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Chapter 194: The Moon Demon Forest (3)

Late at night at the perimeter of the camp;

Lu Qingyun was picking spirit herbs as he wandered around with Qian Jingjing.

Qian Jingjing chuckled softly, “I know that Brother Qingyun must be up to no good. Indeed I’m right.”

Lu Qingyun laughed softly.

All of a sudden Lu Qingyun had raised his nose to sniff the air, “This is…”

Qian Jingjing: ???

“Jingjing, go back to the camp first. I have sniffed something. If I’m not wrong then this is the blooming of the Demonic Flower of Death. This is exactly what I have wanted!” Lu Qingyun said excitingly to her.

Qian Jingjing said unhappily, “Why is it that I can’t sniff anything? Don’t tell me that Brother Qingyun is just packing me off because you don’t like Jingjing to accompany you?”

Lu Qingyun muttered, “It is dangerous this time of the night. You will never know the hidden dangers that are in these dense woods and fogs. Moreover, it isn’t too good for your reputation if you are seen with me.”

Qian Jingjing chuckled softly, “I’ve long thrown away my own reputation to be with you.”

Lu Qingyun: …

He said weakly, “I am not a good man, especially at night…”

“Really? Then I like it!” Qian Jingjing said shyly and there was a flush on her cheeks.

Lu Qingyun: …

“Brother Qingyun, do you like Fairy Ling Xiu, Leng Qiuyue or me more then?” Qian Jingjing took a bold question to ask as she looked shyly at him.

In a normal circumstance, a normal man would have already stripped this city-toppling beauty to prove that he liked her.

But Lu Qingyun hesitated for a while before he sighed softly, “You are all astonishing beautiful maidens. I can’t decide.” With another sigh, he said. “Jingjing be careful when you are following me. Run at the first sign of danger, alright?”

Qian Jingjing was delighted that Lu Qingyun had allowed her to follow him.

As she followed him, she tugged his sleeves and pulled him close to her. “Brother Qingyun, you are thinking of having all three of us as your consorts and that’s why you can’t decide?”

Lu Qingyun: …

“Actually Jingjing, I don’t feel anything for Fairy Ling Xiu.” Lu Qingyun said awkwardly. “There is really nothing that is between us.”

“Then what about Leng Qiuyue? You are so grieved when she had ‘died’ during the trial.” Qian Jingjing asked with a trembling look.

Lu Qingyun was dumbfounded by the question. At that time, he had really thought that Leng Qiuyue had died and he was really so grieved that he had thought that he had sunk to the deepest abyss. He muttered, “I don’t know…”

“Then what about me? Will you be equally grieved if I were to die?”

Lu Qingyun found himself trembling but he quickly regained his composure. “Don’t talk rubbish alright? Nothing will happen to you.”

He quickly said, “Come follow me tightly. This Demonic Flower of Death will only bloom for an hour or so. After that, its spirit roots will disappear into the ground and it will be impossible to find it again.”

Qian Jingjing nodded as she followed him quietly. In her heart, she was sad that Lu Qingyun did not use any flowery words on her nor did he make any move to violate her.

She was the renowned beauty of her city and had countless suitors. Even her grandmaster was constantly pressuring her to marry his son. But for Lu Qingyun, she was willing to give up everything that she had got and followed him.

“What is so good about these spirit herbs when a real person is standing right in front of you…” She silently thought. “And this person is willing to let you do as you please…”

Before long, Lu Qingyun had quickly found the location of the Demonic Flower of Death. This flower was hidden mid-air down the mountainous steep cliff.

“Jingjing, wait up here for me. I am going down the cliff.”

“Brother Qingyun, are you sure? It is so dark down there and we don’t have any ropes.” Qian Jingjing panicky said.

“I’ll be alright. This isn’t my first time. I am quite good in climbing.” With that, he had already hopped down the steep cliff.

Qian Jingjing was startled when he had suddenly jumped off the cliff and she took a half open peek to see if Lu Qingyun was really alright; he was and he was climbing with great agility along the steep cliffs.

In less than 30mins, Lu Qingyun had already picked the Demonic Flower of Death and he was already back to the top of the cliff, much to the great astonishment of Qian Jingjing.

“Brother Qingyun, you are really so impressive.” Qian Jingjing gasped softly.

“Haha. See, nothing will happen to me. It is quite impossible for me to fall off the cliff unless I’m a pig.” Lu Qingyun returned her a gentle smile.

All of a sudden the ground below them was trembling and they could that the tall trees in the vicinity were all swaying.

Lu Qingyun was startled and he could see several gigantic looming figures that were heading toward his camp. These gigantic looming figures all had two heads and four arms.

“Seventh rank Devious Cyclopeans!” He gasped with shock.

Each one of the seventh rank Devious Cyclopean was equaled to a sixth realm cultivation expert and even a seventh realm saint may not find one to be an easy pushover.

“We must return to camp immediately!” Lu Qingyun said quickly. “This is going to be a hard battle. We don’t know how many of these Devious Cyclopeans are there…”

“There are eight actually.” A feminine figure had emerged and the beautiful form of Yue Lingxi was seen.

“Yue Lingling?!” Qian Jingjing gasped. “Why are you here? Didn’t you get disqualified? You’re not supposed to be here.”

Yue Lingxi smiled coldly, “I’m only here to visit my brother.”

“Jingjing, step back. She is extremely dangerous!” Lu Qingyun had stepped in front of her and he had unsheathed his sword.

Yue Lingxi smiled dangerously, “Surrender the Horizon of the Heavens willingly and I will call off the attack. Or else, everyone will die because of you.”

She pointed her fingers at Qian Jingjing, “And I will start with her.”

Lu Qingyun stammered, “What Horizon of the Heavens? I don’t have it. Quickly call off the attack. You are making a huge mistake here.”

“What mistake? I am the Desolate Lord Yue Lingxi and these celestials are our enemies. Lu Qingyun, you are one of us. Rather, I don’t understand why you are helping the celestials?”

“I am not one of your kinds.” Lu Qingyun said firmly.

Qian Jingjing looked at Lu Qingyun in utter confusion, “Is she saying the truth?”

Yue Lingxi had suddenly raised her fingers and a profound energy sword flew with startling speed toward Qian Jingjing.

Lu Qingyun was startled as he quickly raised his divine sword to parry the sword energy attack.

It happened so fast that Lu Qingyun was only barely able to parry the sword energy attack in a nick of time but still, some of the undispersed sword energies from the parried attack had pierced through into Qian Jingjing, causing her to spurt blood.

“Jingjing!” Lu Qingyun yelled out loud.

But Qian Jingjing could not reply him as she crumbled onto the ground.

The sword energy attack of a seventh realm cultivation expert was not something a fourth realm expert could absorb so readily. Moreover Yue Lingxi true cultivation realm was much higher and her true cultivation strength was actually suppressed to the seventh realm level.

Lu Qingyun was trembling as another divine sword appeared in his other hand, “Yue Lingxi! You are a demoness!”

Yue Lingxi hummed coldly, “To think that I was racking my brains on how to approach you from the hundreds of cultivators and now you have actually delivered yourself to me. If I know this would be the case, I would not have made a pact with the Devious Cyclopeans. What a waste of my cultivation resources.”

She added, “You are not my match. Surrender the Horizon of the Heavens to me and I will let the two of you go.” When she had said that, she was actually nervous. It was because she still remembers the nightmare situation when Lu Qingyun had suddenly used the Horizon of the Heavens to injure her.

Lu Qingyun said silently. “Yan’Er, please lend me your strength. We have a tough fight ahead of us.”

When he had said that, his profound aura had burst forth, enveloping him in a fiery strong animus. Although his profound strength was still at the fourth realm level but the pureness of his profound aura was no less than a sixth realm golden supremacy!

Yue Lingxi hummed coldly, “Then we shall fight to the death. When you have died, I shall rip the Horizon of the Heavens from your inner cultivation sea. It may be extremely troublesome but rest assures that I will have my ways.”

Lu Qingyun divine sense was however not on Yue Lingxi. Rather, he was silently watching the vital signs that were on Qian Jingjing. Her life force was now quickly slipping away. He knew that he had to win this fight quickly if he were to save her.

Yue Lingxi had loosened her robe and she had her profound armor on her. Her armor was actually just a few metal pieces that covered her beautiful curved bosoms and conveniently covered the area that was between her legs.

With another wave, she had unsheathed a half-step divine sword and there were gathering winds that accompanied her divine sword.

“I’m going to pierce your body into the mountains and you will die a slow and painful death…Gathering Windforces of the Demonic Wolf Sword.”

Lu Qingyun did not dare to be careless as he mustered all his profound strength to display his profound power with his right sword. “Alpha Soaring Heavens as One!”

“You really think that you can stop me with this puny sword technique? Why don’t you use what you have used on me that day…” Yue Lingxi scoffed.

“Beta Soaring Heavens as One!” Lu Qingyun had displayed his second sword art with the divine sword that was in his other hand.

Yue Lingxi was startled. “You can use two sword arts at the same time…”

“The True Soaring Heavens as One!”

As the two ultrapowerful energy techniques collided, there were several thunderous shockwaves that engulfed both combatants.

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