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Chapter 171: Battle of the Titans (2)

Yue Lingxi smiled coldly, “You know what. I’ve actually know the weakness of your Absolute Defense Skill. Although it is formidable but it is largely dependable on the practitioner’s profound strength. You may be able to deflect my unique technique earlier but once I’ve combined it with my Horizon of the Heavens, you will be helpless.”

She curled a smile as she added, “And the main weakness of your Absolute Defense Skill is that it is not usable with any weapons. So are you going to use your flute or your bare hands against me?”

Qin Keqin smiled, “Make a guess.” But inside her, she was cursing. “She really knows my secret skill inside out.”

Yue Lingxi said coolly, “However, I will give you an option. Surrender to me the Tranquil Mysteries Flute and I will let you off. This, I will give you the promise in the name of the Great Beyond.”

Qin Keqin swung her flute and replied, “I refuse you.” With that her white flute was suddenly echoing with an enchanting tune and faint rainbow hues were seen enveloping around it.

Yue Lingxi was secretly startled. “She has divine harmonized with the Tranquil Mysteries Flute?! Is it possible?”

All Divine weapons had a spirit entity which was called the soul of the divine weapon. When a practitioner reached oneness with the divine sword, they were be able to divine harmonize with their divine swords and the effectiveness profound power of the divine weapon would be unleashed to its full potential.

However, this was not easy to accomplish and required a long time to do so. Many took forever. Many celestial clans had a divine sword for generations and it was common for the owner of the divine sword to fail to divine harmonize with it.

This Tranquil Masteries Flute was a sacred heritage artefact of the Chaos Mysteries Citadel and other than the Desolate Lords of the Chaos Mysteries Citadel, it was almost impossible to get the Tranquil Mysteries Flute to acknowledge anyone else to be its true owner. In order to divine harmonize it, this only mean that Qin Keqin was now the true owner of the Tranquil Mysteries Flute and it was impossible to seize it.

Qin Keqin had surprised her once again.

Yue Lingxi hummed coldly, “I don’t believe that such a freak such as you will actually exist. No matter, today will be the day of your demise. I am a desolate immortal while you are just a mere seventh realm expert. Even though your profound force may be purer than most but my true cultivation level and realm is actually still above you. You are foolish to engage me.”

With that she had raised the Horizon of the Heavens as she whispered the secret desolate language of power, “Gathering Windforces of the Demonic Wolf Sword.”

As she whispered, her desolate aura began to funnel her desolate energies into a phantom that was shaped like a demonic wolf that was leaping upon her target.”

Qin Keqin did not dare to be careless. She had to use her most powerful technique now.

Immediately she had raised her flute high up as she manifold the profound power of her golden lotus divine aura to defend against the incoming phantom demonic wolf.

“Heavens as One?” Yue Lingxi chuckled. “Even if you can merge your mind, soul and weapon as one heaven but against my Horizon of the Heavens and my ultrapowerful power technique, it is completely futile.”

Qin Keqin shouted, “Heavens as One!”

Indeed just as Yue Lingxi had predicted, she was indeed using her Heavens as One.

But all of a sudden Qin Keqin’s other hand was glowing golden as she added, “Mystic Stratosphere!” A beam of white had formed from her profound energies and merged with her Heavens as One to reform into a column of white light.

“Go!” Qin Keqin had used all her remaining strength to swing her upright flute into the rushing energies of the phantom demonic wolf.

The eyes of Yue Lingxi’s were wide-opened, “Isn’t this the Goddess Celestial Alice’s secret unique technique? How did she learn it?!”

As the two profound energies collided, the space around them exploded thunderous.

Shen Yufeng was forced to take more than twenty steps back by the colliding shockwave. All she could see was a beam of white light had survived the collision and had completely dissipated the phantom demonic wolf. This beam of white light continued on its course before hitting Yue Lingxi violently, sending her to fly off and landing flat on the ground.

Yue Lingxi muttered weakly, “How did…she…learn the Mystic Stratosphere…”

The Mystic Stratosphere was the ultimate unique profound art of the Great Goddess Alice aka the Goddess Celestial Alice. She was the second divine emperor of the Immortal Realm after the Jade Emperor.

Qin Keqin panted breathlessly as she saw that her sword energies had won over her opponent’s energy technique. If her opponent had divine harmonized with her divine weapon then she may not be able to overcome her.

In this battle, she had used up all her hidden cards, forcing her to use up all her most powerful secret skills and also more than half of her profound strength. If she still cannot overcome Yue Lingxi then she really did not know what to do anymore.

Unlike Yue Lingxi who was completely fluent in her unique energy skill and could use it many times more, she was at a disadvantage. Only by overcoming Yue Lingxi’s unique energy skill and delivering a fatal strike back at her, would she be able to exhaust Yue Lingxi’s profound strength.

Yue Lingxi was struggling to stand but her body was trembling so hard that she could muster no strength. If she was not a desolate immortal with the perfect golden body then she would have been ripped completely apart by the Mystic Stratosphere.

At the same time, Qin Keqin’s Mystic Stratosphere was not as powerful as the one used by the Great Goddess Alice.

Yue Lingxi could only say bitterly, “How did you learn so many profound skills of the immortals…”

Qin Keqin replied coolly as she inhaled deeply to stabilize her profound energies, “I’m not going to tell you.”

When she was growing up, she had many Celestial Teachers such as the Heaveness, the Heavenly Temptress and the Goddess Celestial Alice. She was eight year old when she was given the choice of learning the Goddess Celestial Alice’s Mystic Stratosphere or the Heavenly Temptress’ Invincible Divine Force.

She had actually wanted to pick both but was told that she could only pick one as the attributes of the profound techniques were different. The Invincible Divine Force was a balance attribute profound force and was largely defensive while the Mystic Stratosphere was a negative attribute profound force.

After many days of indecisiveness, she had finally picked the Mystic Stratosphere profound force to cultivate as her own profound strength.

Because of the shared negative attribute of the Divine Emerald Skill and the Mystic Stratosphere, her mother consort had also taught her to cultivate the Divine Emerald Skill which was her unique skill.

Qin Keqin muttered softly, “This ends now for you. You shouldn’t be in the Celestial Realm. This is my home. Be gone.”

She had raised her white flute and imbued it with all her martial power. With Yue Lingxi on the ground now, her next strike would not miss.

As she dashed forward to land a fatal strike against Yue Lingxi, there was a disturbance in the time and space between them.

Qin Keqin was startled as she immediately took a step back as an intruder had suddenly gatecrashed into this sealed space.

“Who is this intruder?”

Even Shen Yufeng was startled that an external force was gatecrashing into the sealed space.

There was a dark distortion and immediately a handsome and tall man had suddenly stepped forward. His appearance startled Qin Keqin, Shen Yufeng and Yue Lingxi.

It was because he was Lu Qingyun!

Lu Qingyun’s eyes were closed and he seemed to be in a trance. But behind him was a faint golden flame.

Qin Keqin was startled as she gasped, “Little Yan’Er, why are you here? And why are you controlling my Yun’Er body?”

Indeed it was Yan’Er as she manifested herself through the faint golden flame aura. “Yan’Er does not know what is happening…when Yan’Er opens my eyes, I am already here…”

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun had raised his left hand toward Yue Lingxi as he muttered quietly, “This is mine.” With that the Horizon of the Heavens had suddenly left the shocked Yue Lingxi’s hand and flew into Lu Qingyun’s hand!

Even Qin Keqin was astonished as she immediately flashed forward to try to seize the Horizon of the Heavens. This Horizon of the Heavens must never be in the hands of the desolate cultivators. This would leave the fate of the Three Known Realm hanging in despair.

Lu Qingyun’s other hand had immediately raised a profound wall of annihilating fire as Qin Keqin flashed into it.

Qin Keqin could feel her profound aura was being wasted away as she quickly stepped away from the wall of energy fire with a startled look, “Yun’Er, is this really you?”

She had turned ashen because the wall of annihilating fire was the Great Annihilating Force.

Even Yue Lingxi was shocked because she could suddenly hear the singing hum of the Horizon of the Heavens as it divine harmonized with Lu Qingyun.

“This!!! How is it possible? He has stolen my Horizon of the Heavens and has immediately become its owner?! And this wall of pure desolate energies is the major annihilation force…”

Yue Lingxi could only call it the major annihilation force because she could not believe that Lu Qingyun could possess the great annihilation force and thought that it was because he was a major annihilation force practitioner.

The Horizon of the Heavens glowed and hummed briefly before it disappeared into the profound aura of Lu Qingyun.

This shocked Qin Keqin and Yue Lingxi because the Horizon of the Heavens had not disappeared into any spatial storage space but it was melting into Lu Qingyun’s spiritual sea and becoming one with him!

Yan’Er looked sheepish and she cried out, “Big Sister Keqin, this isn’t Yan’Er doing. I don’t know what it is happening…”

Qin Keqin smiled bitterly. She knew what was happening. It was the sub-consciousness of Lu Qingyun that was moving his body. Earlier when they had clashed together in the celestial array, the profound energies of the Horizon of the Heavens must have awakened the sub-consciousness of Lu Qingyun somehow and it was attracted to the Horizon of the Heavens.

Yue Lingxi may not know that Lu Qingyun was actually the Great Lord Xuan Yuan’s reincarnation but she had actually known. Moreover she had also known that the Horizon of the Heavens had a tenth of the divine power of the Great Lord Xuan Yuan.

Qin Keqin was wondering if she was the one that had screwed this up. It was because she had redirected all the desolate forces within Lu Qingyun’s inner spiritual sea into Yan’Er. By doing so, she may have unwittingly strengthened Lu Qingyun’s sub-consciousness.

Lu Qingyun had turned to look at Qin Keqin and his right hand was now raised.

Yan’Er shouted, “Big Sister, Master is attacking you. Run!”

Qin Keqin smiled bitterly as she remained immobilized. It was because the wall of annihilating fire had exhausted her remaining profound strength. Now she really regretted not learning the Invincible Divine Force or else she would be immune to the annihilating fire.

She said melancholy, “Yun’Er, this is your Keqin. Do you really want to hurt me? I am not your enemy.”

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun was trembling and he had halted his hand.

Lu Qingyun muttered, “Keqin…Keqin don’t leave me…I miss you…”

Qin Keqin smiled weakly, “I won’t leave you silly. I am always with you.”

Lu Qingyun muttered, “Keqin, I want to kiss you….I should have removed your clothes when we are in bed together at the inn…”

Qin Keqin: …

She immediately said aloud so that Shen Yufeng and Yue Lingxi could hear, “This part is not real. He is just being delirium.”

All of a sudden there was a large bang as Yue Lingxi had suddenly ripped through the seal space with her remaining desolate strength and had made her escape.

Qin Keqin was panicky, “She has escaped…”

Shen Yufeng had regained her composure and she said quietly to Qin Keqin, “I think that Lu Qingyun is still in a trance. Let me end the trial and he will wake up.”

Qin Keqin nodded weakly as she took another glance at Lu Qingyun. “Did I accidentally create a monster for the Immortal Realm? I have better not let anyone knows.”

She took a quiet look at Yan’Er who was still hovering panicky around Lu Qingyun as she panicky said, “Master, wake up please! Do you know that you have almost hurt Big Sister Keqin…”

“Yan’Er…” Qin Keqin muttered.

Every year, she would make a lonely trip to the vicinity New Empyrean City in a hope to find the new reincarnation of Dongfang Jun. She did not care for the Great Lord Xuan Yuan because she had never met him before. It was only Dongfang Jun that she loves.

One day while traveling to New Empyrean City, a most unusual thing had happened and it was the suddenly appearance of a powerful ninth rank desolate golden roc. For such a monster to appear above the desolate mists, it would always mean a total disaster for the populace that was in the vicinity. And that was why she had acted.

But now, she had suddenly realized why the ninth rank golden roc had suddenly appeared. All ninth rank desolate, devious and divine beasts have something in common and it was an innate desire to cultivate into a true immortal beast.

That ninth rank golden roc was at the peak of its cultivation and it was attracted to the surface by an unknown calling. And the person that was the golden roc had sensed was Lu Qingyun.

Qin Keqin muttered, “So it isn’t a coincidence that Yan’Er wakes up as a sentient spirit in Yun’Er spiritual sea. It is because the golden roc itself desires it…”

She added with a resolve in her heart, “I guess that I have to feed him more of the starforge substances. Hopefully Yun’Er does not get too much of an overdose from it. I’ve been giving a little too much to him lately.”

With a soft sigh, she had turned to smiled weak at Shen Yufeng, “Please help me to keep this matter a complete secret. Don’t let anyone knows, including Feng Minyue.”

Shen Yufeng nodded and said nervously, “I will.”

Feng Minyue was shaking her head lightly in the hideout. It was because she had certainly heard Qin Keqin. The transmission was never turned off. “Don’t let me know, you say?”

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