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Chapter 169: This is a Trap!

Yue Lingxi had found herself in an isolated dark spatial space and she was furious. It seemed that she had returned to her physical body now. She was trembling lightly and realized that more than half of her profound strength had been expended after her ‘simulated death’ during the fifth trial.

She was frowning unhappily, “This is really the most annoying death that I ever have and at which I have no defense. I swear I will never enter this type of simulation trial ever again.” She paused to add, “Unless of course if there is no such thing as this divine lightning cheats. And of course if there is no Shen Yufeng…”

“You are calling for me?”

An extremely beautiful maiden with an equally beautiful uniform flaxen long hair that touched her waist had appeared out of the thin air.

Shen Yufeng had appeared inside this dark spatial space.

Another extremely beautiful maiden had also appeared next to Shen Yufeng in another blink of an eye.

Shen Yufeng was like a beautiful sculptured peerless beauty that could cause everyone to pause to look at her while this newly arrived beautiful maiden was like a beautiful heavenly maiden that was enticing yet had an unearthly presence.

Qin Keqin smiled, “This Yue Lingling must be so honored to have the both of us here to greet you. This isn’t your real name, am I right?”

Yue Lingxi smiled coldly at the two newly arrivals.

While she had not met them before but they were known to her; prior to coming to the Heavens Ridge Villa, she had been debriefed on them by Qiuxiang Huan.

Shen Yufeng was one of the four Fragrance Heralds of the Patriarch Clan Heavenly Fragrance Villa. This position was like a grand senior in a celestial clan. Her official celestial title was the Fragrance Herald Shen Yufeng and she had another less well known celestial name as ‘Golden Celestial Maiden Yufeng’. Her celestial name was attributed to her beautiful blonde hair and her peerless beauty.

At the same time, she was rumored to be the next successor to the Heavenly Fragrance Princess. Her cultivation level was also known by many and was rumored to be a sixth realm golden supremacy.

As for Qin Keqin, she was the acting sect leader to the Heavenly Ridge Villa and an elder of the Heavenly Fragrance Villa. Her cultivation level was said to be at the upper fifth realm golden celestial level.

Yue Lingxi smiled as she greeted them, “I am so honored to have Supremacy Shen and Celestial Qin here to welcome me. Is it because of my outstanding performance during the trial that you deem that I have the potential to be a protégé of our divine realm patriarch clan?”

Shen Yufeng lit up a curved smile, “You are wrong. Our divine realm will never welcome a cheater like you. Just who are you and what is your purpose?”

Yue Lingxi smiled, “Oh? I am a cheater? How is it possible to cheat under your eyes and everyone watchful eyes? This is not possible, am I right?”

Shen Yufeng was smiling, “You are really good in your playacting. You can even fool my Profound Listening Golden Bell but you cannot fool me.”

Yue Lingxi chuckled softly, “I am so lost. May I be enlightened? When did I cheat and how do I cheat?”

Shen Yufeng was smiling even more beautiful than before. She had a secret that not many people were aware of and this was her secret hidden card; she actually had the innate ability to gauge the spiritual sea of the other cultivators. That was how she was able to tell that Lie Xingyuan had a startling potential and that was the reason why she had wanted to make Lie Xingyuan her personal core protégé.

But this was her secret hidden card and she was not going to let anyone knows.

She did not know that Yue Lingling had cheated during the first trial. It was only during the middle of the trials that she found Yue Lingling to be too outstanding that she began to observe her with a suspicious look. But as the celestial array was portraying the imagery of the competing cultivators, she had no way to know Yue Lingling’s cultivation level.

Therefore she had secretly added an additional celestial array in the giant tripod during the fifth trial. This additional array was linked back to her and she was able to probe Yue Lingling and everyone else cultivation strength.

The main reason why Yue Lingling and Qiuxiang Huan had picked the red stones were because Shen Yufeng had purposely given the red stones to them after she had discovered that they were cheating. Those with red stones end up getting struck by the celestial array’s divine lightning which in turn caused their profound strength to be impaired just like a real injury.

Shen Yufeng said, “Qiuxiang Huan is a fifth realm golden celestial while you are much higher. Higher than even I. You are a seventh realm expert?”

The smiles that were on Yue Lingxi had disappeared completely because she had suddenly realized that her game was up. So she said coolly, “Yes, I am not using my real name. My real name is Yue Lingxi. But so what? Do you think the two of you can stop me?”

Then she turned to smile at Qin Keqin, “If I am not wrong, you are that seventh realm expert that I have detected in the Heavens Ridge Villa.”

Qin Keqin had a surprised look as she appraised Yue Lingxi. It was because her old man had warned her of a desolate immortal cultivator previously and that her name was Yue Lingxi.

She thought, “This Yue Lingxi is actually a Desolate Lord? She is actually the Desolate Sacred Maiden Yue Lingxi? Where is my old man when I need him the most…”

Qin Keqin walked in front of Shen Yufeng as she smiled, “You sure look cocky but do you know that we have purposely lured you into this trap? Right now, how much of your profound strength can you muster? I’m sure that the divine lightning must have really hurts your profound strength.”

As she was talking to Yue Lingxi, Qin Keqin had secretly put her left hand behind her back and she had waved a secret hand sign to Shen Yufeng to indicate to her not to interfere in the upcoming fight.

Shen Yufeng secretly sighed. It was because she knew how dangerous this Yue Lingxi was.

Yue Lingxi smiled coolly. “I am warning you first. Seventh realm experts or not, you are like ants in my eyes. I am the Desolate Sacred Maiden Yue Lingxi, Desolate Lord of the Chaos Mysteries.”

She paused to grin, “Since you are unlucky enough to find me then consider it my grace to send you to the void.”

Qin Keqin said nonchalantly, “Your opponent is just me alone. If you are able to defeat me, I will let you go.”

“Oh? If I am able to defeat you then I can go? If I can defeat you, do I need your permission to leave?” Yue Lingxi mocked.

All of a sudden Yue Lingxi had attacked Qin Keqin.

In a blink of an eye, the two of them had exchanged more than ten strokes with their hands. Their hand to hand movements were extraordinary swift and their profound attacks were creating shockwaves all around them.

In just a short while, more than three hundred strokes were exchanged.

Yue Lingxi was startled that Qin Keqin was able to match her speed blow by blow, fist by fist and stroke by stroke. She thought, “Is she really a seventh realm expert?”

She had not started to get serious and was just testing Qin Keqin ability to react to her attacks.

All of a sudden Yue Lingxi had raised her palm to send a profound shockwave that sped to become a wind ripping wave against Qin Keqin. This attack was a seventh realm profound attack that could implode heavily on the target and exploded in a devastating shockwave.

But Qin Keqin raised her fingers as she displayed a profound rotation that instantly deflected the energy profound attack aside, causing it to explode thunderous out of her harm’s way.

Yue Lingxi gasped softly, “The Divine Emerald Skill?”

Qin Keqin hummed coldly, “That is right. You know my skill?”

Yue Lingxi frowned as she quickly leapt backward, “Naturally I know. I even know that the Divine Emerald Skill is a nemesis of all projectile attacks. But of course it will have to depend on the strength of its practitioner. Maybe you only know just the surface of the Divine Emerald Skill.”

Her profound aura had suddenly exploded around her and her eyes had turned a desolate purple gold. With just a short preparation time, she had already mustered her profound energies and had gathered it into a massive amount of energies onto her two palms as she shouted, “This is my most powerful technique the Gathering Windforces of the Demonic Wolf Sword! I like to see if your Divine Emerald Skill is able to deflect my energy technique. Even if you are a seventh realm expert, you will be ripped apart!”

Several wind blades in the shape of a demonic wolf exploded loudly from within her two palms and formed into a long invisible force toward Qin Keqin.

Qin Keqin raised both her palms as a beautiful wave of profound energies form a beautiful faint circular glow in front of her.

As the profound barrier and demonic wolf clashed, their surroundings exploded furiously into multiple shockwaves, lasting several blinks of an eye.

All of a sudden Qin Keqin took a step forward and completely swung the remnant energies of the demonic wolf aside, completely neutralizing it.

Qin Keqin smiled, “Is that what you got?”

Yue Lingxi was startled, “This is the Absolute Defense of the Divine Emerald Skill. Only the Great Goddess Fan Tian is able to display to this profound level. Who are you?”

The Great Goddess Fan Tian was said to be the only immortal goddess that had attained to the tenth immortal position realm. The other being the Great God Pangu. Even the Great God Xuan Yuan could only attain to the peaked ninth immortal position and he was already an unfathomable existence.

As for this Absolute Defense Skill of the Divine Emerald Skill, it was the highest level of the Divine Emerald Profound Skill and was the unique skill of the Great Goddess Fan Tian. Although there were quite a few of the Divine Emerald Skill practitioners but only the Great Goddess Fan Tian could attain to this mystical level.

Qin Keqin smiled, “Make a guess.”

Yue Lingxi had suddenly realized that she was up against an opponent that was unusually strong and yet this opponent was only a mere celestial.

“You realize that I am not serious yet, do you?” Yue Lingxi smiled coldly as she displayed a silver scroll. This scroll was the Horizon of the Heavens and was also an immortal weapon.

Although most divine weapons were swords, the truly powerful divine weapons were actually not swords. It was because most divine swords were forged from the heavenly relics and it was the most efficient way to demonstrate the raw profound powers of the divine weapons.

For many heaven-step artefact treasures, saint grade artefact treasures and immortal grade artefact treasures, it could take any forms because it had more profound powers other than raw power. But no matter what form the artefact took, it was always a lethal divine weapon!

Right now, Yue Lingxi had no other choice but to take out the Horizon of the Heavens, exposing her hidden card as her opponent had a skill that was her nemesis. Her logic was really simple. After that, she would kill the two of them to keep her card hidden.

Qin Keqin gasped as her divine sense could sense that the silver scroll that was in Yue Lingxi’s hand was a truly formidable immortal artefact.

Without hesitation, she had taken out her white flute the Tranquil Flute.

Yue Lingxi was startled at the sight of the white flute as she gasped. “This…this is a desolate immortal artefact. How did you get it?”

She was suddenly trembling as she said hatefully, “This is the Tranquil Mysteries Flute, a heritage desolate artefact of our Chao Mysteries Citadel. It is thought to be lost a long time ago. How did you get it?”

Qin Keqin chuckled softly, “Oh? I don’t know it is yours but it is mine now.”

Yue Lingxi cast upon Qin Keqin a burning hatred as her profound aura displayed a faint purple. She was going to display her profound power to her maximum now.

As for Qin Keqin, she knew that she had provoked Yue Lingxi and she did not dare to be careless. She too, had displayed her profound aura to the zenith as a rich golden aura began to envelop around her and this golden aura was slowly giving shape to the image of a golden lotus that was spreading its blossoms.

Shen Yufeng was startled. She had never seen the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing this serious before and she knew that the two of them were now burning their reservoir of spiritual sea in preparation for their next round of fight.

The next round will not be just a clash of their powerful profound energies but it would be a contest of power between their immortal artefacts.

It was a lucky thing that they were now in a spatial space as the fight between these two seventh realm experts could well destroy the entire vicinity.

Shen Yufeng thought, “I don’t even get to see a single heaven-step divine sword. Above the heaven-step weapons are the saint weapons. Above the saint weapons are the immortal artefacts. Exactly who is this Yue Lingxi? How did she possess such a powerful artefact.”

She took a quick glance at Qin Keqin, “And exactly what is the background of the Great Saintess Fan Yuqin? This white flute is actually an immortal artefact. All along I’ve thought that it is just a superior grade flute…”

Unless the cultivator chose to reveal the profound aura of their divine weapons by imbuing their profound strength into it, there was no way a divine artefact could be differentiate from a normal item. It was because most cultivators would choose to secretly conceal the profound auras of their divine weapons with a seal so that it would not be easily sensed by anyone.

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