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Chapter 183: The Endless Abyssal Sea (1)

Yin Shisi had said to Lu Qingyun after their spar, “You are now stronger than a fifth realm golden celestial. It may be due to the divine skill that you have been practicing.”

At which Lu Qingyun could only reply weakly, “Other than the sword art that I have invented and the golden roc spiritual entity that I have, I didn’t practice any divine skills that can make me on par with a fifth realm golden celestial.”

Lu Qingyun, Yin Shisi and Ouyang Xue were now on the road for a week now as they moved quickly through the mountains to the north where the Moon Demon Forest was. In a few more days they would have reached their destination and that was where the Patriarch Heavenly Fragrance Villa was setting up the point for the celestial cultivators to rendezvous.

While Lu Qingyun was away to pick spirit herbs in the vicinity, Yin Shisi had turned to Ouyang Xue with a faint smile. “Look at him. He is like a child. He seems to think that every mountain has a unique herb on it and he is off to make a quick search again. At this rate that we are traveling, I don’t think we can even reach the Moon Demon Forest in a timely manner.”

Ouyang Xue nodded with a smile, “Isn’t that good? He isn’t pretending to be otherwise and this is his true personality. Actually if he runs out of herbs, I can authorize my martial hall to give him some herbs before we had set off. If there is anything that my hall doesn’t lack, it is cheap herbs.”

Yin Shisi chuckled softly, “That is such a shame isn’t it? Now it is too late for us to turn back.”

All of a sudden she turned solemn, “I’ve heard of a rumor that you and senior brother have almost been betrothed to each other. Is that true?”

Ouyang Xue quickly averted her eyes as she said softly, “I wish that it is true but it isn’t. My old father had wanted to betrothed me to him.” She was frank toward Yin Shisi as she felt that she was someone that she could trust. Moreover other than Lie Xingyuan, she did not seem to have any other friends in the Heavens Ridge Villa.

But she quickly added with a smile, “But I was willing as well but things did not work out.”

Yin Shisi was really curious as she asked, “How come? What happens?”

“He has already someone in his mind.” Ouyang Xue said matter of fact.

“Who is she? I’m really curious to know.” Yin Shisi smiled faintly.

“You are curious to know or is it because you like him?” Ouyang Xue pointed out without a hint of expression.

Yin Shisi nodded lightly and there was a slight flush on her cheeks. “He is really a fine man. Who does he likes? Is it Leng Qiuyue or Lie Xingyuan?”

“I’m afraid that I can’t tell you.” Ouyang Xue smiled.

“It is alright. That is not important.” Yin Shisi said quietly. “I can wait for him to be ready.”

Ouyang Xue: …

“Does she know that that the maiden that senior brother likes, is actually the Great Saintess Fan Yuqing?” She heaved a silent sigh. “Even if you can wait for him to change his mind, there are still Lie Xingyuan and Leng Qiuyue who are closer to his heart than us.”

Yin Shisi took a few glances at her before she said, “I can tell that you still like him. Have you ever tried to make known your feelings for him?”

Ouyang Xue smiled, “Some things are better left unsaid. I just hope that he may return safe and sound on this trip.”

“Same here.” Yin Shisi nodded. “I feel that this expedition isn’t as simple as it looks.”

She paused for a while before saying, “Do we think that we can be friends? I have no other friends in the Heavens Ridge Villa.”

Ouyang Xue was surprised to hear her request. After all, Yin Shisi was a sixth realm cultivator expert while she was only a fourth realm cultivator expert. But she quickly responded, “It is my honor to have a friend like you.”

Yin Shisi smiled warmly, “Same here. We can wait for him together. Don’t you think so?”

Ouyang Xue smiled weakly. She simply did not have any hope of that happening.

“Why did you like him? Because of that incident?” She asked.

“Because I think he is cute.” Yin Shisi smiled as she returned a look at Ouyang Xue.

Ouyang Xue: …

“What about you?” Yin Shisi asked her.

Ouyang Xue smiled weakly, “It is now impossible between the two of us. I don’t have any illusions now.”

At this moment, Lu Qingyun had returned and he was shouting excitingly as he waved toward them. “I’ve found something over here. Come take a look!”

Curious, Yin Shisi and Ouyang Xue took a glance at each other before they hurried to his side.

“What is it?” Ouyang Xue asked curiously.

“I saw a strange sight below the desolate mists.” Lu Qingyun said excitingly.

Yin Shisi gasped softly, “Is it a high ranking desolate beast?”

“No, it looked like a portal.” Lu Qingyun grinned. “I think I may have found something.”

Yin Shisi and Ouyang Xue were looking at each other with a startled expression.

Lu Qingyun had already turned his back on them as he said excitingly, “You will know when you’ve seen it.”

After a short while, they were soon behind the lofty mountain that they were at and Lu Qingyun had taken them to a ledge.

A misty mirror was seen below the desolate mists. This misty mirror was exactly like a mirror and they could see their own reflections!

Lu Qingyun said excitingly, “I was gathering spirit herbs by the edge and accidentally saw this. I wonder what it is. Is it a portal?”

Yin Shisi gasped softly, “It is the portal to the Endless Abyssal Sea. I think we may have found the entrance to the Endless Abyssal Sea.”

Lu Qingyun and Ouyang Xue were both startled as they looked excitingly at each other.

It was said that the Nine Celestial Realm had two Celestial Mysteries, the Endless Abyssal Sea and the Empyrean Warrior Labyrinth. These two places existed along with the Nine Celestial Realm and were places where the celestials could obtain lucky occurrence to advance their cultivation realms and state of divinities.

Lu Qingyun said excitingly, “I have heard that Saint Gao Tianshou had found one such entrance to the Endless Abyssal Sea and after that he had emerged stronger and become a saint due to a lucky occurrence inside the Endless Abyssal Sea. Shall we take a look?”

Ouyang Xue muttered, “We are supposed to go to the Moon Demon Forest in a week time. There isn’t much time left…”

Lu Qingyun grinned, “But there is still a week time…”

Ouyang Xue muttered, “I have heard that some celestials can wander inside for days, weeks and even years.”

Yin Shisi was also tempted, “I don’t know if we can encounter the Endless Abyssal Sea again if we missed it this time. We may not even see it again in our lifetime again.”

Lu Qingyun sighed softly, “Between the Moon Demon Forest and the Endless Abyssal Sea, we must choose now.”

Ouyang Xue looked at him, “I will let senior brother chooses. Whatever your decision is, I will follow you.”

Yin Shisi also looked at Lu Qingyun, “I will also let senior brother chooses.”

Lu Qingyun was startled and he had a sheepish look on him. “It is unfair for you to follow me. It may be dangerous and you will never know how long it may take. The others may not know what have happened to us if we all go together.”

Although he did not say his choices yet but the two maidens knew that Lu Qingyun had already made up his mind to go into the Endless Abyssal Sea.

Ouyang Xue said firmly, “I am your escort and will follow you whenever you go. Don’t expect me to be your messenger!”

Yin Shisi nodded, “This is a golden opportunity for us to explore the Endless Abyssal Sea. This is a legendary place for the celestials. Even if we were to die in there, it is worth it.”

Lu Qingyun smiled bitterly. That was exactly what he was thinking. This was really a once in a life time lucky occurrence and even if they were to die inside, it were their fates and were worth dying for.

With a soft sigh, he said. “I will go inside the Endless Abyssal Sea…”

Ouyang Xue and Yin Shisi interrupted at the same time, “Then we will go with you.”

Lu Qingyun was looking up the heavens and muttering silently, “Keqin, I don’t know if we will meet again.”

“How do we enter this portal? The surrounding cliffs look so steep.” Lu Qingyun had suddenly asked a most crucial question.

“We will jump in.” Yin Shisi said as she grabbed both their hands as she displayed her profound aura and her profound aura was spreading like a pair of faint golden wings. “Don’t forget that I’m a golden supremacy and I can levitate for a little while.”

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