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Chapter 177: Xuan Danfeng/ Heaveness (2)

The Heaveness and the Heavenly Temptress were both in the same room when the Three-Destinies Old Man had entered. By now he had reverted to his original self and a tall muscular young looking man had emerged into the room.

And behind him were Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue.

Feng Minyue was shocked when she saw that this hunchback old man was actually such a charismatic man that gave off such a tingling righteous presence.

The Heaveness scoffed lightly as she said with her back facing the Three-Destinies Old Man, “So what brings the great and mighty Great God Pangu to this unknown part of the Celestial Realm?”

The Great God Pangu!?

When Xuan Danfeng and Feng Minyue had heard that the Heaveness had just addressed the Three Destinies Old Man as the mystical immortal known as the Great God Pangu, they almost fainted on the spot!

The Great God Pangu was the greatest of all the Immortals and there were many stories and exaggerations about him. They just could not believe that this person right now was his exact embodiment. In their minds, the Great God Pangu was ancient and they thought that he may look exactly like an old man.

The Three-Destinies Old Man rubbed his nose with a weak smile before he said quietly, “Lingfeng, actually I’m here to look for you.”

At the same time, he was smiling when he saw Lie Qing. “Qing’Er, you are also here. I’m missing you already. I am also looking for you. It seems that Yuqin has already met the two of you. She didn’t tell me.”

Lie Qing smiled mesmerizingly, “We ask her not to tell you.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man was not angry and he was grinning, “I’m wondering if your martial skills have any improvement? Why don’t we have a little spar?”

The Heaveness was said with trembling voice, “Yi Ping! You are here to flirt with your new consort Danfeng or are you here to spar with Lie Qing? Either way, I don’t wish to see you. Why don’t you leave now? You are disturbing my peace.”

She added coldly, “Hmph! What Three-Destinies Old Man. If you want to flirt, don’t come into my presence. Go and find your good-for-nothing Celestial Teacher the Universal Old Man!”

The Three-Destinies Old Man: …

“Lingfeng, are you still upset with me? Come back with me, alright?” he said awkwardly. “I am really here to look for you.”

“Have you forgotten that I’ve divorced you already? Didn’t you also say that if I go away, you will never welcome me back again?” the Heaveness reminded him coldly.

The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled awkwardly, “I was wrong to scold you in front of so many others. I was not thinking straight…”

He sighed softly, “You have scolded me in front of all the others. I don’t know how to react back then so I was a little upset too. You know me. I quite frank with my words.”

Lie Qing chuckled softly, “Too frank sometimes.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man looked at the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing awkwardly, “Qing’Er, why are you standing there for? Why didn’t you help me to persuade her? Help me to talk to her please.”

Lie Qing laughed mesmerizingly as she folded her arms, “No way! I’m enjoying myself. This is your business and her business. I don’t wish to interfere at all.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man: …

The Three-Destinies Old Man sighed softly and he was also trembling, “Lingfeng, I didn’t come as the Great God Pangu. This title is a great burden to me and the Great God Pangu isn’t really me. I am your Yi Ping. When I become the successor to the Great God Pangu, I’ve to take up the responsibility of defending the Immortal Realm. Sometimes I am really so tired and I feel so lost sometimes.”

With another sigh he said, “I’ve thought that we are just having our usual quarrel that day. I am really too harsh. Come back with me, alright?”

The Heaveness remained quiet. She did not dare to him because all her inner thoughts could be written on her countenance and she was too easy to be read by him. Actually she had wanted him to come and search for her. After all, the talk about messing the Nine Celestial Fraternity was just to get his notice. At the last minute, she had aborted this plan for hers because she was hurting her niece Fan Yuqin.

Lie Qing was quietly looking at the Heaveness. She did not want to interfere because she knew that the two of them were just looking for some face saving measures to be together again.

The Three-Destinies Old Man heaved a heavy sigh, “I really don’t know why you are preaching the romantic notions of the romantic books that are from the Celestial Realm to the Immortal Realm. It sounds so wrong you know. Especially when you are erm…one of my many consorts…and you are trying to profit spirit stones from the other immortals…”

“Go away now!” The Heaveness said coldly as she interrupted him.

The Three-Destinies Old Man said awkwardly, “How about this then? You can continue to sell your romantic stories and you can keep the profits. This is already my biggest leeway to you. Alright?”

The Heaveness hummed coldly without saying anything.

“Lingfeng…” the Three-Destinies Old Man was now trembling. “I really don’t want to lose you. I’ve lost you too many times in the past. I am your Yi Ping. I have forgotten that you are once my mortal Grand Celestial Teacher and it is you who had taught me my celestial practice. Without you, I can never even ascend to the Celestial Realm…”

His voice was now coarse as he said even more slowly and he was trembling uncontrollably, “I have forgotten that you have once told me that you want to be able to sing sentimental songs and what it is meant to love someone. You have always wanted to be a mortal…all these…I’ve forgotten…I’ve really forgotten…I am sorry…really so sorry…”

The Heaveness was trembling uncontrollably as well and she was weeping softly.

“I really miss the times when we are in the mortal realm. Before you are the Heaveness and when I am just the foolish Yi Ping. Do you remember how we have first met? You have almost killed me when you force me to run with you…and…back then I had sworn never to party with you ever again…but in the end, I can’t help looking for you.”

The Heaveness chuckled softly when she had remembered that incident. Back then, she had met a stranger that had asked her for directions to find a master to teach him some powerful martial skills. But he did not know that she was actually a directionless person and had followed her to run up and down ten hills. Even the way they had met was quite hilarious and there were so many misunderstandings.

“Lingfeng, forgive me alright?” The Three-Destinies Old Man asked again after hearing her soft chuckle.

“I’ll give you one chance…” the Heaveness quietly said. “So I get to keep all my books and spirit stones?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man grinned and rubbed his nose, “Surely.”

The Heaveness thought, “So I’ll be leaving again soon…” She was starting to miss the New Empyrean City. Being here was like a mortal again. Every day she would secretly sneak out and watched everyone intently. It was as though she was really afraid that she would never be mortal again and would forget about her memories when she was a mortal.

“Alright then.” She merely said.

The Three-Destinies Old Man was absolutely delighted as he quickly turned to Lie Qing to say, “Qing’Er, long time no see. Why don’t we have a little spar immediately? I am dying to fight you…”

Lie Qing muttered weakly, “Ping’Er, you are a little frank. Lingfeng is still waiting for you to comfort her and you are already thinking of your fight with me.”

The Heaveness had suddenly turned around to give the Three-Destinies Old Man a little kick, “Why don’t you die in the Desolate Realm since you love to fight so much? Why don’t you fight me?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man muttered awkwardly, “You know me. In my chronicles here, almost all 250 chapters must have a fight in it or else I won’t be known as the Warrior-God Yi Ping…”

“Yes and why didn’t you die yet?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man laughed, “Because if I do, someone here will be very sad. Don’t you think so?”

The Heaveness chuckled softly, “In your dreams. I will never be sad for a sentimental man like you.” Then she rolleyes to Xuan Danfeng who was watching them silently, “Before we go, I think you should settle her first. Am I right?”

The Three-Destinies Old Man turned to Xuan Danfeng and said quietly, “Maiden Danfeng, I’m sure that you know who I am by now. I am the Great God Yi Ping. I have another title and that is the Great God Pangu. I am the successor to the name of the Great God Pangu. The original Great God Pangu had long passed away and I am his reincarnation.”

He paused briefly, “Thank you for taking care of my daughter Yuqin while she is here. Soon I’m going to a place where you can’t go.”

Xuan Danfeng was trembling. She was speechless that he was actually the Great God Yi Ping and the mystical hero of the Celestial Realm. She had been Fan Yuqing’s sister for so many years and yet she did not even know that her father was actually a Great God. It was no wonder that Fan Yuqing was always acting so recklessly and she had many formidable divine skills.

He took out a transmission jade stone, “When it is time for your ascension to the Immortal Realm, let me know. I will come to aid you.”

Xuan Danfeng said quietly, “Will you forget about me?” This was something that she wanted to know very badly.

The Three-Destinies Old Man grinned, “I won’t.”

Xuan Danfeng was secretly please as she took a silent forlorn look at him. “So he didn’t forget about me after all. My little romance isn’t dead yet…”

But she quickly chuckled shyly, “Before you go, may I have all your remaining wines?” She was too awkward to say anything else.

The Three-Destinies Old Man laughed, “Of course I will give you all. But there are some special wines that may be too strong for you. I will need to write a special note first. These wines are not from the Celestial Realm and should be taken with great.”

Lie Qing laughed softly, “Why don’t we give her a title? The Goddess of Wines Danfeng?”

Xuan Danfeng laughed softly, “I love to.” Was this a quiet acceptance from them?

The Heaveness said quietly as she raised her fingers divine rapidly, “Before I go, I need to speak with Yuqin. In the years ahead, she may not have everything smooth sailing for her.”

The Three-Destinies Old Man nodded, “I am afraid that she may have to face the Desolate Lord Yue Lingxi and the Horizon of the Heavens herself. Alas and that good-for-nothing rascal Lu Qingyun is forever taking advantage of her…”

“This, you don’t have to worry first. Before that, I have a score to settle with you.” Lie Qing said and there was displeasure on her countenance.

The Three-Destinies Old Man smiled weakly, “Qing’Er, this isn’t a time to joke around…”

“Do you consider injuring your own daughter as a joke? In case you do not know, I have a soul link with her and I know what you have done.” Lie Qing said coolly.

The Three-Destinies Old Man’s eyes had immediately turned sheepish, “This…erm…I can explain…”

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