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Chapter 168: The Final Trial (3)

“There are one hundred of you here that have passed the final trial. Well done!” The image of Shen Yufeng chuckled in the sky above. “You shall all receive the Divine Profound Pill as your additional reward.”

Lu Qingyun and most of the survivors were shocked. Did they hear her correctly? The Heavenly Fragrance Villa was actually giving out a hundred Divine Profound Pills. It was too good to be true!

Shen Yufeng chuckled, “Naturally as the ones that have passed the final trial, I shall see you in the Moon Demon Forest in a month’s time. Naturally when you have arrived, I will be giving you the Divine Profound Pill. At the same time, you will be joining the other seven hundred young geniuses of our divine realm there.”

The cultivators were startled. They had almost forgotten about the Moon Demon Forest that was mentioned by her earlier. Shen Yufeng did mention before that the top 100 competitors would be picked for a special expedition to the Moon Demon Forest.

“Crap, I have almost forgotten about it…”

“The Moon Demon Forest isn’t a joke. We may really lose our lives there…”

“So are we the lucky ones or the unlucky ones?”

“Shen Yufeng is too cunning!”

“I can’t believe that we are really going to the Moon Demon Forest…”

“Did she say that we will be joining seven hundred other cultivators there?”

“This sort of expedition has never happened before…”

“Maybe something has happened recently…”

“This is too weird…”

“What? We won’t be getting the Divine Profound Pill immediately? She didn’t mention that earlier…”

Lu Qingyun was smiling to himself. This was a perfect chance for him to pick some rare spirit plants in the Moon Demon Forest.

Qian Jingjing saw that Lu Qingyun did not look worry at all. Rather, he seemed quite happy. So she asked, “Brother Qingyun, you are not worried at all?”

Lu Qingyun smiled, “Erm, there will be more than eight hundred of us there. Even if there are monsters, they will flee from us.”

Qian Jingjing chuckled softly, “Brother Qingyun, you are so cute. If it is a sixth rank and above devious monster, the ones that will be running will be us.”

Ling Xiu nodded quietly. In the Misty Desolate Valley, they had encountered a sixth rank Desolate King Drake and were forced to flee. It was only with the timely arrival of Qin Keqin that they were saved from their possible demises.

Lu Qingyun muttered, “If it isn’t a Golden Desert Silkworm and if my feet aren’t struck in the sands, I can still beat off a sixth realm devious beast. But it is hard to say for a seventh rank devious monster…”

When Qian Jingjing and Ling Xiu heard him, they were both smiling bitterly. Even a fifth realm golden celestial expert may not be able to beat off a sixth rank monster. It did not matter if it was a desolate or a devious monster. They were at the same level of difficulty.

But Ling Xiu was smiling, “I feel safe with Brother Qingyun around.”

Qian Jingjing was secretly startled and she was secretly pleased. Did it mean that this would not be their last parting? She would see him again in a month’s time.

So she quickly said, “Brother Qingyun, you won’t forget about me right? If it is possible, can I follow you when we are at the Moon Demon Forest?”

Lu Qingyun said, “Sure. Why not?”

Qian Jingjing and Ling Xiu exchanged a quick look and they were secretly pleased. Earlier, they had tested each other on their thoughts about Lu Qingyun and whether if they minded Lu Qingyun to have multiple consorts. They technically had an unwritten secret agreement between the two of them.

Qian Jingjing was thinking as she sighed secretly, “I have only one last chance to impress him. After that, we may never meet again…”

This was really heartbreaking to her because she had never met anyone as worthy and fine looking as Lu Qingyun.

Shen Yufeng suddenly said to them, “Alright. Wait here for a while. I have a surprise for all of you later.”


For them all?!

Many of the cultivators were shivering nonstop now.

“Erm, I’ve thought that we have already passed the trial?”

“I really got an uneasy feeling over this.”

“I know that it is not that easy and there must be a trick somewhere…”

Even Lu Qingyun was blinking his eyes as he muttered, “You mean we can’t exit the trial yet?”

On the stage above, many of the celestials were now talking incessantly on the outcome of the fifth trial.

“Haha. My protégé is among the 100 survivors…”

“Say. Isn’t that Lu Qingyun really too freaking lucky? He didn’t really do anything much and he has actually cleared all the trials?”

“I heard that Shen Yufeng is staying at the Heavens Ridge Villa. Do you think that they have some under the table dealings?”

“That Lu Qingyun is actually quite dashing and maybe Shen Yufeng is too lonely. Maybe they…”

“The performance of the Clear Sky Pavilion has been so outstanding but they are so unlucky at the fifth trial…”

“I cannot accept the result of the fifth trial! That is too random!”

“That Qian Jingjing is too shameless. She keeps hooking up to that Lu Qingyun…”

“It seems that the performance of the Divine Nine Palace is so dismay this time…”

The thousands of protégés from the Heavens Ridge Villa did not break into cheers for Lu Qingyun. In fact their reactions were somewhat muted. It was because it seemed to them that their Senior Brother Lu Qingyun did not have any outstanding performance at all. Moreover they were beginning to think that he had been cheating his way through the trials.

While everyone was discussing on the outcome of the trials, Shen Yufeng and Qin Keqin had quietly left their seats…

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