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Chapter 178: The Heavenly Daughters

Qin Keqin and Lie Xingyuan were quite startled when they were ‘summoned’ to the hideout by the Heaveness and the Heavenly Temptress.

Qin Keqin actually did not want to go to the hideout but Feng Minyue had told her that it was compulsory plus she had to bring Lie Xingyuan along with her.

She quickly took a pill to suppress the annihilating fire that was afflicting her as she did not want anyone to know how serious her condition was. She did not blame Lu Qingyun at all.

As Lu Qingyun was in the practice chamber, she had left a note for him saying that she was taking Lie Xingyuan along with her too.

“Sister Xingyuan, today we are going to my hideout.” Qin Keqin looked a little sheepish when she had said that.

“Hideout?” Lie Xingyuan asked. “What is that place?”

“You will know when you reach.” Qin Keqin said quietly.

Lie Xingyuan had never been to the hideout before so therefore she was quite surprised when Qin Keqin had brought her to the Heavenly Tea Lotus.

She had clearly remembered that this was the place that she had first met Qin Keqin.

“This place is really expensive. Xingyuan cannot afford it.” Lie Xingyuan muttered softly.

Qin Keqin chuckled, “But your sister is rich. So don’t worry about it.”

Along the way, Qin Keqin was wondering why the Heaveness and the Heavenly Temptress had wanted her to bring Xingyuan along with her. It was not she did not want her sister to find out about her hideout but this was her personal secret…

Like Lu Qingyun and the Three-Destinies Old Man before her, Lie Xingyuan was startled to see so many cultivators at the upper floor of the Heavenly Lotus Teahouse. Moreover Qin Keqin seemed to be extremely familiar with the place and no one even stopped to question them as they made their way around floor after floor to the top.

Finally they had reached a room where the Heaveness, the Heavenly Temptress, Feng Minyue and Xuan Danfeng were. In the middle of the room was a youthful man.

“Master?!” Lie Xingyuan was startled when she saw the Heavenly Temptress.

“Father?!” Qin Keqin was silently startled. “He has found the Heaveness? Did they make up with each other or what?”

The Heaveness smiled alluringly when she saw them, “Yuqing, Xingyuan. Hurry and greet your father.”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes and she was laughing softly, “Old man, how are you? I see that you have finally succeeded in hooking up to the Heaveness.”

Yi Ping: …

He sighed softly, “Can you be more indirect…”

Lie Xingyuan was startled, “I am an orphan…I’ve no father…”

The Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing returned a mesmerizing smile as she suddenly flashed next to Xingyuan as she said gently, “He is really your real father. As for me, I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier. I am your birth mother.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled as she stared at Lie Qing and the man that was in front of her.

Even Feng Xingyuan and Xuan Danfeng were startled that Lie Xingyuan was actually the Heavenly Temptress’ daughter…

Lie Qing said quietly, “Will you forgive your mother for not telling you earlier?”

Lie Xingyuan stared at Lie Qing and she was trembling.

Ever since she was little, she had been raised up by her master and was told that she was an orphan. Because of that, she had always thought that she was alone in the world. She had always thought that her master was her only kin until she had met Qin Keqin.

“Huh?!” Lie Xingyuan quickly hugged Lie Qing as she burst into tears. “Mother? You are really my mother consort?! I’ve thought that I was alone. I am so glad…”

“I didn’t tell you because one day I will surely leave you. I didn’t want you to be sad so that you can move on. Also, I want to train you to experience the hardship of the celestial fraternity. But now, it is time for me to leave.” Lie Qing said quietly.

Lie Xingyuan was panicky as she asked with trembling lips and her tears were flowing, “Don’t leave please…”

Lie Qing smiled as she kissed her on her forehead, “It is now time to tell you who we are. I’m the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing, Great Goddess Heavenly Temptress…”

The Heaveness interrupted with a soft laugh, “Lie Qing is one of the few immortals that can thrash the Great God Yi Ping…”

Yi Ping interrupted, “If I am serious, I may not lose yesterday…”

The Heaveness turned to him with a soft laughter, “When are you not serious when you’re fighting?”

Yi Ping frowned lightly, “It’s just that it isn’t a life and death battle so there is no need for me to go all out.”

Lie Xingyuan was staring at the youthful man, “Father? Great God Yi Ping? The legendary Immortal Warrior-God from the celestial history?”

Lie Qing nodded, “Yes it is him. He is your father.”

Yi Ping smiled as he looked at Lie Xingyuan, “I am so happy to have a daughter like you. You are much better than my other daughter.”

Qin Keqin: …

Feng Mingyue and Xuan Danfeng had turned to one side and they were silently laughing when they saw Qin Keqin’s expressions.

Lie Xingyuan shyly looked at Qin Keqin, “Sister, he is really our father? Our father is the Great God Pangu?”

Qin Keqin laughed, “Yes this old man is indeed our father. But I have never met him more than ten times before this. Lately, he seems to be everywhere.”

Yi Ping: …

Lie Xingyuan nodded as she looked at the extremely alluring maiden in front of her, “Sister, you can tell Xingyuan who is your mother consort?”

The Heaveness laughed softly, “Look at me. I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. I’m the Great Goddess Heaveness but she isn’t my daughter. You are all my little nieces.”

Lie Xingyuan nearly fainted as she stared with trembling lips, “You…are…the…Heaveness…the mystical…ancient celestial of our race…”

The Great Goddess Heaveness was the Goddess of the Celestials and was reverenced throughout the Nine Celestial Fraternity. It was said that she was the successor to the Great Goddess Fantian and that she had only one disciple and that was the Nine Goddess Ye Jing.

Qin Keqin looked quietly at the Heaveness. The Heaveness was like her second mother to her. She was not dense to know that she was leaving soon and was extremely sad. Although she did not want to see her lately because of Lu Qingyun but in her heart, she had missed her a lot.

But she suppressed the melancholy emotion of her heart and replied quietly to Lie Xingyuan, “My mother consort is the Great Goddess Fantian.”

Lie Xingyuan was even more startled. The Great Goddess Fantian was the Goddess of the Goddesses in the Immortal Realm and she had an incredible lofty status as the Goddess Mother of all the Immortals.

Xuan Danfeng was stammering as she looked at Feng Minyue. She really did not know that Fan Yuqing’s mother consort was the Great Goddess Fantian.

Feng Minyue was not surprised as she had already known.

“This is like a dream…” Lie Xingyuan muttered.

Lie Qing smiled, “This isn’t a dream as she silently patted her on her back.

All of a sudden Lie Xingyuan could feel that her profound strength seemed to have increased and that there was a faint golden aura around her.

She was startled and from the mirrors that were in the room, she saw that her eyes had turned golden.

“I…I am fifth realm golden celestial now?!” Lie Xingyuan was completely astonished.

Lie Qing smiled, “Indeed you are. You are already a golden celestial for quite some time. It is just that I have completely suppressed your cultivation realm. You are the daughter of two great immortals. Your talents are not to be underestimated.”

She sighed softly, “But now I am leaving soon. I should undo my seal on you. In the future, you will have your own destiny.”

Qin Keqin sighed softly, “So you are all leaving soon…”

Lie Qing smiled as she gently touched her.

All of a sudden Qin Keqin could feel that the invading annihilating fire had completely vanished from her body and was secretly startled.

She had spent the past few days in misery, trying to purge the annihilating fire out. If she did not do so, she would be afflicted with serious ailment injuries in the future.

She had thought that her old man may be the only person that could help her but she must never let him know what had happened. She had completely forgotten that Lie Qing may be able to help her.

And Lie Qing had secretly helped her without alarming her father.

For that, she was extremely grateful.

Lie Qing winked at her, “You ought to say thank you to the Heaveness. She has been keeping a close tab on you.”

The Heaveness immediately averted her eyes from Qin Keqin.

Qin Keqin said silently as she looked at the Heaveness, “I am going to miss you so much…”

She quickly said with a soft chuckle, “So we are having our small family reunion now?”

Yi Ping grinned as he rubbed his nose, “You may say that. However, the Heaveness wants to talk to you actually.”

The Heaveness nodded as she said, “That is right.”

She walked quietly to Qin Keqin and smiled, “This ring is for you. You are going to need it. This is the royalties from your books.”

Qin Keqin took the ring and stared blankly into it. There were a million gold coins and ten thousand high grade spirit stones inside.

“It isn’t much but you are going to need this war chest pretty soon.” The Heaveness said quietly.

Then she smiled quickly, “But don’t you spend so recklessly and use up this war chest so quickly. Feng Minyue has already told me that you are fond of spending money like water.”

Qin Keqin rolled her eyes as she chuckled, “That isn’t true at all. I am actually quite good in earning money…”

Yi Ping said quietly, “Yuqin, Xingyuan. We are leaving tonight.”

Lie Xingyuan was startled, “So soon…”

Lie Qing said, “We may not see each other for a long time. Please take care of yourself.”

Qin Keqin did not say anything because she was used to this by now. Every time her parents and mother consorts had departed, it would be years.

She quietly hold onto Lie Xingyuan’s hand as she said, “From today onward, we are on our own. We are sisters and the heavenly daughters of the heavens. Be strong.”

The Heaveness smiled. This was what she had used to tell Fan Yuqin when she was little. “Yuqin, now you have a little sister to take care of now. But the destinies for the two of you are different. You have your own unique destiny to take and…good luck to you and Lu Qingyun.”

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