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Chapter 170: Battle of the Titans (1)

Yue Lingxi was truly startled when she saw Qin Keqin was being enveloped by a golden burst of profound aura that was shaped like a golden lotus.

Time and time again, Qin Keqin had surprised her.

She was a desolate immortal and was familiar with most types of profound forces. Profound forces had varying degrees of strength depending on the cultivation methods but it could be grouped into several main types. The Desolate Immortals practiced the Desolate Force which they deemed the most powerful profound forces in the Six Universe Realms.

The Pangu Immortals practiced the Universal Force which they also deemed the most powerful profound forces.

And that was the main reason why the Desolate Immortals and the Pangu Immortals were always opposing each other. These two groups of Immortals actually shared the same root for the Great God Pangu was originally a Desolate Immortal.

In the forgotten river of history, there were three most outstanding geniuses of the Desolate Race that had actually evolved their Profound Desolate Force to another level. They were the Great God Pangu with his Great Universal Force, the Great Rift Lord Xuan Yuan with his Great Annihilating Force and the World Ruler Fu Xi with his Great Desolate Force.

The three of them were the first of their race to attain to the mystical Ninth Immortal Positioning, becoming the most powerful of all the desolate immortals.

They were so powerful that all the desolate immortals had to humble themselves in front of them. Although there were quite a few of the desolate immortals that had managed to attain to the Nine Immortal Positioning in the years to come but the three were never surpassed. No one had ever evolved their desolate profound force to their level. It was as though destiny had picked them to be the first of the immortals.

The three of them seemed destined to be bitter rivals and soon the desolate immortals were split into three main factions after these three Great Gods.

The Great God Pangu’s faction was the least popular and the weakest camp. It was because the Great Universal Force that he had evolved was a tranquil force that was different from the destructive desolate forces. Eventually all the opposing powerful desolate immortals had ganged up against the Great God Pangu and had vanquished him from the Material Realm.

But the Great God Pangu soon made a comeback with the aid of the Oracle Goddess Fan Tian of the Oracle Clan. Or rather, the Oracle Goddess Fan Tian had betrayed the Oracle Citadel in her bid to assist the Great God Pangu, giving to him the Fantian Sovereign Sword and the greatest secret of the Desolate Immortal Race, the Stellar Sanctuary from the Great Beyond.

With the Fantian Sovereign Sword which was the most powerful immortal sword in the Material Realm and the secrets of the Stellar Sanctuary, the Great God Pangu had furthered evolved his Great Universal Force into the Universal Creation Force which become the most powerful profound force in the entire Material Realm.

This was not simply just the most powerful profound force but it was also an advancement of divinity that allowed him to reach the forbidden Tenth Immortal Positioning that no immortals had ever reached before. This was the realm of beyond and the secret key to the Great Beyond Realm, one of the Six Universe Realms.

Therefore the Great God Pangu used the great profound force of the beyond to banish most of the desolate immortals to the Desolate Realm, split the Material Realm which was the homeland of the Desolate Immortals into the current Three Known Realms that were to be known later as the Mundane Lower Realm, Celestial Middle Realm and the Immortal Upper Realm.

The Mundane Lower Realm was supposed to be place where mortal cultivators cultivated the profound force in order to ascend as Golden Celestials to the Celestial Middle Realm and the Celestial Middle Realm was supposed to the place where Golden Celestials cultivated to be true immortals.

As for the Immortal Realm, it was the dwelling place of the original desolate immortals and the Pangu Immortals.

As a safeguard to prevent future immortals from cultivating the desolate force, the Great God Pangu had secretly removed all the desolate force from the Immortal Realm. Because of the absence of the desolate profound force, the Pangu Immortals could only cultivate the Universal Force.

The first generation of the Pangu Immortals was extremely powerful and there were 33 of them, each possessing remnants of the Great Universal Force of the Great God Pangu. They were followed by the second generation of the Pangu and Fantian Immortals which were split into the Zen Immortals and the Arhat Immortals respectively.

The profound strength to banish the Desolate Immortals from the Material Realm, the sundering of the Martial Realm into the Three Known Realms and the life-giving seeds to nurture 33 Heavenly Immortals to protect the Immortal Realm from future threats of the Desolate Immortals had a heavy price to be pay. It completely drained the Great God Pangu of his life-energies and he had passed away.

This piece of immortal history was not known to the celestials but it was being kept alive by the Desolate Immortals who had a burning desire to return to their homeland. Although the powers of beyond were powerful but it could only keep the Ancient Fortress of the Desolate Immortals from returning to the Immortal Realm for only ten thousand years.

Without the Great God Pangu and the absence of the Great Goddess Fantian, the Desolate Immortals felt that they could easily sweep into the Immortal Realm. After all, the Great Rift Lord Xuan Yuan and the World Ruler Fu Xi were peaked Ninth Positioning Immortals and were nearly impossible to defeat.

At the same time the 33 Heavenly Immortals of the Immortal Realm had failed to cultivate and were involved in an immortal war to oust the Jade Emperor of the Immortal Realm, the first immortal ruler of the immortal realm and for a long time the immortal realm was chaotic.

The Great Goddess Fan Tian who was in seclusion in the Great Beyond Realm was forced to intervene and to use her profound life force to suppress the 33 Heavenly Immortals. Because these 33 Heavenly Immortals all possessed the Great Universal Force, it cost the Great Goddess Fan Tian her life.

Before the Great Goddess Fan Tian passed on, she scouted the entire Immortal Realm for the purest soul force and made it into the image of the immortals. This pure soul force was to be her future successor and she had called her the Heaveness, the future divine ruler of the Three Known Realms. With that she had cast the Heaveness into the lower realm. The lower realm was a place where the soul could be tempered by the many divine tribulations and the Heaveness had to first overcome her divine tribulations to find her destiny.

The Great Goddess Fantian had an immortal soul and knew that her soul would be reincarnated. But she had no hope that her soul would be united with her immortal body because it was nearly impossible for the reincarnated souls to have their past memories. Moreover, what was the possibility of a reincarnated soul to re-cultivate into an immortal from a mortal? One in a 100 billion?

That was why she had picked the Heaveness as her successor.

Unknown to the Great Goddess Fantian, her reincarnated soul had to endure three painful reincarnated cycles, missing the reincarnated Great God Pangu each time.

It was only when she was Shui Yixian and the Great God Pangu was Yi Ping that they finally had a chance to meet once more. Together, they cultivate together from mortals to golden celestials and from golden celestials to immortals before they realized that they had actually met in their three previous past lives which had however ended in tragic for them.

As for the Immortal Realm, one of the most powerful Great Goddess Celestial Alice had succeeded the Jade Emperor to become the next Immortal Ruler of the Immortal Realm but not before a prolong war with the Arhat Immortals.

The Great Goddess Celestial Alice had defeated most of her Zen Immortal and Arhat Immortal rivals and she would continue to rule the Immortal Realm until the Joyful Goddess Lele became the third Immortal Ruler.

And who was Fan Yuqin?

Fan Yuqin was the daughter of Yi Ping and Shui Yixian or rather she was the goddess daughter of the Great God Pangu and the Great Goddess Fantian.

Her birth was a true miracle in the Three Known Realms because both her parents were Tenth Positioning Immortals, an immortal positioning that none could reach because it required 99 extreme tragic divine tribulations that may span several reincarnations. The higher the cultivation level of the cultivator, the more impossible it was for the cultivators to have any children.

Unlike most immortals that only had the Universal Force, Fan Yuqin had inherited the Universal Creation Force from her two parents.

The profound force of the Pangu immortal cultivators could be classified into the Universal Force, Great Universal Force and the Universal Creation Force.

Therefore it was not wrong to say that her profound force was two notches purer than most of the immortals.

Compared to most of the golden celestials in the Celestial Realm who cultivated the celestial profound force, Fan Yuqin’s profound force was three notches purer than them.

Therefore it was not wrong to say that Fan Yuqin’s profound strength had an extremely deep foundation; she could even transform divine pills into a higher grade with her Universal Creation Force and tempered divine weapons into a higher grade if she chooses to do so.

Her existence was a freak of nature and unlikely to have another.

She was born in the Celestial Realm because the Mundane Realm was sealed by her parents and there was now no way for anyone to cultivate from the Mundane Lower Realm to the Celestial Middle Realm now.

Because of the sealing of the Mundane Realm, the Celestial Middle Realm was now the cultivation ground of both mortals and celestial cultivators. And because of this reason, the celestial practice had been revised since the times of Yi Ping and Shui Yixian to allow for a more flexible cultivation progression.

At the same time, the children of the immortals were sent to the Celestial Middle Realm for them to cultivate and to receive the tempering of the divine lightning. Without the tempering of the divine lightning, the cultivators’ profound force could never advance into the Universal Force for them to cultivate as Immortals.

That was why Fan Yuqin was in the Celestial Middle Realm. To her, the Nine Celestial Fraternity was her homeland. She was also a monstrous genius and quickly advanced to the seventh realm saintess at only 18 of age.

One year that had passed in the Immortal Realm was actually ten years in the Celestial Realm. One year in the Celestial Realm was actually ten years in the Mundane Realm.

In a blink of an eye for the Immortals, Fan Yuqin had quickly grown up and she knew that she was unique. Therefore she did many wild things in her youth and had almost killed herself along the way. As a matter of fact, she had even become a super villainess the Golden Mask Devil Goddess and was thought to be killed by her enemies.

After that, she had learnt to control her wild nature and had quietly spent her time in sharing gossips instead of conflicts, changing her name to Fan Yuqing along the way.

But all these were not why Yue Lingxi was startled when she saw the golden lotus.

It was because Yue Lingxi had realized that Qin Keqin had absorbed a powerful celestial core array into her profound force and was rendered speechless.

Any celestial or immortal array in order for it to form into a profound core array required hundreds and even thousands of years, an accumulation of countless number of cultivators’ profound energies to maintain and to refine.

From the look of Qin keqin’s artefact core array, it seemed that she had completed refined it into her own profound aura and the suppression effect was so pronounced that Yue Lingxi was forced to raise her profound desolate aura to her zenith in order to withstand against it.

This array core that Qin Keqin had refined was actually the Celestial Annihilation Array, an extremely well known celestial array that could kill golden celestials.

This was actually a most ridiculous thing that had happened!

Yue Lingxi had been trying to absorb the Horizon of the Heavens and she would need thousands of years to refine it and it was only a partial refine. Without the Major Annihilating Force, she could not even make any advancement into it.

Qin Keqin said coolly, “You must know that I am not easy to beat either.”

Yue Lingxi asked again, this time her voice seemed to have faltered a little. “Who are you again? Your cultivation realm seems to…exceed the seventh realm.”

Qin Keqin chuckled softly, “I really wish I can step into the immortal positioning realm! But I am just a mere celestial practitioner. Before I ascend, I hope to experience the married life first!”

Yue Lingxi: …

“You know. I may even be a more badass than you.” Qin Keqin rolled her eyes and she was smiling. “I am actually a super villainess…”

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