he thought, “He is so stupid to try to be the first. As the saying goes, a hero always dies young.”

Gongsun Ya was shaking her head slightly as she sighed, “Too young, too simple.”

Qiuxiang Huan said quietly to Yue Lingxi and Shangguan Furong, “It seems that we have overestimated their group.”

Shangguan Furong said in her soft voice, “But they have actually made it to the fifth trial. That isn’t too bad. It seems that they had lost Leng Qiuyue in the fourth trial.”

By now Lu Qingyun had walked quietly to the giant tripod and had taken a peek inside; it was pitch black inside and he could not see anything. It was as though the interior of the tripod was enveloped by a mysterious black profound aura.

With a soft sigh he had reached his right hand into the tripod nervously, half afraid that his hand may be corroded or imploded somehow.

He seemed to have touched a pile of stones at the bottom and the rock was actually quite cool to the touch. Without a second thought, he had quickly grabbed a rock and took it out of the tripod.

It was until he had taken it out of the tripod that he saw that he had a black rock in his hand.

“A black rock?” Lu Qingyun was perplexed. Shen Yufeng did not lie. There were indeed rocks inside the tripod.

All the other cultivators were edging toward Lu Qingyun, afraid that they may miss out on an important detail of the trial that may cost them their lives. Therefore they had to pay particular attention.

If they could overcome this trial then they would be able to get the Divine Profound Pill!

Seeing that nothing had happened to Lu Qingyun, Qian Jingjing heaved a soft sign of relief as she reached her hand nervously into the tripod.

She was more timid and quickly withdrew her hand once she got a rock.

Under the sunlight, she was astonished that the rock that she got was also a black rock.

“Another black rock?” A cultivator muttered.

“Is there any significant to anything?” Another cultivator asked quietly.

Ling Xiu was the third cultivator to go forward to the tripod. She had also taken out a black rock from the tripod.

Lu Qingyun, Qian Jingjing and Ling Xiu were all looking quietly at one another, unsure what this black rock actually mean.

Yue Lingling smiled as she said, “I will go next.”

And she was followed closely behind by Qiuxiang Huan and Shangguan Furong.

Yue Lingling put her hand into the tripod and fetched out a red rock.

Everyone was astonished, “So beside the black rock, there is also a red rock?”

Qiuxiang Huan was the next cultivator to put her hand into the tripod. She too, had received a red rock.

The onlookers were muttering, “Is there a pattern? Can you see any pattern?”

“I think the next rock will also be a red rock since the first three rocks are black…”

Shangguan Furong was next in line and she had taken out a black rock.

“I thought it might be a red rock but it is a black rock…”

“I don’t see any pattern now…”

“Who wants to try next?”

One by one, all the cultivators had taken a rock and it seemed that there were only a red and black rocks.

The black rocks were the majority and the red rocks were the minority.

Yu Tianjian had picked a black rock and so did Gongsun Ya.

There were still some fifty cultivators that had not picked the rocks yet.

Everyone was now muttering with one another, trying to figure out the details of the fifth trial.

Lu Qingyun smiled quietly as he looked at Qian Jingjing and Ling Xiu, “So it seems that those with the black rocks will be disqualified while the minority with the red rocks will be able to complete the fifth trial.”

He was not unhappy at all. In fact, he was pleased that he had already made it so far.

Qian Jingjing whispered with a wary look, “I am afraid that it is not that simple.”

“Huh?” Ling Xiu and Lu Qingyun were both looking at her.

“If you are that Shen Yufeng, what will you do?”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “I will surely try to surprise the cultivators.”

Qian Jingjing smiled weakly, “That’s right. For example, I will let the holders of the red rocks and the black rocks to fight with each other.”

Lu Qingyun and Ling Xiu were both startled. This was indeed a possibility that they had never thought of…

Lu Qingyun muttered, “You are right. We have not come to the elimination round yet.”

Ling Xiu whispered, “Brother Qingyun, lucky we are all having the black rocks. I can’t imagine that we will be fighting against each other.”

Qian Jingjing added quietly, “If I am not wrong then we have to kill the holders of the opposite colored rock in order to gain the contribution points to pass the fifth trial.”

Ling Xiu nodded slowly, “Although the black rocks are the majority but we are up against Qiuxiang Huan and Yue Lingling. It is a good thing that Yu Tianjian and Gongsun Ya are also black rock holders. So we are on the same side.”

Lu Qingyun was pondering quietly and he was suddenly frowning, “I don’t think that it is so simple.”

Qian Jingjing and Ling Xiu started to look at Lu Qingyun curiously.

Lu Qingyun said solemnly, “If I were her, I will make everyone fight against each other. If you kill someone with the same colored rock, you will gain 1 contribution point while you will get 3 contribution points for killing another with a different colored rock. In this way, everyone will be guarding against each other.”

Ling Xiu nodded before she lowered her glances shyly, “But I will never attack Brother Qingyun.”

Qian Jingjing smiled as she looked intently at Lu Qingyun, “Same here. Brother Qingyun, you will not attack me too, right?”

Lu Qingyun smiled weakly, “Of course I won’t. Don’t worry.”

“But why are you still looking so worried?” Qian Jingjing asked.

Lu Qingyun smiled awkwardly, “I am still thinking about the trial. Maybe you know, she will ask us to collect three red rocks and three black rocks each. Since there aren’t many red rocks to go around, the fight for the red rocks will be terrible.”

Ling Xiu and Qian Jingjing smiled weakly at each other. During this tournament, they had been played upon by Shen Yufeng and they could only think of the worst now.

They were not the only ones; almost all the cultivators were now sharing how the fifth trial should end and the accounts were getting more and more exaggerated!

If Shen Yufeng could hear them, she would think that they were really more creative than her.

As soon as the last of the cultivators had taken the rocks, Shen Yufeng beautiful voice was echoing. “We have 156 of you here now. All of you have a black rock and a red rock in your hands now. I am sure that all of you are now jumping with anticipations how these rocks will be able to help you to complete the fifth trial, right?”

“So are you excited?”

Jumping with anticipations? My foot. Many of the cultivators were thinking at the same time. Excited? The cultivators did not know whether they should cry or laugh because her next announcement would either break or make them.

Lu Qingyun muttered, “She is really very humorous…”

Qian Jingjing nodded, “Indeed very humorous…”

Ling Xiu sighed softly, “Too humorous…”

Lu Qingyun added softly, “She is the Goddess of Humor…”

“Those who have the red rocks are disqualified while those who have the black rocks have now passed the fifth trial.”

“What?!!” All the cultivators were too startled. They had not expected this trial to be so simple?!

Even Lu Qingyun was blinking his eyes, “I…I have passed the fifth trial? Just like this?”

Ling Xiu and Qian Jingjing could not believe their ears either!

Surely there must be a catch somewhere?

Many of the cultivators were all muttering and some were even in an uproar.

Yue Lingling was stunned as she said aloud, “What kind of a ridiculous trial is this?!”

All the cultivators that had the red rocks in their hands were now protesting loudly.

All of a sudden multiple flashes of bright white lightning had thundered and had struck down at all the cultivators with the red rocks, stunning all the other cultivators!

In a single instant, all the cultivators with the red rocks had exploded into flesh and blood, shocking everyone with the bloody scene…

“Did they just all meet with a nasty ends?”

“Shen Yufeng is really too ruthless…”

On the stage, Shen Yufeng was laughing jovially while all the other onlookers had a stunned expression on their faces as they watched the horrifying scene below.

But none of them had dared to mutter a word against Shen Yufeng because they did not dare to offend her. After all, she was said to be the next divine ruler of the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Realm. Judging by her twisted trials, they were now freaking scared of offending her.

Qin Keqin was now looking at her with a light growl, “Did you just blow them to pieces?”

Shen Yufeng smiled, “Yes I did. I am just wondering what it is like to blow someone up with the Divine Lightning. You do not like it?”

Qin Keqin frowned softly, “That is not the point. Since you can blow up that Yue Lingling, so why didn’t you blow up that Qian Jingjing and Ling Xiu as well?”

Shen Yufeng: …

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes as she chuckled, “Come let me play with the celestial array. Where is it? Let me sent two more divine lightning to get them.”

Shen Yufeng: …

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