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Chapter 193: The Moon Demon Forest (2)

Nightfall had arrived.

This was the very first night into the Moon Demon Forest and it was peaceful.

The expedition force did encounter some low ranking devious beasts but they had quickly fled in the face of the expedition force of six hundred cultivators.

Feng Xiaoxiao said to the group, “We shall set up camp here. In another three days we will be able to rendezvous with Celestial Tang Xuefeng and her group.”

This was the very first time that Celestial Feng Xiaoxiao had revealed to the expedition force that there were others that were in wait for them.

Lu Qingyun gasped softly. Tang Xuefeng was known to him. After all like Celestial Feng Xiaoxiao, Celestial Tang Xuefeng was at the Heavens Ridge Villa only quite recently.

But it made sense that she would be presented at the ancient ruin ahead of them. After all, Fragrance Herald Yufeng did praise her as a rare genius with the celestial arrays.

Lu Qingyun smiled at the thought of seeing Celestial Xuefeng again.

Qian Jingjing frowned lightly, “Brother Qingyun, you seem excited to see this Tang Xuefeng?”

Lu Qingyun stammered, “She is only…a friend. I don’t really know her well. You’re overthinking things.”

Feng Xiaoxiao announced next, “I will need forty volunteers to patrol in pair around the camp. Who will like to volunteer to be our night wardens?”

Lu Qingyun immediately said as he raised his hand, “I will volunteer.”

Qian Jingjing gasped as she quickly raised her hand as well, “I’ll volunteer too.”

Feng Xiaoxiao turned to smile at Lu Qingyun and Qian Jingjing, “Good. Anyone else?”

“Good, we have another two volunteers there.”

As soon as Feng Xiaoxiao’s attention was turned away, Qian Jingjing whispered to Lu Qingyun. “Brother Qingyun, you are not afraid? I am a little scare to wander alone in the Moon Demon Forest in the dark.”

Lu Qingyun laughed lightly, “Then why are you volunteering?”

“Because with Brother Qingyun around, Jingjing is not afraid.”

Lu Qingyun: …

“Actually…” Lu Qingyun began to lower his voice to a whisper. “If you are afraid, you can stay in camp. I can patrol alone.”

Qian Jingjing stared at him. “This is cheating, right?”

Lu Qingyun rolled his eyes before he laughed weakly, “Sort of…” He was actually thinking of picking the spirit herbs alone at night and it may be a little dangerous for Qian Jingjing if he wandered too far. He did not want to risk her safety.

Soon, there were twenty volunteers for the patrol and Feng Xiaoxiao tasked a protégé to explain their duties later at night.

She had quietly turned to her small group which consisted of Zhao Riyue, Zhao Xingye, Yin Shisi and Ouyang Xue before asking in a low voice to Zhao Riyue. “So what is the status?”

Zhao Riyue had the best divine sense in the group and it was she who had notified Feng Xiaoxiao about the elusive intruder. She replied softly, “This high level cultivator is still following us. This time round I am able to know that she is a female cultivator. I heard her coughing. It seems that she has some internal injuries.”

Feng Xiaoxiao frowned lightly, “If it isn’t for Zhao Riyue, we would not know that someone is following us. Is she a cultivator from the other divine realms?”

Zhao Riyue was suddenly gasping, “Seventh realm expert! She has suddenly released her profound strength…”

Feng Xiaoxiao was startled and so were Yin Shisi, Ouyang Xue and Zhao Xingye.

“She seems to be blowing a pipe…”

Feng Xiaoxiao had turned ashen. A seventh realm expert was a threat that she could not ignore. “Do you think you can pinpoint her location?”

Zhao Riyue shook her head gently with a heavy sigh, “I’ve lost her aura already. She seems…to be aware of me as well. I was too careless.”

She added. “I can sense her malevolent air earlier. She may strike tonight.”

Yin Shisi was thoroughly impressed by Zhao Riyue. Although she was a seventh realm saintess now but her extra sensory perception was far from Zhao Riyue’s divine sense. It was no wondered that Shen Yufeng had said that Zhao Riyue and Zhao Xingye were both special prodigies.

Feng Xiaoxiao turned to Yin Shisi and Ouyang Xue as she said gravely, “I may need your help tonight.”

Yin Shisi nodded lightly and Ouyang Xue had returned a nod as well.

Feng Xiaoxiao turned to Zhao Xingye to say, “Xingye, inform all our protégés to be on high alert tonight. No one is to sleep. If they want to nap, ask them to nap now.”

Zhao Xingye replied, “I will inform our protégé sisters now.”

The Divine Moon Realm, one of the three dark divine realms;

At this moment, a hundred dark celestial lords from the three dark divine realms had assembled at the Divine Moon Citadel.

This was the first time in several centuries that so many dark celestial lords had gathered in the same place. They were all here at the special summoning of their Dark Celestial Mistress who styled herself as the Golden Mask Devil Goddess.

Before long, an alluring maiden with a golden mask had appeared at the throne seat. Although no one had ever seen the true appearance of the Dark Celestial Mistress before but there was no mistaking her sweet scent, long flowing beautiful raven hair and her unique bearing.

She was also accompanied by two extremely moving maidens with similar golden masks and a dozen maidens with silver masks.

The Dark Celestial Mistress preferred to be known as the Devil Goddess and she had called her followers, her ‘shadows’.

The minute that the Devil Goddess had shown up, a dozen dark celestial lords had rushed forward as they lamented loudly.

The hall was suddenly noisy as all the dark celestial lords attempted to speak to the Devil Goddess at the same time.

But the Devil Goddess waved her hand to silence them all as she said coldly, “I have already known what had happened.”

When the Devil Goddess had spoken, all the dark celestial lords were all quiet again as they eagerly listened to the voice of the Devil Goddess.

“Saint Gao Tianshou has led the might of four patriarch divine realms on the offensive against us. In just a week, the Divine Moon Realm has lost five celestial clans, the Thousand Worlds Sacred Realm has lost seven celestial clans and the Scarlet Divine Realm has lost three celestial clans.” The Devil Goddess said coldly.

“Thousands of our fellow celestials had perished but this is not the most upsetting thing that had happened.”

“Saint Gao Tianshou had actually ordered the surrendered female cultivators of the Spirit Divinity Sect to be given to the victorious cultivators to do as they pleased. All the female cultivators of the Spirit Divinity Sect had committed suicide rather than allowing themselves to be subjected to such a humiliating fate.”

“I, the Devil Goddess of the three dark divine realms now vow before all of you that I will not let the dead be forgotten and I now declare that all the celestial clans in my three dark divine realms will not rest their carnages until Saint Gao Tianshou and his cronies are all dead!”

She slammed her hand on her throne, instantly shattering it into a pile of wasted debris before saying out loud. “The Valiant Arms Divine Realm, the Divine Sovereign Realm, the Astral Sword Heaven Realm and the Divine Sage Realm; these four patriarch divine realms are now our mortal enemies. If the other five patriarch divine realms are to join hands with them then they are our mortal enemies as well.”

The Devil Goddess displayed her profound aura and her voice echoed beyond the great hall. “Since in the eyes of the righteous patriarch celestial clans, we are the heretics, the dark celestials, the unorthodox and the unrighteous, then this will be my command. Take no prisoners. Spare no one.”

When she had said that, she was trembling lightly and her heart was grieving for the dead and the carnage that would follow.

All the dark celestial lords were now shouting mightily for blood and their profound shouts were heard throughout the Divine Moon Citadel.

The Devil Goddess stole a quiet glance at the other maidens with the golden masks. “Minyue, Danfeng…is it too late to turn back now? I’m no longer Qin Keqin. Qin Keqin may now be gone forever. I will never see him again…”

Feng Minyue nodded with conviction in Fan Yuqing’s direction as she silently said. “No matter how difficult this battle is, I will always be with my Sister Saintess Yuqing.”

Xuan Danfeng was also nodding to Fan Yuqing as she said silently, “We may not lose this battle and we will kill this Saint Gao Tianshou.”

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